Prepositions after "petrified"

petrified of, by, at, in or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases petrified of is used

I?? m petrified of being alone.

My father is petrified of flying.

I was petrified of him for years.

Picking up the phone, he was petrified of being at the receiving end of Nehru's ire.

The press and the FA are literally petrified of him, the man is a bully simple as that.

I'd petrified of any kind of surgery, I hope a day never comes where I have to have any.

But a process that Cameron has long been petrified of is now well underway: the re-toxification of the Tory brand.

The conservative movement won't save you: They're chicken-hearted careerists petrified of offending a victim group.

She was really interested in flipping property but was petrified of speaking to a contractor about doing renovation work.

A week later I was summoned the staff room by Albert Meyers, the only teacher in the school who everyone was petrified of.

In 11% of cases petrified by is used

Cow 2: We are petrified by the E.

They were petrified by his mobility.

I was petrified by the weather reports.

Petrified by the enormity of the role, he turns away from addressing the faithful in St.

David wanted to project the face of a straight man, petrified by what might happen if he did not.

He was so petrified by his own thoughts and imagination to do anything or help the revolution at all.

We are simply petrified by the consequences of four more years of this administration, and we lose sleep over it.

Here, I was standing alone petrified by my own emotions and memories crawling through my heart as the moment stood still within me.

Nigerians are getting more apprehensive and petrified by the day on the Boko Haram onslaught across the North Eastern part of the country.

In 9% of cases petrified at is used

But I'd pretty petrified at the responsibility of shouldering a whole project.

He was actually petrified at the amount that you may have gone ahead and invested on it.

Never realised petrified at being shot down by the toughest hombres on the fern lest he say something wrong.

He beat everyone in the petrified at being shot down by the toughest hombres on the fern lest he say something wrong.

Pretty standard, looks like I petrified at being shot down by the toughest hombres on the fern lest he say something wrong.

Every description I've ever read of petrified at being shot down by the toughest hombres on the fern lest he say something wrong.

How come backs who are pretty decent petrified at being shot down by the toughest hombres on the fern lest he say something wrong.

But damn right gollum, Jane ALWAYS get petrified at being shot down by the toughest hombres on the fern lest he say something wrong.

Me and my family are going to turkey (bodrum) next week me and my family are petrified at the moment with the war that's happening with Syria.

In 6% of cases petrified in is used

A nineteenth century mining town petrified in time.

Beauty does not exist as a static event, petrified in time and space.

They were petrified in my estimation and certainly would not do you any good.

The reason we don't live our lives petrified in fear is because we weigh other evidence.

I was petrified in the early weeks of my pregnancy but had an easy pregnancy and a perfectly healthy baby.

A storm-felled pine with its root torn up looks like a witch petrified in the act of performing strange rites.

His resolve and determination are epic, and he isn't one to be shocked or petrified in the face of near-hopeless adversity.

However, in actual fact we ought to have been too terrified to raise even a whimper, petrified in fear of what the result meant.

It doesn't take too many brains to figure out that the number of Flood dumped logs petrified in the sandstone from Gympie to Laidley is in the millions.

In 4% of cases petrified about is used

I was totally petrified about this visit, to be honest.

The detective said the whistleblower was petrified about the repercussions.

A lot of men feel quite petrified about how to express the problem in words.

I have my own business and I'd petrified about the long-term health consequences of PIP.

I have a desk job and am petrified about the consequences if being sat immobile for lengthy periods of time.

Sachal says before coming to Ghana, he was extremely petrified about moving to a foreign land by myself for two weeks.

It feels strange to be so open about one diagnosis and yet completely petrified about disclosing anything about the other.

A Catholic who once contemplated becoming a priest, he was so petrified about coming out that nine years earlier he had even attempted suicide.

Is this a confidence issue or is it something more? I want to know how I can stop feeling so petrified about doing this presentation (it's not optional).

In 4% of cases petrified with is used

The family was petrified with fear.

I was about to jump, I couldn't move, I was petrified with fear, literally frozen with fear.

When he fell the other three stood motionless for some minutes, as if petrified with astonishment.

I was petrified with fear, and stared in horror as the man fell, but the moment it was over, I no longer felt afraid.

The old lady stood petrified with astonishment, peering over her glasses; Tom lay on the floor expiring with laughter.

If you're petrified with fear over how much it's going to hurt when the big bad guy hits you, you're going to be out of focus.

Then the Zu-bird flew into the mountains with its young, while Lilith, petrified with fear, tore down her house and fled into the wilderness.

He beheld the birds and small animals stand petrified with fear, held spellbound by the serpent's malignant eyes, until it advanced upon them to their doom.

In 2% of cases petrified into is used

His feet are petrified into stone, we can hear him even when he whispers.

You are germ denier troll that was petrified into stone over a decade ago.

However, the intellectual excitement that originally generated the trivium and quadrivium petrified into scholasticism and its attendant compendia.

Lara's upbringing was entirely modeled after her mother's memories of Dhaka that had somehow petrified into a thick fossil in the older woman's psyche.

Cultists which weren't killed but attempted to be taken as prisoners quickly petrified into crystals, crumbled, and became useless altogether to their captors.

In 1% of cases petrified as is used

Also, people are petrified as to where this household tax will lead to.

He dropped the remains and stared petrified as the bones drifted to the bottom of the lake.

It is petrified as a result of the constant flow of mineral-rich water around and through it, so that it becomes a stone-like structure.

In 1% of cases petrified before is used

Anwar's friend Rime admitted that she was petrified before each ' party '.

I was really petrified before my op, because I thought that I would not cope with the pain.

In 1% of cases petrified for is used

After that, we max petrified for even MORE map control.

Others fired bullets with reckless abandon, wildly pulling the trigger into thin air, petrified for their own lives.

We will see more than a simple frame of stones -- but stand in awe of roofed ancient buildings left petrified for two thousand years.

Itraconazole should remarkably look introduced to deperssant provides or glasses who may thank petrified for the order rimonabant professional forexworld.

In 1% of cases petrified from is used

His rendition of Petrified from the stage musical Taboo sent chills up my spine; my favorite number of the night, hands down.

The fact remains that some are still petrified from acquiring the condition and this forces them into taking the necessary precautions to limit infection.

In 1% of cases petrified on is used

Henderson is petrified on the pitch.

Disciples petrified on seeing Jesus in the upper-room.

Or that, by continuing in the plain till the brimstone and fire descended from heaven, she might be struck dead with lightning, and indurated or petrified on the spot, is as possible.

In 1% of cases petrified to is used

And it's made me petrified to date again.

Petrified to stillness, procrastination and rearrangement.

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