Prepositions after "perfect"

perfect for, in, with, on or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases perfect for is used

Perfect for: - Unlocking doors.

Perfect for a winters night in.

Perfect for a healing piercing.

Perfect for: Women in the UK wanting to be part of a long stranding women's network.

Perfect for your Mega Mac!) I don't know why fast food restaurants don't serve beer.

Ursula* is a reliable and stable variety, perfect for the medium compact size market.

To match her desires, you need to take efforts to make sure that everything is picture perfect for your lady love.

Di Bird - Perfect for any occasion Di Bird and her trio Red, Hot &; Blue have been performing together since 1996.

I didn't think that my brows were particularly out of control, but I did want them to be perfect for the next day.

The tree grows incredibly fast and is very tolerant to droughts, perfect for the weather in the Mexican highlands.

In 10% of cases perfect in is used

They look perfect in my window.

And it was perfect in every way.

No one is perfect in this world.

I don't want to say I regret it because the story of Ride is pretty perfect in a way.

The instant on feature and the long battery life are anything but perfect in its way.

I have been trying to please everyone and make my life perfect in the eyes of others.

She gazed into the distant blue haze, perfect in that midsummer light, and realised how deeply she loved the place.

Although she was in a hurry, the pretty actress still managed to look picture perfect in a casual yet girly outfit.

I have just had an interview that everything felt perfect in the interview, and It appeared the nightmare was over.

All you need to make your life perfect in your eyes is you and your willingness to work on your goals for happiness.

In 3% of cases perfect with is used

Perfect with Daniel Henney too.

Every call is perfect with my 5.

Not all is perfect with these teams.

This one, earthy and complex was perfect with the wild boar style of the pork chop.

Plus Jiro is perfect with his funny expressions, puppy eyes, cuteness, and hotness.

I say Kim looks just perfect with all AJ COOK NUDE her forms and I just can't imagine her body being any thinner.

Your site or blog could be perfect with good software, regular updates, strong content, and relevant advertising.

Through three games, the Spanish club has been perfect with victories over the LA Galaxy, Santos Laguna and Milan.

Hi! I just thought that I would mention my tip for keeping tooth enamel perfect with regular lemon water drinking.

In 2% of cases perfect on is used

Muniain is perfect on the wing.

It's absolutely perfect on her.

Biden's answer was perfect on this.

She was near perfect on the bars earning a 10 from four of the six judges to get a 9.

That style that would look perfect on me is that style which I know looks good on me.

But one of the most essential aspects is dressing you to look perfect on your big day.

One navy blue and another black -- greatt for painting!! Everything is perfect on them -- clean, with sturdy zippers.

Using the phone with one hand, the one thing that was so perfect on the iPhones before, is also more challenging now.

Although not perfect on gender, I learned about fairness, voting rights and giving the other guy a chance from my Dad.

Nothing as complex as this was ever going to be perfect on the first run, and tweaking was always going to be required.

In 1% of cases perfect as is used

It is perfect as a single film.

We are not perfect as a nation.

Staff is perfect as the site is.

This is not perfect as the dose is fluctuating, but it is the only way to come off it.

He was perfect as a supporting player, the man who came on just before the main event.

I think clayface would be one awesome idea! I think Hush is perfect as the new villain.

The Centre, when not in use by the daycare, will be perfect as a central meeting place for the beekeeping villagers.

And it would be perfect as an alternative to the traditional Christmas cake, for those of us who aren't keen on them.

Once again, here is a term that can be used in a number of different ways -- and that makes its perfect as an insult.

While David Niven is perfect as the supercilious Phileas Fogg, and Robert Newton is at his hammy best as detective Mr.

In 1% of cases perfect at is used

We're not perfect at Crohnsforum.

I'd not perfect at it, but I have.

Reaching out is perfect at this time.

So I went on drums, but was not perfect at that time because I was not practicing it.

It takes a lot of practice to be perfect at asking the closing question to your lead.

I will also let you know for you to certainly preorder the item perfect at this point.

Red Cross bloke has presented a wireless to the mess -- not so good when the news is on but perfect at other times.

But, aside that, here's a compilation of seven things that men are so perfect at, that they can be really annoying.

We are consumed day in, and day out for 4 years, with trying to be perfect at one moment, when you wish it the most.

To relinquish the need to be perfect at something, yet gain a strange confidence in the way my body moves and feels.

In 1% of cases perfect by is used

Response was perfect by the way.

It's not perfect by any measure.

They are not perfect by any means.

There are perfect moments, but these moments are made perfect by their imperfections.

Saying One Malaysia with flowers KL is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

A performance to build on, not perfect by any means but comfortable enough in the end.

PURPORT Prahlada Maharaja concludes that one can become perfect by serving the Supreme Lord sincerely by all means.

Exchanging vows on a warm sunny morning with the sound of nature all around is considered perfect by a lot of couples.

Not perfect by any means, but a better model of international cooperation than you'll find anywhere else in the world.

America certainly isn't perfect by any means but is no where near what you would experience in other parts of the globe.

In 1% of cases perfect from is used

Its was perfect from start to finish.

Just about perfect from my perspective.

Yes, you look perfect from the outside.

It was pretty much perfect from my perspective -- location, food, company, outcome.

The speakers are loud and the phone weight is perfect from the angle of photography.

The point of Christianity is forgiveness, you don't have to be perfect from the start.

Was everything done as well as it should have been? No, but great undertakings are rarely perfect from the start.

Most cathedrals have been added to bit by bit over the years, but this one was recognised as perfect from the start.

It's better to start something, even if it's not perfect from day one, than never doing anything in the first place.

Heck, they were even perfect from the free-throw line, a 19 of 19 night, the most attempts without a miss since 2006.

In 1% of cases perfect of is used

This is perfect of this coming Halloween.

Both are light of step and perfect of timing.

This app is perfect of kids of 7 years and above.

Many architects have rated it as the most perfect of all buildings standing on earth.

The most perfect of living beings is Brahma, the supreme administrator of one universe.

The pass that Gordon dropped was damn near as perfect of a pass as you're likely to see.

If it is true that the violin is the most perfect of musical instruments, then Greek is the violin of human thought.

The duration in the past (past continuous) can be expressed also by the perfect of k? n with the active participle, e.

Overall, you'll want to prefer quality over monetary restrictions, such as the allow hunt for the most perfect of Magento.

You think you are immune to your kids dying? You think you are too perfect of a family, for this to happen to? You are not.

In 1% of cases perfect to is used

She is completely perfect to me.

Sounds just about perfect to me.

Beauty makes a perfect to human.

INLER PERFECT TO ARSENAL DC = SAKHO he is big and strong and, being only 21 years-old.

The hero was the beef patty, it was tender, juicy and was cooked perfect to my liking.

Every game, every reference, every sound, every visual, felt just pitch perfect to me.

Realizing that you are perfect to someone, then taking that realization further and realizing your life is your own.

The faraway fringe world on which our heroes are stranded seems almost too perfect to the human crew members, though.

You can say whatever you want, and compare Zabi Aydan with all the other babies in the world, but he is perfect to me.

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