Prepositions after "outsource"

outsource to, in, by, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases outsource to is used
    A lot of the weaving is outsourced to weavers who work from home.
    Increasingly these jobs have been outsourced to developing countries.
    They then outsource to China, cut their labor costs to 10% and import here.
    Not a few of online English teaching jobs in Korea are outsourced to the Philippines.
    In oil &; gas, as with everywhere else, there has been a trend of outsourcing to India.
    It's basically as though Wal-Mart ran the world, with food services outsourced to McDonald's.
    The massive majority of people that responded to it do not think council services should be outsourced to a private company.
    They don't want to outsource to a telemarketing agency because their product or service is too complex for an agency to grasp.
    Nearly 50% of US based airlines maintenance is outsourced to MROs and 45% of military maintenance is outsourced to civilian MROs.
    So Australia not merely now has a sectarian visa process, its administration has been outsourced to ecclesiastical officials in other countries.

    In 11% of cases outsource in is used
    The study also provides a general overview of the current activities and issues related to ICT outsourcing in the country.
    The sense of outsourcing in our podcasts: We got a great girl on our team and what she does is she listens to these podcasts and creates notes on them and that's what the blog posts are.

    In 6% of cases outsource by is used
    It's about a failure of outsourcing, in this case outsourcing by Newsnight to the Bureau.
    The actual investigation work for the Newsnight's piece was outsourced by them the The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
    This is one place where the onslaught of Bain ads had an effect, because so much local manufacturing has been outsourced by big-promising high-finance guys over the past three decades.

    In 3% of cases outsource as is used
    They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers ' healthcare and pay.
    We can dominate over the world through outsourcing as well as make contribution to the economic progress of our country.

    In 3% of cases outsource at is used
    Even if you can not afford outsourcing at the moment, you can plan for it or start on a limited basis.

    In 3% of cases outsource of is used
    Conditions have worsened in the past decade as outsourcing of labour became widespread.
    Since Monday, July 18, 2011, the University, having phased out outsourcing of security work, embarked on a massive training about 400, including supervisors and rank and file patrolmen.

    In 2% of cases outsource from is used
    Anything I recommend to you will 100% be what I use myself including software and outsources from the Philippines, India and the UK.

    In 2% of cases outsource outside is used
    It is time to cut down on the number of jobs that are outsourced outside Africa.

    In 2% of cases outsource until is used
    They actually had their search services outsourced until 2002, when they started to really work on their search engine.

    In 2% of cases outsource with is used
    outsource with 20 years of local experience.

    In 2% of cases outsource within is used
    For example, if the total cost is $100,000, the company, by outsourcing within America, would only pay $90,000.

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