Prepositions after "pee"

"pee on" or "pee in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 49% of cases pee on is used
    Next time I'll just pee on you.
    It would be peeing on extra hard difficulty.
    Unfortunately she has continued to pee on the couch.
    So they were basically naked babies, and I couldn't have them just peeing on the floor.
    It didn't matter how long she sat there; the moment she got up she would poop or pee on the floor.
    She'll hold her bladder in the pool, or tub, and wait until she's out and pee on the floor, and then TELL ME she peed.
    My son seemed to have no desire to go a day without peeing on himself until he was 4, although, he was in underwear by three.
    The only real problem we have is the growing army of dog haters who resent his marking behaviour, peeing on their shrubs etc.
    What else can we do?? Please help dr Harry Dear Dr Harry, PLEASE HELP!! we have a 10mth old kitten who started peeing on Everything.
    He had been on holiday with his family in France and constantly needed to pee on (what turns out to be) the lengthy car journey from Calais to Paris.

    In 31% of cases pee in is used
    Somebody has peed in somebody's western boot.
    That is, if it's even a crime, peeing in the beer cooler.
    As far as bad toilets go, I've been in them, around them, peed in them.
    pee in the stinking hell hole or hold it in until your bladder implodes.
    My oldest dd trained for pee in 2 days but refused to go poop on the toilet.
    The family's dying of fear, the girls are peeing in their pants with fear.
    BERLATSKY: You didn't actually pee in the beer cooler, right? RYAN: I'd gon na say no.
    She was getting the pee in there too quite often, but of course I was still changing diapers.
    I told them that if they peed in their big girl panties they had to clean it up (mean I know).
    If we do not poop or pee in front of each other and you'd better believe we do not fart in front of one another.

    In 4% of cases pee at is used
    Not even close! He is such a deep sleeper (doesn't wake when he falls out of bed) that there really is no way he could wake himself to pee at this point.

    In 3% of cases pee for is used
    She pooped on the potty and sometimes peed for about three weeks.
    I did not realize I was even drinking water until I kept peeing for 2 days non-stop.

    In 1% of cases pee across is used
    And that's fine - when you're in the big city, you act clean and proper like you're in the big city; when you're back in the village, then you go back to peeing across two wooden planks.

    In 1% of cases pee against is used
    There were some more mad dashes and lots more peeing against every bush.

    In 1% of cases pee during is used
    And others were just practical, such as trying to find a place to pee during a duck hunt on a CA waterfowl refuge.

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