Prepositions after "pertinent"

pertinent to, in, for, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 78% of cases pertinent to is used

GRAY: It is not pertinent to the case.

And it's pertinent to the thread topic.

Because it wasn't pertinent to the issue.

Actually the answers to such questions are not pertinent to the object of this book.

The judge does well to ask more specific questions pertinent to the particular case.

Now, may I be permitted to add a few more, to focus on what is pertinent to the entire Commonwealth community: 1.

Madden: It would seem that most everybody pertinent to the book cooperated with you, especially the Mantle family.

A big part of it is the fact that Vanderbilt keeps the topics so pertinent to the nature of how we actually drive.

Bear with me on this, I think it's pertinent to the point above negativity, I just have to work through it a little.

In 9% of cases pertinent in is used

One African example is very pertinent in 2008.

Val said something pertinent in his interview OTRC.

This becomes more pertinent in post conflict societies.

Water is very likely to be one of them, which is especially pertinent in my region.

But the principles seem even more pertinent in light of this week's General Convention.

The issue is particularly pertinent in interactive exercises such as a group discussion.

He was particular to point out where observations by Oliver were pertinent in the early part of the 20th Century.

Hemavata's question about the unwholesome deeds of killing and stealing, was pertinent in the prevailing situation.

The Balance A candidate's education and work experience maybe important on paper but not so pertinent in the real world.

The topic of theme and variations in art becomes particularly pertinent in Picasso's versions of Velzquez ' Las Meninas.

In 7% of cases pertinent for is used

These are pertinent for wire transfers or credit cards.

Some of the points also are pertinent for doing public reading.

Focus on those most pertinent for the job to which you are applying.

One can also understand why this argument would have seemed so pertinent for them.

The repatriation of income issue is particularly pertinent for nations like Ireland.

Nevertheless it is pertinent for the Scottish case from the point of view of procedure.

This change is particularly pertinent for the military, where the human dimension is key to operational success.

Secondly, they must be pertinent for studying the link between mindfulness and some facets of stress adaptability.

An assessment of the Indo-Pak Composite Dialogue Process, which began in 1997, would be more pertinent for our purpose.

His family history is pertinent for his mother's death from ovarian cancer and grandfather who died of prostate cancer.

In 1% of cases pertinent as is used

Make sure that which you write about is pertinent as well as factual.

It is an acknowledgement of our public nature, which is as important and pertinent as what we do.

The ' whether ' and ' why ' of women bishops is strictly peripheral to that, though the ' how ' is obviously pertinent as the ' presenting issue '.

In the seventies though, the question was particularly pertinent as a generation of women flooded into the study of architecture in larger numbers than ever before.

In 1% of cases pertinent at is used

Over raw jagged hip-hop beats Pablo rapped lines that were very pertinent at the time.

AM Comment: This article was written in October 2004, and is particularly pertinent at the present time.

It is pertinent at this stage to introduce another aspect of deception and cover up by top members of the NDC.

That question is particularly pertinent at a time of economic downturn when resources, particularly from the state are scarce.

It is pertinent at this stage to delve, albeit briefly, into the history of the TNA, when assessing the value of those accolades.

Deflect negative input by acknowledging the givers ' advice and informing them that though appreciated, it simply isn't pertinent at this time.

This is especially pertinent at the moment given the draconian new law (up 2 years behind bars) that was introduced here last month to crack down on p2p piracy.

When I saw him, he didn't mention anything about any deceased people I know/knew, but it obviously depends on the individual and what he picks up that seems pertinent at the time.

In 1% of cases pertinent of is used

So I asked the most pertinent of them.

The most pertinent of this experience is acting as the current Vice President Education.

The most pertinent of these is that the Doctor's improvements would mean that taxes must be raised.

A column would be pushing it, of course, but a statue in this most pertinent of places isn't OTT, in my book.

Most pertinent of all is the knack he has for imparting to his audience his own enthusiasm, the sheer joy, the magic of great music-making.

The Protein Feed is a personal filter that weeds out the more interesting and pertinent of these emerging trends, covering everything new and next since 1998.

To then be taken in by a family who are adamant he belongs to them despite all the glaring evidence in front of them, the most pertinent of them all being he looks absolutely nothing like Nicholas.

In 1% of cases pertinent with is used

This is especially pertinent with Tech City.

Discover design issues that are pertinent with HTML5.

This issue is pertinent with the baby boomers retiring.

It is important to be transparent, clear and pertinent with your messages.

In future, SEO will be a phrase not pertinent with search engines but with readers.

Interior View Landscape Native xerographic plants, so there is no watering need, and to be coherent and pertinent with the location.

Make your internet site clean and pertinent with current content material each and every day, or as much as is entirely possible that you.

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