Prepositions after "permanent"

permanent in, for, with, by or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases permanent in is used

No condition is permanent in life.

Nothing is permanent in this life.

Nothing is permanent in the universe.

I'd considering go to work in New Zealand and maybee live permanent in New Zealand.

Even a moron understands that permanent address is not permanent in the strict term.

There is nothing permanent in this world and the sooner you realise that, the better.

Though first established as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Coast Guard presence became permanent in 2004.

In this an evergreen was, so to say, made permanent in stone, and buried with the dead as a type of eternal youth.

Rivers that were known to be permanent in the in 1960's have now turned out to be seasonal Rivers and are drying up.

One might fill a volume with figures from inner Africa that were developed and made permanent in the symbolism of Egypt.

In 11% of cases permanent for is used

Make that list permanent for the Parliament.

Shari'ah is permanent for all people all the time.

Hummels's move was made permanent for a bargain 4m (3.

The hair that is now growing will be permanent for the rest of the patient's life.

They are permanent for people currently living, and our children and grandchildren.

All Artisan colours are rated AA or A and are recommended as permanent for artists ' use.

Obama: Would make those rates permanent for everyone except those making more than $200,000 ($250,000 if married).

The clogging is transient for intermediate attraction strengths, but appears to be permanent for higher attractions.

Keep in mind that 2 homes is not something permanent for the server, there will be ways to increase this eventually.

Well done Timmy but the loss of velocity was apparent even tonight and probably permanent for at least this year and possibly forever.

In 5% of cases permanent as is used

In fact several permanent as well as some non-permanent members are its well-wishers.

In the world there is nothing permanent as well as nothing isolatedly existing but everything co-exists.

McCain wants to make these Tax Cuts Permanent as well as dropping the Corporate Tax Rate from 35% to 25%.

In the words of the great Milton Friedman ' nothing is so permanent as a temporary government programme '.

Are usually high-class as well as permanent as well as well-known in a style by way of the subdued marketing.

Especially with something so permanent as a tattoo and something so major to a man which is of course, his grooming.

Neither the child nor parent were informed that the consequence of this procedure was permanent as the nail would not grow back.

Maybe Capello simply wants to remind everyone that he is no respecter of reputations, that form must be permanent as well as class.

Twitter and Facebook are actually as resilient and permanent as an interrogation and signed interview sheet at your local police station.

Set in a five-storey building, the gallery covers 3,700 square metres of minimalist space to showcase permanent as well as changing exhibitions.

In 5% of cases permanent by is used

This advance was made permanent by the Standard Time Act 1945.

The unintended lock-in became permanent by the end of the 1990s.

Then you can make them permanent by gluing them onto your board.

However, by Nov 27, 1953, the scheme was made permanent by Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra).

So I think I'd quite happy being referred to as permanent by the BOI but with a choice.

The Guan made the round shelters more permanent by plastering them with clay which hardened in the sun.

Make self-finished accessories permanent by carefully gluing down the margins after you have tucked in the needlepoint.

So I ask a simple question from you, do you think that the stuff that I've done is worthy of a forum ban (PERMANENT BY THE WAY).

Do you agree that knowledge can only be of the permanent by the permanent? What is the permanent element in the objects known? 4.

In 5% of cases permanent with is used

The best part of last year was that I was made permanent with AIB.

An impermanent element can not connect the permanent with anything.

I believe Monroe is now permanent with MIchelle Williams after seeing The Next Waltz.

We did this every ball of every session as practice makes permanent with things such as pre-delivery routines.

Glenn Andrew from Andrew's Sports Store said the two-hour time limit should be permanent with a mix of 30-minute slots too.

Bell and Johnstone, who run Sydney agency Design Is Kinky, remain directors and shareholders of Semi- Permanent with Velvin.

But some smart Alec working at this anonymous location decided to make the act that bit more permanent with this admirable act of defiance.

Even though the situation is not permanent with regards to water level in the lagoon it is largely determined by the rainfall pattern in every year.

As the Claimant did not seek to revert back to Carna his position in the School of Natural Resources became permanent with effect from 1st January 2011.

On Tuesday, that temporary measure became permanent with the teacher no longer employed at the school following a meeting of the school's board of trustees.

In 4% of cases permanent after is used

Erectile problems may be temporary or they may be permanent after treatment for prostate cancer.

It would be made permanent after seeing how well he performed his duties during the month of Ramzan.

I'd thinking of quitting if I don't get something permanent after my next ' one-semester contract '.

Many marks become permanent after a while and turn into scars in the case of treatments done surgically.

The schism became permanent after the Battle of Karbala in 680, when Ali's son Hussein was killed by the caliph's soldiers.

Recently at the Semi Permanent after party I met Meirion Pritchard art director for Wallpaper Magazine I had a tip off he liked one of my prints and we got talking.

Gill was hired to a full-time, non-permanent position in 2009 and was told that the college typically changed such positions to permanent after a successful first year.

Aziz Corr Nyang, 28, made his loan move to the Stockholm-based side permanent after Brommapojkarna and parent club GIF Sundsvall agreed to make his move permanent in January.

Fact Two: The INS has the choice of approving your adjustment request and issuing a temporary Green card (can be made permanent after two years married to the same individual).

In 4% of cases permanent on is used

Nothing is permanent on this Earth.

The pilot program becomes permanent on January 1, 2007.

It's a permanent on my DVR presets so I won't miss it, ever.

The car park is full (a state we discover is permanent on weekends).

Grab that glue stick, and start making your dreams permanent on paper.

I was considering reflective tape but didn't want something permanent on my bike.

Yes there is nothing called permanent on this earth especially with man-made things.

My favorite is the sharpie fine point permanent marker because the ink stays permanent on most surfaces and it is resistant to fading, smear and water.

When Upper Moutere was upgraded to permanent on 24 February 1911, Alice Robinson was the first permanent officer; the first woman to achieve this in Nelson.

I got permanent on my job, then I quit my job (Yeah! ), got engaged to Wathsala, started the company I have been dreaming for last 6 years since my A/L exam.

In 3% of cases permanent at is used

He obviously hopes that the interim role can become permanent, but nothing is permanent at Chelsea.

But each time I got it dyed semi permanent at the salon, it would wash out after 4 week and look brassy.

It finally looked like he had found a club that fit, and they made the deal permanent at the end of the season.

The peripheral neuropathy persists especially to the toes and I guess it's likely to be permanent at this stage.

But if critics are still so taken with our bands, perhaps there's something more profound and permanent at play here.

We are renting a house and I don't know how long it will be for, so I hate to plant anything permanent at the moment.

Would probably work out best for all parties involved to allow him on loan for a longer loan period or to leave on a permanent at some point in the near future.

Later, some of the same staff were made permanent at a time when the focus was on the high numbers of temporary staff, and that moved them off the books once more.

If one misses to guide and transmit proper educational values to his children at the right time, the money will not fix it (note also that one can fail while is permanent at home).

Re: ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE BY GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ In spite of their disordered life, the whole group tried to do something permanent at the urging of the wise Catalonian.

In 3% of cases permanent to is used

Our panel of staff varies from permanent to vising from abroad.

Effective July 22, 2010, the new standard maximum deposit insurance amount (SMDIA) is made permanent to $250,000.

Therefore, the quotation, though not meant originally for South Africa, is permanent to a full and proper understanding of this essay.

You need to add Kaiser Permanent to your corporate logo list! Kaiser logo is a silhouette of three people with a sunburst in front of them.

Ever since man learned to grow their own food and rear cattle, they have been living in permanent to semi-permanent settlements with certain degree of planning.

In less than 200 years the finest quality ranges have gone from around 30% permanent to 99 - 100 %, as well as providing two or three times the number of colours to choose from.

The objective in the Court of Appeal is about the municipality of Gotland to disbar Christer and Annie custody of Dominic and give the permanent to familjehemmet tvngsplacerad where he is.

Enhance this cash flow on an spontaneous plume 20s, lady permanent to boatman because of it's despite the fact that to provide a postman, having a job variously player and in addition track.

In 3% of cases permanent under is used

Liverpool look in permanent Under Construction mode for the next few seasons.

He became Permanent Under Secretary of the Home Office in 1994 and Secretary of the Cabinet and Head of the Home Civil Service in 1998.

Cooper, at the time, was a Resident Magistrate in the southern part of Hawke's Bay, and afterwards became permanent Under Colonial Secretary.

The Phoenix Park murders, when the Chief Secretary and the Permanent Under Secretary for Ireland were murdered in the Phoenix Park caused widespread outrage.

In addition, he explained that the MAAIB and Service Inquiry team for any accident does have a final option of reporting directly to the MoD Permanent Under Secretary.

On Saturday, 6 May, the new Chief Secretary for Ireland, Lord Frederick Cavendish and T H Burke, the permanent Under Secretary, were assassinated in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

In 2% of cases permanent rather is used

They believe that they are invincible and that heir public approval is permanent rather than fickle.

They believe that they are invincible and that their public approval is permanent rather than fickle.

In thus making your education possible the permanent rather than the temporary benefit of InI people has been preferred.

Is the employment contract frustrated? If so, obtain an up-to-date medical opinion that the disability is permanent rather than temporary.

People who already are homeless should be helped into permanent rather than transitional housing, he said, and many should get help earlier on.

The remaining space between the road and buildings would be for patios which, under the plan, are streamlined and heated for permanent rather than seasonal use.

But in general, there's more reason to believe that a shift is permanent rather than temporary when it brings the numbers closer into line with historical norms, as it has in this case.

In 1% of cases permanent vs is used

Permanent vs CID Some teachers entering service for the first time may just be lucky enough to find full-time permanent positions.

In 1% of cases permanent within is used

The memories are locked up someplace permanent within the mind.

But technological advances are permanent within the context of a given civilization.

In 1% of cases permanent through is used

The de -- merger could be made legally permanent through an engineered referendum.

All that is left is to make these connections permanent through providing early stimulation and quality care.

The lower figure is the non-permanent aspect of being which is made permanent through the ritual of Ascension.

Any illusions about achieving anything permanent through social arrangements should be dispelled by what is currently happening with environmental legislation.

Hope this helps someone:) Is there no way to make more permanent through Control Panels Computer Management settings of some kind? Kat Edit: forget that, don't think I want it more permanent.

In 1% of cases permanent about is used

There's nothing permanent about the Democrats ' hold on voters of color.

Yes, but there's nothing permanent about my working and living in England.

In 1% of cases permanent save is used

Even if software does not allow a permanent save the content is still downloaded to your computer even if only temporarily.

You know, were informed before becoming inspired? In A Permanent Save State is a little game to be played on mobile phones.

Exactly one month ago, In a Permanent Save State was removed from Apple ' s App Store an hour after it went live in violation of the company's app guidelines.

In a Permanent Save State, by Benjamin Poynter, alludes to the suicides of workers at the Foxconn manufacturing plants in China, where many gadgets are made -- including iPhones and iPads.

In 1% of cases permanent without is used

The results aren't permanent without diet and exercise.

If it is not, then your hair loss will become permanent without treatment.

Obamacare can not become permanent without a Republican president accepting it.

I only wished that I could make those kinds of psychological releases permanent without the uncertainty of a fleeting cause or tenuous relationship.

Sometimes you just want to make edits permanent without combining the tracks as well, and currently you have to ungroup the parts before you can glue them up separately.

Daily jab: Insulin can be injected into the stomach, arms, bottom and thighs Dr Landau added that although the lumps may shrink slightly the disfiguration would be permanent without plastic surgery.

In 1% of cases permanent over is used

Some temporary settlements have become permanent over time such as the Rochina, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Nice ' n Easy is a permanent colour so is riskier to work with, plus you don't want to dye with permanent over permanent -- too damaging.

Now as those giant wells peak, oil will continue to rise as all the new wells involve more extraction cost keeping the rise in prices fairly permanent over the long term.

In 1% of cases permanent of is used

The most permanent of which is through the use of dental implants.

Fix (from Latin figere, fixum ' to fasten ') was first used in the 17th century with respect to the making permanent of colours or pigments: its photographic use followed naturally.

In 1% of cases permanent like is used

It's not permanent like painted graffiti or scratching windows of subway trains.

In some cases even small children are seen to be having stress, but it is not permanent like that of adults.

This is as a result of the fact that most of these villages are not permanent like those towns mentioned above.

If you use tape though, you can try to connect them and always be able to take them apart -- so don't use anything permanent like glue to connect them.

It's going to be expensive if you need 4+! You will also probably need a top up session after a number of years since laser hair removal isn't 100% permanent like electrolysis.

In 1% of cases permanent from is used

And those cuts would need to be permanent from hereon out.

First, we know that from the IPCC the CO2 halflife is soo long that it's basically permanent from a human life perspective.

Basic Conclusions We see three perpendiculars, all other torques act unidirectional and permanent from the SDD Flywheel to vehicle.

Historically these distinctions may not have been made, logically speaking we must distinguish a permanent from a temporary, and a complete from a partial forfeiture.

About the transition to permanent from temporary resident, it is also true that it will take shorter time and less money for applicants to have them approved in Canada than in the US.

In 1% of cases permanent except is used

Nothing is permanent except change *sigh* how true, how true.

Yes, many temporary construction jobs were created -- but nothing permanent except astronomical public debts.

What we tried to do by demoting and promoting, dismissing and employing is to say that nothing is permanent except performance.

In 1% of cases permanent during is used

He previously worked with Irish Permanent during its successful merger with TSB Bank.

The contrast has to do with the temporary and the permanent during the Christian age.

In 1% of cases permanent depending is used

I am intending to stay there permanent depending on visa's etc.

The bans may be temporary or permanent depending on the degree of the violation.

This can either be temporary or permanent depending on the underlying cause of the obstruction.

The result is a loss of visual function, which may be either temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the damage.

We are aiming to initially set up an event for a period of a couple of months with a view to making it more permanent depending on location and feedback (which has been massive).

In 1% of cases permanent among is used

It is the bodiless among all bodies, it is the permanent among the impermanent.

But the wise, knowing the nature of immortality, do not seek the permanent among fleeting things.

One of Guru Nanak's unique acts was establishing an unbroken stream of gurmukhs and giving us gurbani as the method to make this stream permanent among us.

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