Prepositions after "persecute"

"persecute by" or "persecute for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases persecute by is used
    Those were persecuted by the Lutheran national churches instead.
    People are being mercilessly persecuted by various ethnic groups.
    However Peltier has been claiming he is innocent and persecuted by the U.
    But what happened afterwards was the Tamils were persecuted by the troops.
    Foxes have long been persecuted by man, particularly farmers and gamekeepers.
    While scurrying away, the blue cod was persecuted by snapper and a fight ensued for the severed arm, resulting in everyone getting a bit.
    Lynx only disappeared from the UK 1,500 years ago, persecuted by man, and I'd sure there could be some of these elusive predators still out there.
    Displaced during the war since the 1980s, and persecuted by the State, the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in its initial decade had really struggled hard.
    I learned a great deal from being persecuted by a workplace mob, how easily the good and the frightened will join the bullying mob once others do the same.
    When these delusions focus on this person feeling harassed or persecuted by some outside force or a particular person or group of people, these are known as paranoid delusions.

    In 32% of cases persecute for is used
    I may be persecuted for my speech.
    Occupied Palestinians are persecuted for not being Jewish.
    It is largely the security of the Original Hindu &; Buddhist inhabitants of this area, who have been persecuted for 5 centuries.
    But then again, Jesus told us in the Sermon on the Mount that those who stand up for truth &; righteousness we will be persecuted for doing so.
    Yet when contrasted against the women who are forced to wear it and have been persecuted for not doing so, it is an inequity to justify it socially.
    The agro (antagonism) they often receive at the door only serves to reinforce in their minds that they are being persecuted for the sake of the Kingdom.
    Shahid skilfully argues that there is no evidence to link the man to the conspiracy, that he's being persecuted for being a poor Muslim with no means to defend himself.
    In the western world the principle of offering a safe haven to those who are persecuted for their political beliefs is a noble one which most rational people would agree with.
    One need only look at the treatment of brave men like Hu Jia- persecuted for defending innocent young women, and Chen Guancheng For proven, serious crimes, criminals should spend a long time in.
    It's almost as though these children are being persecuted for the wider sexualisation of society and of childhood, which may have contributed to their behaviour but which is in no sense their fault.

    In 18% of cases persecute in is used
    Since writing about workplace mobbing and bullying, I hear from people all over the globe who have been persecuted in the workplace, community or school.
    Can I ask why these people felt persecuted in Australia? Oh they were n't, its all some silly fake show based on the false premise that people want to migrate from rich countries to poor countries.

    In 7% of cases persecute on is used
    In no other country in the world have we witnessed doctors and nurses persecuted on such a scale as a result of their legitimate humanitarian actions.
    The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race.

    In 3% of cases persecute because is used
    Yes, in my research for this article I did come across the fact that political asylum from Jamaica is more often sought by people that feel persecuted because of their sexual orientation.

    In 2% of cases persecute as is used
    Many people want to stay in this country due to fear of being persecuted as a result of their religious faith, political beliefs or affiliation with a particular social group.

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