Prepositions after "paid"

"paid for" or "paid up"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases paid for is used

I paid for something I can't get.

Hey, its paid for, what are they.

They not paid for by the employer.

Think carefully before you switch to a ' paid for ' current account with a monthly fee.

I feel your pain about not getting paid for the music you use to put food on the table.

They are only legally ' bound ' to provide the service for you -IF- you have paid for it.

Have you paid for the DLC yet? No, therefore, they are not ' legally bound ' to provide you with even a texture file.

After having tried many paid for anti virus programmes I decided to give this one a go before paying for another one.

Is this legal? Is this an impeachable offense? If they are investigating who paid for the exile of the State Senators.

In 19% of cases paid up is used

I say all this as a paid up member.

It has a paid up capital of AED 150 Million.

Ltd -- Real estate, Paid Up Share Capital Rs.

As a paid up member of the club you are putting your own hard earned money into the club.

There is a difference between being a press secretary and being a paid up supporter of a party.

Sorry to inform you ' richtea-oclock ', but you are now a paid up member of our ' anti Wales ' club.

Only exception is where directors of one company taken together have less than 2 % of paid up capital of another company.

O The present requirement of having managing director/whole time director in a pubic company with a paid up capital of Rs.

The bank started operations in March 1972 with an authorised capital of Tk 50 million and paid up capital of Tk 10 million.

They may also appoint another person to vote on their behalf by proxy provided that the proxy is also a paid up Member of Twende.

In 8% of cases paid to is used

Nearly 90 % of the money has been paid to the Builder.

If you are being paid to do this job then do it properly.

Even we can't get the payment from the Paid To Click Sites.

After that stay in your decision to choose whatever you like, from the paid to the free.

How much you can make with each Paid To Click program can vary but most offer between $0.

Now, though, too little focus in paid to encouraging creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

What is Paid To Click Websites? Paid To Click, or simply PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers.

The reason it's widely popular to my readers is just because all of the Paid To Click sites pay the money using AlertPay.

The paid to Click Advisor wants you to be successful online and not be taken by new sites that are here today and gone tomorrow.

In 5% of cases paid by is used

Turns out he over paid by $150.

Oh, I like the paid by the word thing.

Wisconsin state workers are paid by the state of Wisconsin.

It was supposed to be paid by mid Jan, but ya can't pay a bill when you haven't been issued one.

Little Joe says: It is simply immoral to allow this funding to occur and should be a paid by union members.

On the front of the Order (Bill of Lading ), check off the Paid by Meter box and enter the total meter amount.

Now I see the grap that going to paid by this big bill and most of it graft and corruption just like I figured it would be.

Samantha says: 10:06am 01/02/12 Wake Up, TChong also says he has no political affliation yet he is paid by the ALP to spin.

The deposit and application fee can by paid by credit card (Visa/Mastercard) and must be made in full before start of the course.

Such services are liable to be taxed on reverse charge basis from 1st July, 2012 and therefore, tax is to paid by the service recipient i.

In 5% of cases paid in is used

Ireland's share of the paid in capital is 1.

We also asked for it to paid in direct to account.

It has 500 billion in funds with paid in capital of 80 billion.

I am going to add a simple tag tied to the cross with ribbon with the paid in full message.

I think 1/2 paid in cash between her Dad &; me &; 1/2 in student loans that my daughter took out.

In such cases, the unpaid interest is capitalized and added to the principal balance once per year.

But because they collect just eight cents of every tax dollar paid in Canada, cities can not meet the challenge on their own.

Capital Stock -- the portion of the paid in capital representing the total par or stated value of the shares of stock issued.

You have two payment options: Fixed Monthly Payment Option -You will pay a fixed amount each month until your loans are paid in full.

The Treaty provides that the ESM will have total capital of 700 billion composed of 80 billion of paid in capital with the remaining 620 billion as callable capital.

In 2% of cases paid of is used

It must justify the cost of living, inflation and able to benchmark the paid of outside taxis job.

Earlier a paid of Gharial was present in Kanpur zoo but during last winter season, one female died of old age.

Finally the proposal was approved by Chief Wildlife Warden for sending a paid of Gharial to Kanpur Zoological Centre.

The Government has to raise more revenue - it requires a very sensitive paid of hands at the tiller to make sure this economy doesn't dive.

If you have a paid of foundry's and are looking to configure stickied load balanced HTTP servers, hopefully this guide will provide some assistance.

However the moment I am in the door I am in ' loungewear ' (as primarni calls it) which is normally a paid of fleecy PJ bottoms and one of Sams T shirts or shirts.

In 1% of cases paid at is used

And, of course, there is the uncertainty of not being paid at some point in the future.

Unions have got to stop insisting on $35 an hour to do a task that should be a paid at $10.

Investment of general legacy, to be paid at future time: disposal of intermediate interest 342.

The Present Value of a future payment thus represents the amount that I would accept today in lieu of that dollar paid at some point in the future.

In 1% of cases paid on is used

Tens of thousands of HSE workers have not been paid on time.

I'd also a paid on call firefighter for Resort-Bear Creek Fire &; Rescue.

If you have heard of paid on the internet survey websites, I am positive you've heard that you really should be leery of them.

In 1% of cases paid per is used

Most of the paid per post marketplaces changed the review structure so the review will look like an original post.

In 1% of cases paid with is used

One client in particular often replies by email and says something along the lines of ' Paid with Pleasure.

Many who had sustained various degrees of injuries through Road accidents for example paid with their lives because they were not able to pay upfront for the medical care they so much deserved.

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