Prepositions after "part-time"

part-time at, in, for, as or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases part-time at is used

Simon works part-time at Shebeen.

He now works part-time at a bakery.

She also works part-time at a restaurant.

He attending a local trade school and worked part-time at the Mobile Press Register.

As my ' baby bubble ' passed, I began teaching design part-time at my old university.

If you work part-time at private clinics, you get paid between RM30 and RM40 per hour.

Secondly, the hyung in this incident was actually a university student doing part-time at Nanba/SR's mom's place.

These blogs pop up because for 1 this guy works part-time at walmart stocking shelves and has nothing better to do.

For the first few months after college, I was just getting by, making minimum wage working part-time at a drug store.

De-registering may mean that you become part-time, or you may move from full-time to part-time at the end of the year.

In 19% of cases part-time in is used

I now work part-time in a school district.

I began working part-time in fashion retail.

He taught part-time in the 2010 school year.

My perspective on this issue comes through working part-time in emergency medicine.

Many of the jobs undertaken by women were low paid part-time in the service sector.

He is 28 years old now, works part-time in a coffee shop and is a student full-time.

Furthermore he is working part-time in a clinical practice, Medical Centre IMPACT, in Zoetermeer the Netherlands.

How long does it take to pull the event together? I started part-time in October 2009 and full-time in April 2010.

For every spare moment of your holidays, your summer vacation, even part-time in evenings after lectures if you can.

At this moment it is not too bad as I only work part-time in the summers, so most of my other time is devoted to music.

In 18% of cases part-time for is used

I worked retail part-time for 2.

The position is part-time for 3 months.

My mother works part-time for that city.

After graduation, I worked as a waitress and shot part-time for the local newspaper.

They spent 14 months there, with John working for Haven and Sinead part-time for GOAL.

Several individuals do it part-time for the extra $250-$500/month to pay their expenses.

At high school he drew a comic strip for the school newspaper and also worked part-time for All American Comics.

But playing part-time for the Yankees in 2012, he was back to almost his previous level of performance, hitting.

What you mentioned about journalism for Development was interesting to me as I write part-time for my local rag.

She started volunteering at the start of the year and now works in administration part-time for The Conversation.

In 13% of cases part-time as is used

I work part-time as a cam girl.

Now I work part-time as a security guard.

PhD teaching part-time as an adjunct professor.

I am working part-time as a teacher, and also studying Japanese when I have the time.

I was working part-time as a school bus driver and wanted to find full-time employment.

A 23-year-old student who works part-time as a driver to Lagos's wealthier citizens, Mr.

I plan on staying home with the babe for at least a year before having another kid or working part-time as a nurse.

She currently works part-time as a marketing manager for children's books and appears regularly on Irish television.

She now works part-time as a freelance writer and editor and helps run her family's beach resort the rest of the time.

She is today Executive Secretary at FEPED (Women for Environment and Development) and works part-time as a legal advisor.

In 5% of cases part-time with is used

While he consults part-time with the.

She currently works part-time with Spectronics.

Two weeks later she got a job that was part-time with full-time pay.

Jennifer works part-time with OWM where she handles our accounting and is involved in WM2M.

Nancy Dolliver started out part-time with The Steps, while working full-time in television production.

This is an exciting opportunity to work from home, full or part-time with the support of a fantastic company.

I've found part-time with a short commute (15 minute drive and I work from home occasionally) has worked out well.

She says each new pursuit is informed by the MBA degree she is studying part-time with the Griffith Business School.

Studying part-time You may be able to study part-time with Limited Full-time approval if you are unable to study full-time.

For example, whilst I work full-time as a consultant I also volunteer part-time with 2 NGOs and I'd doing an MSc part-time.

In 4% of cases part-time to is used

Conversion from part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time enrolment 5.

Over time, my work wanted me to increase my hours from part-time to full-time.

If this couple moves from working part-time to full-time, they do not gain at all.

Many thousands are looking for work or seeking to convert part-time to full-time employment.

I'd trying to build up my portfolio part-time to a point where I will be ready to take the full time plunge.

A part-time student may also change status from part-time to full-time by taking the same course load as that of a full-time student.

There is an ever-increasing number of people making money from blogging at a part-time to full-time level -- however they are still in the minority.

If you wish to change from full-time to part-time work or from part-time to full-time work it is a matter to be agreed between you and your employer.

Remember the serial special sessions of the 1960s? That was a major reason voters in 1966 voted overwhelmingly to switch from a part-time to a full-time Legislature.

But more recently she has been getting back into exercise, going on short runs just around the block; and she is scheduled to return part-time to her bartending job this week.

In 4% of cases part-time on is used

I also work part-time on experimental jobs.

Female operators were more likely to work part-time on the farm; 62.

Gamines may work part-time on the streets to supplement family income.

Donna works part-time on account of health issues and earns $10,000 gross per year.

Only those students with a valid study permit have the right to work part-time on campus.

He's sober, pretty sharp, said he's been staying at CCNV, works part-time on a garbage truck.

And for something a little different, in true Scituate form, he said worked part-time on a fishing boat for a while.

The unemployment system doesn't recognize how many Americans work part-time on several jobs, and move from job to job.

On a student visa you only can work part-time on campus, and that's not going to give you much more than pocket money.

Deb lives with her family part-time on acreage in Issaquah, a Seattle suburb, and part-time in the city on a houseboat.

In 4% of cases part-time during is used

She lived in her van part-time during the past three years.

Worked part-time during Masters in admissions office helping them with Statistics.

The vast majority worked either full- or part-time during this longitudinal study.

As an international student, I'd allowed to work but only part-time during my studies.

Part-time during the year helps to keep up with living expenses, and student loans cover the rest.

I get great grades, work part-time during school and did an internship over the summer at a Top 25 Fortune company.

Will you work part-time during retirement? If you do, you'll be able to supplement your pension with money you earn.

We organised for her to study Russian and we allowed her to work part-time during term at the Cambridge Arts Cinema.

She was employed as a researcher at the IPS, part-time during 2004 while undertaking post graduate study, and full-time from 2005 to 2007.

The students in our pilot inv e stigation are high intermediate level adults from diverse backgrounds studying part-time during a four-month term.

In 2% of cases part-time from is used

My husband works full time for a decent wage and I work part-time from home.

I stay home with my kids, and work part-time from home as a free-lance writer.

I work part-time from home, volunteer around town, pay attention to world news and pop culture.

I work part-time from home (teaching piano ), but I also keep pretty busy as part-time stay-at-home wife.

He is also embarking on a Masters in Professional Accounting which he will complete part-time from January.

Joining SLJPS part-time from January will enable Kate to invest a significant amount of time in the school's vital pre-opening stage.

I'd still working for them part-time from Hong Kong (check out some recent blog posts here ), albeit remotely and from home, hence the housewife status.

Call me anytime on my dime at 877-508-3388 If you have ever wanted to make your financial dreams your life working part-time from home, you do not want to miss this! From gbglife.

I was in grad school part-time from 2006-2011 and while we played around with using social media to communicate, it was through closed channels such as a private FB group or closed blog.

The move to part-time from full-time work partly explains the fall in productivity that the OBR talks about, does it not? It would be good if you also split out the rise in self-employment.

In 2% of cases part-time after is used

I might even go part-time after that, maybe two days a week.

I worked part-time after JP was born until last October, when I lost my job.

IBM employees can work part-time after maternity or parental leave for up to three years.

Program Fees and Refunds The fee for the 2012-2013 Part-time After School Program is $3,200.

I worked full-time for a few years, part-time after my two daughters were born and now 2 days per week.

He attended public schools, worked part-time after school and during vacations, and participated in some athletics.

One 42-year-old man returned to work part-time after six weeks and built this up to full time over the next six weeks.

Sam Willoughby, 37, wanted to go back to her job at a financial services company part-time after having her daughter, Alice.

It is desirable they discontinue from office from the middle stage of conception and join back as part-time after the child is in first standard.

I thought school would make it easier- ha! I worked part-time with my first which developed into full time somehow, part-time after my 2nd and also did masters study and then it all fell apart.

In 1% of cases part-time of is used

You can do jobs online either part-time of full time.

It is an easy means of getting certificate, since the certificates would not bear part-time of full time.

Areas of specialization After the successful completion of two (2) semesters full time or 3 semesters part-time of generic publishing courses, each student.

This pretext is false - each council uses hundreds of people across multiple departments where the police (and HMRC) would have used the part-time of less than 5-10 people to cover the same region.

In 1% of cases part-time due is used

I have never had to work part-time due to my illness or take FMLA, even if I ate something that made me sick.

In 1% of cases part-time out is used

Only going part-time out of necessity, not so cool.

Many nurses work part-time out of necessity, not choice - they can not find full-time work.

In 1% of cases part-time over is used

Sophie Young Sophie Young completed her studies towards a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Policy in 2011, studying part-time over a two year period while working full-time.

How long will the CPA accelerated bridging program take to complete? The CPA accelerated bridging program will be developed to be completed part-time over a twelve-month period.

Oh, plus you'll only need to do this very much part-time over a 20 day period (or you can take longer to complete it if you prefer -- I provide the timetable, but you can extend it out as you like).

In 1% of cases part-time by is used

Two of them went through nce and are teaching in private schools, hoping to start part-time by self-sponsor but just imagin what we are hearing.

You can get the home test by writing to us at This office is staffed part-time by clerical staff only and is not a contact point for Mensa officers.

Our staff are supported to study part-time by the refunding of fees for courses seen as relevant to the job and by the giving of exam and study-leave.

Shortly after Taack retired -- on an annual lifetime pension of US$128,000 -- he was hired part-time by Penman's city attorney's office, at US$32 an hour.

Indeed, she was used part-time by the store as a so-called ' mystery shopper ' (posing as a customer to report back to management about levels of service).

All of these materials have been translated into Nepali and professionally printed by Pastor Raju, who is employed part-time by a Nepali publishing and printing company.

In 1% of cases part-time because is used

P Part-time study Some students choose to study part-time because of other commitments.

Some said they couldn't find full-time work, but most said they were working part-time because of weak business conditions.

In 2004 research conducted in Canada indicated that 34% of women age 25-44 worked part-time because of child care responsibilities.

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