Prepositions after "patient"

patient with, in, for, on or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 61% of cases patient with is used

Very patient with my situation.

Be patient with this procedure.

We need to be patient with them.

That's why I wrote we should be patient with this guy, and not throw him overboard.

She was patient with me, especially when I felt impatient with my lack of progress.

If he appears to be misbehaving, ask yourself why, and be patient with his efforts.

I am sure that God is patient with Atheists (or other Pagans) who have never heard of him or not a creditable way.

You in your twisted world believe that we must be patient with them and we can rehabilitate them, be nice to them.

We lighten their loads as we are patient with their weaknesses and celebrate whatever goodness we can see in them.

One person le boss has been most patient with is Abou Diaby and boy what a performance from the French midfielder.

In 13% of cases patient in is used

We try to be patient in waiting.

Be patient in interacting with them.

Basheer was patient in fighting them.

I can not over emphasize the importance of being patient in the post operative phase.

Thank you to the drivers who were patient in allowing the race to run on the streets.

Though it is difficult to be patient in these conditions but the rewards are manifold.

Aged 17, Ria started hormone -injections, making her the youngest ever patient in the UK to receive such treatment.

He has been amply patient in dealing with criticisms and willing to grant any number of things as the facts warrant.

She was very patient in helping students, including myself, who thought Mathematics was difficult but excelled in it.

Illustrations (a) A patient in a lunatic asylum, who is at intervals of sound mind, may contract during those intervals.

In 8% of cases patient for is used

Be patient for excellent pizza.

Tamils have been patient for 30 yrs.

We ' ve been patient for a long time.

To my fans, I want to thank you for listening and being patient for as long as you have.

He is patient for rain, patient for the land to yield, patient for the crops to harvest.

Just have patient for the right guy to come ur way because u r still young and beautiful.

It also means: Be patient for the sake of Allah; persevere while seeking Allah's Pleasure; remain in Allah's camp.

If someone has been patient for twenty incidents of your anger, it's no surprise if they snap on the twenty first.

But because it's you I'll bear it, I can be patient for you -- not for anyone else, ever -- but for you I can wait.

I think the bottom line is to be given to your passion over time and people will think you are patient for results.

In 2% of cases patient about is used

Just be patient about marriage.

However, I am able to be patient about that.

Trying to be patient about getting busy and involved.

I kept an eye open for opportunities for AG, and she was very patient about it all.

We're very patient about all the recounts after all these years and all the recounts.

I'd 52, and young people these days don't seem to be very patient about what they want.

They want this worldwide evolution toward Islamic statism and are more patient about infiltrating Western civilization.

He wants the relationship to grow and is really patient about waiting until I am ready but how do I know he's different.

I decided that I'll be patient about seeing her, and not to pressure her until the end of this month when she'll get rid off this job.

When I run across Priesthood leaders who aren't used to women who aren't shy about sharing their opinions, I try to be patient about it.

In 2% of cases patient as is used

So be patient as well as show concern toward her.

Enjoy! (Please be patient as the slideshow loads.

Please be patient as the import may take some time.

Note: Please be patient as the page may take a few seconds to open.

He was urged impelled, oppressed, and yet he was patient as a lamb.

Please try and be patient as the Band plan to release a full statement on the subject ASAP.

For the moment, please be patient as the author has yet to tour the entire island (referring to Singapore Island).

Be PATIENT as the Updating Software screen will NOT pop up immediately after releasing the MENU and ROTATE buttons.

I've become more patient as a runner and I see the holes better and reading my blocks better than I ever have before.

We will educate our next generation, please be patient as what the pappies have always said we are still a very young nation.

In 2% of cases patient at is used

We should be patient at these times.

Please be patient at the end of the event.

We are Doctors and we make our money ON E PATIENT AT A TIME.

I can be very patient at one point and I can be totally impatient at some other time.

Bellamy he just told us to to be patient at half-time, to keep doing what we were doing.

Be patient at this point -- sometimes it requires you to wait before the changes take effect.

Please be patient at the Legal Insurrection graphic arts and web production departments are, um, on vacation today.

This is because the context it is used in the Quran is in reference to Muslims being patient at the loss of their close brothers.

Five lessons that can help a woman become the most beautiful woman in the whole world The first lesson is to be patient at all time.

I thought how easy it is for us who know that eventually we will be fed to be patient at our feasts, whether at church or with family.

In 2% of cases patient on is used

We are going to be patient on this one.

You have to just be patient on this one.

Definitely I am looking to be patient on it.

And don't expect Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski to be patient on day one.

We should have been more patient on the ball and killed clock to take the three points.

He was dedicated, honest, encouraging, humble, REALLY PATIENT ON ME and ProSurfer of course!

Please save us all a lot of angst - and help preserve a DFL majority in the next election - by being patient on this issue.

And Moyes believes it is crucial that both he and the club must be patient on the striker's return to regular first team football.

It is almost 7:00 pm, Philippe was still very patient on explaining me his management strategy, although he should be off working 1.

When the market is not going our way, this flexibility allows DFA traders to be patient on a specific stock at a given point in time.

In 1% of cases patient during is used

Everyone should be patient during difficulties.

When you're tired you're less patient during rallies.

It's important to be patient during the repayment process.

So its better to be patient during this time instead of trying for shortcuts or similar stuff.

I AM p**sed!! I have ALWays been loyal to sony, being patient during the down time and defending them.

Yala is now attracting hundreds of tourists so be patient during peak season as convoys are unavoidable.

It's important to be patient during these times and just remind yourself of all the things you love about him/her.

Rosie's song was about being patient during training and trusting a greater coach other than yourself in dark times.

This is the normal operational plan of the local Police and we would ask that you please be patient during this time.

In 1% of cases patient like is used

I have never seen anyone that's so patient like Igor.

If you are in love with crocodile be patient like him.

I am curious to know how many patient like me out there.

We must be patient like Ayyub, peace be upon him, and turn to Allah.

He was patient like Imam al-Husayn the grandson of Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa.

He who, in my Dispensation, was patient like the earth -- this was that bhikkhu.

We had to learn how to be patient like that and think about the next two or three moves when we had the ball.

Kappus, so much is happening now; you must be patient like someone who is sick, and confident like some one who is recovering; for perhaps you are both.

Dumbass Jak Why don't you quit complaining and be patient like the rest of us? Be happy 4J even decided to give us an update, seeing as how they never promised an update in first place.

In 1% of cases patient of is used

Fergie isn't the most patient of managers.

It would try even the most patient of persons.

With profuse apologies to our most patient of moderators.

But he who has the nature of a great man is patient of all kinds of weather and postures.

You can't miss it but getting to it by car can test the patience of the most patient of parents.

And I am led to the realization that we are enormously patient of infants (maybe slightly less so of toddlers).

Her exploration of her past shows us she was not the most patient of mothers, but neither was Kevin the easiest of children.

Do, because to pause and relive the events of black Friday would enrage and flabbergast the most patient of Liverpool supporters.

I've not always been the most patient of men, but it worked in our last tied cottage and I'd pretty committed to stuff that works.

Whoever meets his brother realizing this point and fully understanding it will be the most patient of people in his dealings with others.

In 1% of cases patient over is used

Venture capital will need to be patient over the next few years as the ecosystem continues to mature.

Obviously it was nice to have been patient over the first four holes and be rewarded on the last five holes.

Those of us looking for positive economic news around the world have had to be similarly patient over the last year.

There is another very viable option -- I think our friends at West Ham have been phenomenally patient over the last few months.

Expats are advised to be patient over the phone as they will be in a three-way call with Chinese operators and student translators.

They have been very patient over the last few months in getting the site up and running so a massive thanks once again for making it happen.

In 1% of cases patient through is used

I'd patient through lots of tries.

She was patient through all of this.

Luckily I was on leave and decided to be patient through the process.

The Algerian was patient through the first three laps of the race, content to be strung along on the coattails of Nixon Chepseba of Kenya.

We're given no moment of catharsis as a reward for being so patient through all the offenses, no development that comments on how awful Swanson is.

Most claimants I think are pretty patient through the first 6 months and the only communication you get is a form letter that says we need this or this is what we have done.

In 1% of cases patient to is used

He was quite patient to our many questions.

They are also patient to kids poking and touching.

Be patient to those out there still not seeing it.

After years of learning to love, to tolerate, to understand, to be patient to one another.

Just to be sensitive to each other and be patient to each other and to understand, I suppose.

You are patient to a fault, yet when tested, respond with facility and great clarity (see posts just above).

They are fundamentally decent and while sometimes patient to a fault, know when enough is enough and make their voices heard.

Now Americans don't need any hero; we need more people who will be patient to what is really going on in anther part of the world.

You're valuable: who unravels a slow threat? Too, that surface is executed because maximum have known out that it is patient to problem.

You wouldn't like to miss a single day! I find all my three tutors very knowledgeable, approachable, understanding, and very patient to the needs of their students.

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