Prepositions after "persevere"

"persevere in" or "persevere with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases persevere in is used
    They persevere in understated sense.
    Some women are strong and can persevere in prayers.
    If you persevere in this manner, God will have pity on you.
    We must always work at it, because not to persevere in the spiritual life is to go back.
    May their kindness always protect us and make us persevere in the instructions of Christ, Amen.
    The path for the pilgrim church is the path of persevering in faithful obedience to Jesus Christ.
    But you must go on and resolve to persevere in it until death, notwithstanding all the difficulties that may occur.
    This general metacognitive level helps students avoid persevering in unproductive approaches, to remember to check.
    We need confidence in the Dhamma and energy in order to persevere in being aware of nama and rupa over and over again.
    They are more easy to him who loves, and still more easy to him who perseveres in the practice of these three virtues.

    In 26% of cases persevere with is used
    Reasons to persevere with Digg.
    I agree with ormepipes: above all, listen; but persevere with the dots.
    Needless to say, I listened to none of that and persevered with breastfeeding.
    If you persevere with the practice you too will see the limitations of this world and be able to let go.
    Baccarat perseveres with its new strategy, now welcoming its first permanent artistic director to the company.
    I wouldn't say he's a genius, but he's a good player who is worth persevering with, although he needs to think before he speaks.
    They, for whatever reasons, have not been put off in school from tackling and persevering with ' difficult ' subjects to a better achievement level.
    I would like to thank all the researchers and staff involved in this momentous result, who persevered with the belief that one day 113 would be ours.

    In 11% of cases persevere through is used
    However, it's worth persevering through the initial attempts.
    Congrats for persevering through the humidity and heat and completed your 20 miler! I know you will have a great race in NYC! I train in Texas.
    After persevering through setback after setback, closed window after closed window, he found the one food store open way down on the bottom level.

    In 3% of cases persevere for is used
    Even if there is any small improvement in his studies, it is the teacher's responsibility to encourage the child to persevere for better grades.

    In 1% of cases persevere after is used
    Just like your husband, my hubby struggled and persevered after years of disappointment.

    In 1% of cases persevere amidst is used
    I am glad the great men and women of God in the bible persevered amidst the storm and showed us we can too!

    In 1% of cases persevere despite is used
    But Knibb persevered despite his losses, eventually, like Jones, bringing about the end of slavery in the colony.

    In 1% of cases persevere due is used
    I persevered due to the amount of people who were insistent it got better, but it really doesn't.

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