Prepositions after "peripheral"

peripheral to, in, for, of or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases peripheral to is used

Create stories peripheral to the main story.

Some dreams seem peripheral to everyday life.

The Inquisition was quite peripheral to this.

The puzzle from the present day is that it was so peripheral to its contemporaries.

Those things, while important are really peripheral to what is happening in Madison.

And, as a non-Euro state, the referendum was a bit peripheral to his interests anyway.

In light of these studies, peripheral to central neurogenesis does not appear to be the case in all polychaetes.

While Social Security may seem at first glance to be peripheral to health care, it's really not, as I'll explain.

Her character becomes increasingly peripheral to the plot, disappearing entirely from the series after one season.

But they did raise some good points, even if those points are a bit peripheral to the main message of the article.

In 7% of cases peripheral in is used

IBM To power cycle a peripheral in order to reset it.

If someone peripheral in my life owns a boat, they can pay for it.

Dads are still seen as peripheral in terms of hands on bringing up baby and that needs to change.

Imagine the Pope backing down on the question of contraception as peripheral in the hierarchy of truths.

That's because many dads still are peripheral in terms of hands on bringing up baby-and that still needs to change.

Although these principle items are largest in aggregate, they nevertheless have been peripheral in altering the aggregate total of bank deposits.

Consequently, the sector has been perceived as peripheral in the education set up by policy makers, educationists and researchers in the education sector.

In the novel's second, and most captivating part, Boianjiu introduces a host of new characters, each of them peripheral in some way to Yael, Avishag, or Lea.

I'd so sorry, I said in the direction of the kitchen, the edge of turquoise peripheral in my vision, I adore that color, but only in my head because Oliver was crying over his pasta.

In 6% of cases peripheral for is used

The Olympics are always sort of peripheral for me.

With PC, you can always have the best peripheral for the job.

However, it's a peripheral for the 360, not something a Lumia phone can do.

This flexibility makes the remote an unbelievably powerful peripheral for anything you have.

Mobile money apps have been on the peripheral for some time without many huge strides into their development.

I spoke to a Sky News reporter after the 2011 launch who thought that the new controller was just a peripheral for the current Wii.

We have witnessed the potential end of the union with the core sacrificing the peripheral for purely reasons of political impotence.

All four were equally important for the final customer, but only two were central parameters for Alessi; the other two were peripheral for us.

Like you said, if they can't do a software zoom, why didn't Microsoft create some peripheral for smaller rooms (and include it with the unit).

Hey guys, did you hear about that Wii U thing that got released yesterday? Apparently it's some kind of new portable peripheral for the Nintendo Wii.

In 6% of cases peripheral of is used

It dances just outside the peripheral of my vision, whispering at my fingertips but refusing to be caught.

I really did not understand the LED lights coming on at the peripheral of the stage during scene transitions.

The trail then goes into the forests for more than 1 km before coming out along the peripheral of the nature reserve.

If they aren't focused on themselves, they focus on the wants of those around the peripheral of the team; administration, parents, agents, press, etc.

Of course, this only touches on the peripheral of the hundreds of tasty Mexican dishes that have spread to the United States and many other parts of the world.

If you find that you need to directly access the files or connected peripheral of a remote computer, then you'll appreciate VPN and how easy it is to setup with TeamViewer.

Other Nigerian owned companies at the peripheral of the pavilion included Phase 3, Nigcomsat, ICTPS and Etisalat Nigeria, which was part of the grandstand of the Etisalat group.

My experience of Occupy Sydney was not defined by the banners many of my family held up to confront the more peripheral of our family, those bound up in the rat race of Civilisation.

I park my chair on the peripheral of the space, not wanting to interrupt, be in the way, or be stared at as I take my coat off; which, because I'd going for silence takes several minutes.

In 2% of cases peripheral at is used

Ireland's role in all that German-French-British drama will be peripheral at very most.

That's unprecedented in home console gaming, at least for a standard peripheral at this stage of its life.

Darren Bent has become peripheral at Villa, whilst these two forwards are struggling for starts at their respective clubs.

For those who didn't sit through Sony's god-awful showing of the peripheral at this year's E3 presentation, here's a rundown of how it works.

Norrell is a brilliant book! The way everything comes together in the end -- things that I thought were unnecessary and peripheral at first -- was just so well done.

In 2% of cases peripheral with is used

This is peripheral with most drugs, but is primarily central with acetaminophen.

As, the only guitarist in the house, I saunter up to the greasy peripheral with confidence.

Even console games like Guitar Hero are basically forced to bundle the peripheral with the game in order to sell.

In 1% of cases peripheral by is used

I'd curious as to how punk -- peripheral by nature -- has extended and adapted to other aspects of society, or whether (in many cases I imagine) it is left to the embarrassments of youth.

These concerns can not be rendered peripheral by altering the parameters of the argument, however well intentioned the guidance may be, away from intra-European matters towards intercontinental ones.

In 1% of cases peripheral from is used

Phillips also posted an ad for an unreleased NES peripheral from 1987 -- a knitting machine that interfaced with the system for its designs.

In 1% of cases peripheral like is used

The Kindle doesn't have the built-in software to work the other way so that it acts as host to a peripheral like a dongle.

In 1% of cases peripheral on is used

It was only peripheral on Green Street, but I'd pretty sure that all of us knew it.

Apple is not going to be able to make a dock adapter that works with every 3rd party peripheral on the market.

While appearing in a couple portable adventures, DK was tethered to a clunky peripheral on the GameCube, starring in a series of games that were only playable using a bongo drum controller.

In 1% of cases peripheral rather is used

It hid the main console behind the scenes leading some attendees to believe that Nintendo was releasing a tablet peripheral rather than a new home console.

Sure, he's not particularly personable and he has cultivated a very tricksy style of operating, but these are peripheral rather than central matters for me, and I believe most voters.

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