Prepositions after "personal"

"personal to" or "personal with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases personal to is used

However this is personal to you.

They are personal to the author.

This Contract is personal to you.

Some people seem to have a lot of trouble to go from the personal to the collective.

He said a town is something more important and personal to the people who live in it.

Like many astute dramatists, Zuabi moves outwards from the personal to the political.

The rights granted under this licence are personal to the user and are not sub-licensable or capable of assignment.

To this ticket, it's all about shrinking the role of government, but this doesn't count when it's personal to them.

I think the best funerals, if there can be such a thing, are those where it feels personal to the person who's died.

It's not quite like murder where the victim is dead afterwards, or a theft where it's not as personal to the victim.

In 24% of cases personal with is used

I have nothing personal with you.

I may need to get personal with you.

Up close and Personal with creation.

You're doing a lot of things right, I would just get more personal with your blog.

Our primary mission is to get you up close and personal with the local wild dolphins.

Get up close and personal with your favourite planets using sophisticated telescopes.

Celebrities have the choice to share their lives up, close and personal with their fans on Facebook and Twitter.

There are some family members that I'd stuck with until they cross the line and get personal with their attacks.

There is very effective use of lighting, and the camera also gets very up-close and personal with the characters.

We were to spend the next few days sorting out the old bulls from the young and trying to get personal with them.

In 10% of cases personal in is used

It's personal in a lighter way.

There is nothing personal in it.

There was nothing personal in it.

Much of the information in these notes is either personal in nature (new hires, etc.

Here is Melanie up-close and personal in an exclusive interview with DM Life Online.

Plus each individual journey can be tagged business or personal in your Job History.

There is, in fact, some basis for such interpretations as Filipinos become personal in their criticism and praise.

And what better way to be human than to be personal in the most basic of ways; via the simple thank you very much.

In fact, the writer is clearly expressive about his emotion, at times he even gets too personal in his conviction.

The down side of this though is that they tend to stare and ask lots of questions, many of them personal in nature.

In 7% of cases personal for is used

That's way too personal for God.

Let me get personal for a moment.

That makes it personal for Donnie.

And if I may get personal for a moment, this not really listening includes you too.

The issues at stake here are personal, highly personal for people with disabilities.

It should be personal for all of us, because we have all been victimized by corruption.

Fans who normally wouldn?? t be able to afford to see an NHL game were able to get up close and personal for $20.

The grief of 26/11 was personal for many in this newspaper; like others, members of staff grieve for lost friends.

If you're going to log in with Facebook, just be careful that your profile is not too personal for your followers.

I never said it was too much, what I was trying to say is KS did a really good job of making it feel personal for me.

In 5% of cases personal as is used

These choices are personal as well as communal.

It's not personal as such - except, well, it is.

USADA's war against Lance was personal as to him.

You may purchase a Student and Teacher Edition for personal as well as commercial use.

It provides you with coherence and focus in your personal as well as professional lives.

The fear is the fear of surrendering something so essentially personal as the will to do.

The easy print should utilize you to make putting to browser updates personal as for key, perfect or sure cleaners.

Finn implies that the act of looking is so highly personal as to preclude the use of any criteria in evaluating art.

Her works combine the abstract with the figurative, touching on the personal as well as the universal and collective.

Healthy religious influences are undoubtedly necessary for the development of character, personal as well as national.

In 3% of cases personal about is used

Men are less personal about work.

There is nothing personal about it.

I said nothing personal about the man.

The author seems to have related something very personal about herself and her friend.

Fear not! There's nothing personal about your posts getting waylaid by the spam filters.

There is nothing timid or personal about his work, rather it is grandiose and outwardly.

You can tell he just makes stuff up to get it over with, while not giving away anything personal about himself.

Saul is therefore so self -centered that he didn't care to remember anything personal about David or his family.

And when they think they have the right to get really personal about life choices or family it's across the line.

At first I said no way, I was never going to expose myself to others and have them know what was so personal about me.

In 3% of cases personal against is used

Nothing personal against Mr Rauf.

IPS has nothing personal against Mr.

I have nothing personal against him.

I have nothing personal against Sobha De and rather like her writings generally.

It may be nothing personal against you and this is a nice gentle way to find out.

This is not something personal against you, it is just a normal part of her growth.

Bear in mind that I like Governor-elect LePage, and have nothing personal against any of the other candidates.

I Have Nothing Personal Against Photoshopped Beauties In fact, I still PS some of my photos for fun and practice.

Onyeani, must know me or meet me, but I must state that beyond all of these, I hold nothing personal against him.

The medical experts conducting these tests have nothing personal against the people that come to them for testing.

In 3% of cases personal from is used

Nothing personal from this end.

Nothing personal from my side either, of course.

This keeps the personal from being merely personal.

I still have to find the balance, I had to separate my personal from my professional.

Here you see her more up close and personal from a river cruise (sans church or windmill).

CREDIT REPORTS Business and personal from suppliers or wholesalers, credit bureaus, and banks.

We are seeing this assault on minority voters up front and personal from the southern State Republican Governors.

The result was a separation of the personal from the impersonal, the subject from the object, humanism from science.

When it comes to Holy Innocents ' position on same-sex marriage, it is hard to distinguish the personal from the theological.

It too was carrying out exercises when it received a signal from the minuscule 500-ton U-556: ' personal from captain to captain.

In 3% of cases personal on is used

To be personal on a mechanical scale.

I don't divulge anything personal on FB.

Part of my ambivalence is personal on my part.

My Twitter is open to anyone but I don't get AS personal on it as I do on my private Facebook.

Now, maybe he got bad advice but he took it and was out front and personal on this whole issue.

It is interesting to see this musician stepping away from the band and becoming more personal on his solo records.

In my personal opinion, its hard to get this problem solved unless you do nt leave anything personal on the internet.

What brands need to do is to be more personal on social networks, and become more innovative in promoting their products.

I just thought I'd clear up my stance on getting too personal on my blog, and thought that could explain any lack of depth.

In 2% of cases personal at is used

I have nothing personal at all against him.

That's why Kickstarter succeeds, personal at scale.

The 90-minute town hall-style debate got personal at times.

Do not hide from the responsibility of being personal at the one point where it is mandatory.

I wanted to be up front and personal at this show so we asked whether the stool could be moved.

On the advice of the medical personal at the retirement home, we took my mom to the emergency room (ER).

Interestingly, nearly all the personal at those dealers had changed since the earlier drives, and I was not recognised.

While I am not a supporter of Garth George, Vicky has a right to her views, so I'd am disappointed at the personal attacks on her.

It gave supporters and journalists in Asia a rare opportunity to get up close and personal at the Q &A; session, transcribed below.

In 2% of cases personal of is used

Some works are personal of employers.

It was way too personal of a journey.

This can happen in any personal of any age group.

These are a personal of the Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings af2 arena football team.

He hopes to assist in the formation of church personal of the Archdiocese of Windhoek.

So many different dynamics come into play with the most personal of devices, the smartphone.

Please be generous to others as you are to your family and allow them the same right to make the most personal of choices.

However, recently a state, I can not remember which one--has made it legal for assistance in this most personal of choices.

And finally, though this is probably the most personal of my feedback, I just don't like the idea of a cover flap on my iPhone.

The Police High Command has from time to time reminded police personal of the Jamaica Constabulary Force? s use of force policy.

In 1% of cases personal between is used

It's deeply personal between Ferguson and Liverpool.

After Hurd joined them it became personal between him and Ellison.

For that reason it became more personal between guide and tourist.

I'd afraid as an outside observer I believe it HAS been personal between you and Stu.

They have asked me if I will play for Mark Hughes but it's not personal between me and the gaffer.

The longer this drags out the more it seems it's personal between the players and the commissioner.

If two consenting adults want to have cybersex, that's their thing; something very personal between two people.

Well dang! That's all Christie's got for Romney? An email? Not even a voicemail? Now I don't care what anybody says, this is personal between those two men.

When at the last minute he relented and withdrew his injunction from the courts, he told a television reporter that there was nothing personal between him and his party.

Now I never got to the first cause, but there is something deep and personal between Fred and Greg Nickels; something that I half-joked might have started on the playground.

In 1% of cases personal by is used

Best of all, the service remains and truly personal by K.

Make the website personal by giving it its own tone and voice.

Make your podcast personal by treating every listener as an individual.

But my disappointment is made more personal by the attempt at my life mentioned earlier.

Well, I mean nothing personal by this, but it did seem that Neil needed help rather badly.

Make it personal by adding an inscription or match it to the engagement ring you purchased.

I agree that there is no harm with books being critiqued, but it doesn't need to become personal by insulting the fans.

Gamers can make spots really their personal by moving objects like ramps, rails, and benches to fit their skating style.

You may make the hall more personal by adding tables with tall table decorations to create an illusion of a lower ceiling.

However, Konshens gave his fans a chance to get up close and personal by willingly signing autographs and posing for pictures.

In 1% of cases personal like is used

Personal like him bears after centuries.

Politics doesn't need to get personal like this.

Associate your brand name with something personal like a story.

Even a simple companion like can sharpen their corporate skills with a personal like worker.

Being professional (eg avoiding the personal like the plague) in your speech and presentation is good.

This doesn't necessarily has to be a discount, it can also be something more personal like a Christmas gift.

If you have a personal like this in your team and if you can afford to use him in that role, you are set for success.

Why is it wrong? This wasn't a case of someone taping him in a Temple ceremony, or at his home, or anything personal like that.

Regardless identical in light to frail levels estimated with a word, air-gap are personal like a town but wooden and simple like a cloud.

No matter who performs at this year's Pride, service industry personal like Lola Funk will be seeing little, if any, of the entertainment.

In 1% of cases personal rather is used

A relevancy which is personal rather than generic.

It all got a bit personal rather than actually writing about the music.

Perhaps she expected the questions to be personal rather than interrogative.

Power often corrupts and leads people to make decisions that are personal rather than business like.

The name is also common in Scottish records where it was more often a personal rather than a last name.

His criticism of the government and its leader Manmohan Singh often became personal rather than political.

And now, in Skyfall, 007 meets a post-ideological antagonist, one whose motivation is personal rather than geopolitical.

But I guess such an approach will not work in a scenario where decisions are based on personal rather than national interests.

Something out of the ordinary, something that infringes the rights of the guilty one on a personal rather than state-sanctioned level.

Pulling in a following and spreading the work means far more potential wins from the sharing of personal rather than just Brand Stories.

In 1% of cases personal without is used

You can make it personal without becoming personal, so to speak.

The service was fantastic--very personal without being overbearing.

Offering phrases that can be deeply personal without being overtly narrative.

Therefore, one can not have one God as personal without the trinitarian persons.

Jeff manages to add just enough style to make his site feel personal without it going overboard.

I hate to be anonymous, I agree it's unfair to expect you to be so personal without identifying ourselves.

These consistent interactions drew the crowd towards him and made the set very personal without overdoing it.

Really enjoyed this post; very informative and personal without being overly sentimental or at all patronising.

Chris Cleave did such an amazing job bringing emigration up close and personal without a lecture or guilt trip.

Florida is known for it's alligator population, and Gatorland provides a great opportunity to get up close and personal without getting.

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