Prepositions after "overrun"

"overrun by" or "overrun with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 45% of cases overrun by is used
    Your midfield was over-run by two beast in Essien and Ramires.
    The Post reports that costs for Canada's gun registry have overrun by a factor of 500.
    Libya's still lawless streets have been overrun by a hodge-podge of Islamist and tribal militias.
    The garage of cars and gadgets is like something out of Iron Man - overrun by a couple of big kids.
    During the waning years of the 9th century, the Tahirid Empire was being overrun by the Brassworker.
    Previous owners of Skipton Castle were over-run by the Scots but this was not going to happen to them.
    Inevitably, the liberal democracy must jettison its egalitarian charter or face being overrun by illiberal peoples.
    Situated at an ancient crossroads where the Esker Way and the Shannon intersect, Clonmacnoise is not overrun by tourists.
    The ballooning hotspot, not surprisingly, is Rajasthan, the state that? s overrun by tourists who head there for its rich historical legacies.
    Chelsea's midfield was overrun by Toni Kroos and Bastian Schweinsteiger but Lampard sacrificed his attacking instincts to try to keep them out.

    In 32% of cases overrun with is used
    The track is rather overrun with weeds.
    Your city and your state are overrun with illegal immigrants.
    A shuttered strip club called Looney Tunes is now overrun with stray cats.
    There was no one watching the door and the place was overrun with young punks.
    While it had its charm, I felt it was overrun with tourists and didn't have the beauty of Chania.
    The town seems to be overrun with restaurants, including the exotic sounding La Barca, Luchy and El Malecon restaurants.
    Unlike the west, which is over-run with would-be screenwriters, many places in Asia have television and film industries but lack screenwriters.
    Despite all of their criticisms and mistakes, i genuinely believe, that if it were not for the Pakistan Army and the ISI, this country would be overrun with these hooligans.
    It is also a fact according to many eyewitnesses (including Parham) that Azusa was overrun with spiritualist mediums and hypnotists who were attracted to the Azusa manifestations.
    He lives in Japan, speaks fluent Japanese, and has become one of the leading voices offering a hopeful perspective in a field that is almost completely overrun with ' doom and gloom '.

    In 7% of cases overrun for is used
    Reading surged into a four-goal lead, yet soon found themselves largely overrun for the best part of an hour.
    Meanwhile the nuclear industry had already experienced a $100 billion cost overrun for the first 75 reactors built in the U.
    Where will the goals come from? Despite being overrun for most of the game, HJK can take heart from their performance with an injury/suspension-cut squad.

    In 5% of cases overrun in is used
    But last season, we saw glimpses of him losing that spark; too often he was overrun in the centre of midfield, too often, he went missing.

    In 5% of cases overrun on is used
    The continental mind is set on allowing itself to be overrun on many enforced politically correct issues.

    In 4% of cases overrun at is used
    Vidic had to handle a lot of space, since it looked like United's midfield was overrun at times.

    In 2% of cases overrun without is used
    So effective had been the bombardment that initial objectives on the heights overlooking the beaches were overrun without difficulty.

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