Prepositions after "outspoken"

"outspoken about", "outspoken on" or "outspoken in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases outspoken about is used

I love how he's outspoken about it.

Wish he was more outspoken about his talents.

Be outspoken about your abilities in this are.

And Robinson himself was also outspoken about his sexuality and sexual politics.

That is unless the opponents continue to be outspoken about it like they were today.

He was outspoken about the ' Family Compact ', the upper crust of Canada's government.

Councilor John Ricky Minton has been outspoken about what he says are illegal gas price practices in the area.

Some people really REALLY won't like the work you do, and will have no problems being very outspoken about it.

In my approach letter I was totally outspoken about my sense of Schank's work as ' on target ' in a unique way.

The families have been outspoken about the injustice of these tactics and the prosecutions that they have spawned.

In 27% of cases outspoken in is used

I regret not being more outspoken in 2001-02.

He was just too outspoken in his work for justice.

Students at Oswego have been outspoken in their support.

Katju who has always been outspoken in venting his thoughts unmindful of criticisms.

Jewish leaders need to be bold and outspoken in restoring civility in our discourse.

Other kids are more needy, more in need of assistance, more outspoken in the setting.

Mr Phillips has been outspoken in his defence of human rights law even when they conflict with religious beliefs.

What would you explain spurred you to be outspoken in this manner? You manage information if you have information.

There has been the issue of same-sex marriage and Ben and Jerry's has been publically outspoken in support of that.

In 17% of cases outspoken on is used

He was very outspoken on this issue.

I have been outspoken on the issue of immigration.

Sergiy Stakhovsky has been very outspoken on the issues.

So Bloomberg was outspoken on gun control and an avowed advocate of same-sex marriage.

The same fate befell a senior police officer who was outspoken on the evils of speeding.

Obama to be more outspoken on black issues, black elites parrot campaign talking points.

Likewise, local residents and those that frequent Goodman's Bay have grown increasingly outspoken on the project.

He was outspoken on corruption and ready to take to task anyone he suspected on this vice, including the president.

The toxicologists at the University should be outspoken on fluoridation; I am not aware that they are doing anything.

Though theologically conservative he has been an outspoken on social justice issues normally associated with the left.

In 8% of cases outspoken against is used

He has been especially outspoken against U.

He has been outspoken against a mandate from the U.

Congressman from Ohio who is very outspoken against war.

Re-elected as MP for Wallasey in May, she has been outspoken against spending cuts.

When I saw RP in the 2007 debates I was stunned to see someone so outspoken against war.

But Saudi royals grew increasingly wary of him as he became more outspoken against the government.

I have been active online since 1999 and am known for being outspoken against spam and bad business practices.

Quincy Murphy, who is as outspoken against Amendment 1 as Jones, counts the NEA as one of his 20-largest donors.

Despite the more liberal views of Christians, the clergy have been particularly outspoken against voluntary euthanasia.

We are also expecting the president of the parliament Mohamed Magariaf who has been quite outspoken against the Islamists.

In 4% of cases outspoken of is used

One of the most outspoken of the Union men was John S.

Mervyn King is one of the more outspoken of the bourgeois economists.

One of the most outspoken of the new breed of playwrights was Sha Yexin.

He has been outspoken of the need for the country to finally deliver and win its.

And one of the most outspoken of all of these leaders has been Morgan Stanley's CEO James Gorman.

As outspoken of a support of Obama that I am on YT, I don't take joy in watching these people have their man get defeated.

The most outspoken of the CIA critics at the magazine was not a Communist but a former Green Beret veteran, Donald Duncan.

John Ogden, a trustee of Great Barrier Island Charitable Trust, was probably the most outspoken of the opposition, in attendance.

With limited exceptions, even the most outspoken of Saudi women activists are keen to retain the link with Islam and the application of sharia in the governance of Saudi Arabia's public affairs.

In 3% of cases outspoken for is used

He found out that she was very outspoken for a girl her age.

His cousin, Sari, was beautiful, though plump, and quite outspoken for a Muslim woman.

It had been modest enough in California, but was a little outspoken for Boston, I found.

He seems a little too outspoken for the classic double-bluff role sometimes ascribed to him.

My father has told me that being outspoken for a girl is 3abe(shameful) and looked down upon.

Samia Qazi will be targeted by the Taliban because they will find her too well-educated and too outspoken for a woman.

What made you guys decide to start the Ally coalition? We've been fairly outspoken for some time, supportive of human rights.

The Awami League MPs were outspoken for this scheme at parliament too disregarding the previous disputes and the PM's commitments.

With his tax case on the horizon, what happens if gets convicted? Do they look for someone else? Brian Clough was thought to be too outspoken for the position.

In 2% of cases outspoken at is used

More than that-be outspoken at every turn.

I've been quite outspoken at times, I just post the truth as I know/lived it.

I expect the religious leaders to be extremely outspoken at corruption, but they won't.

The former President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed was outspoken at international forums on climate change.

I have a blog (yes, a Google one!) which allows me a level of anonymity - I can be outspoken at times, and the ability to say what is really on my mind is important.

Cofounder Trevor Newell was outspoken at the Mesh Marketing Conference Wednesday on a panel that also featured Beyond the Rack's Yona Shtern and Frank &; Oak's Hicham Ratnani.

In 2% of cases outspoken with is used

I think you're confusing outspoken with loud, arrogant and obnoxious.

For his sake, this post does not name him although he is outspoken with his peers and community.

It is quite out of character for Pat to be so outspoken with the players, but it shows how passionate he is about the club.

While some fans have been very outspoken with their opinion on the new hair, calling it crazy, some are saying they love it.

I send kudos to him for being outspoken with his anxiety but my job would fire me if I didn't come to work - there is no D-League in real life.

As I am not one of the system that is wide spread in this country, I have had undue attention directed at me for being outspoken with the truth.

Despite this the Bishop has continued to be outspoken with his concerns and recommendations, the Bishop being one of the few lone voices coming from the Tamil homeland.

In 1% of cases outspoken like is used

I was athletic, outgoing and outspoken like him, a fighter.

If a few hundreds of them would have become outspoken like the pious soul, Mr.

In 1% of cases outspoken over is used

She has begun pretty outspoken over the whole inequality of the holiday.

The Reds have been publicly outspoken over LaRussa's choices, which is unusual.

It is refreshing to see someone so outspoken over her verbal deficits and poke fun at her in other areas too.

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