Prepositions after "oust"

"oust from" or "oust by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases oust from is used
    Tiger guerrillas were ousted from here last year.
    The Taliban was ousted from power in December 2001 by the U.
    This led to certain groups dissenting and being ousted from the Jamaat Khaana.
    The Grandmother was ousted from her shrine at Bari, which became the center of the Nicholas cult.
    Tension Head, got ousted from the band by the same man he'd been playing with since the late 80s.
    Top But there are in fact 15 million illegal aliens you can't oust from America or you're a racist.
    There has never been any dispute as to who incorporated the island, even after WW2 when Japan was ousted from Guam.
    At the company he founded after being ousted from Apple, Jobs was able to indulge all of his instincts, both good and bad.
    This unit is tight, disciplined and extremely gifted, yet since Oliveri got ousted from the band, they've also lost a bit of their edge.
    Yakubu Gowon from Plateau State toppled Ironsi's regime and ruled from July 29, 1966 to 1975 when he was ousted from power by Murtala Muhammed.

    In 24% of cases oust by is used
    Carto was ousted by IHR's board of directors in September 1993 after the staff complained, among other things, of Mr.
    Malema who was ousted by the ANC leadership early this year, said he will never run away from problems he is facing in South Africa and was in Zimbabwe to gain strength.
    Instead, the army would like to see the present PPP government be ousted by the Supreme Court, to be followed by an interim government that would oversee general elections.

    In 17% of cases oust in is used
    Two Democratic former representatives who were ousted in 2010, Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema, also clung to narrow leads Wednesday.
    Afghanistan's Taliban regime - notorious for its oppression of women in the country - was ousted in 2001, but extreme violence against women is still rife.
    Holt III September 17, 2012, 9:55 am 9:55 am If the Obama administration can't figure out this was planned ahead of time, they deserve to be ousted in November.
    The 24th District, which includes Syracuse, Ann Marie Buerkle, a first-term Republican, was ousted in a tight race by the same Democrat she unseated, Dan Maffei.
    One month and two days after independence, Zanzibar's new government, headed by Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah, was ousted in a bloody revolution on 12 January 1964.

    In 3% of cases oust on is used
    Mr Ben Ali was ousted on 14 January after weeks of popular protest and fled to Saudi Arabia.
    Gotti Tedeschi was ousted on Thursday after a no-confidence vote by the board for allegedly failing to clean up the image of the bank and has also been named as a possible source of leaked.

    In 2% of cases oust before is used
    No doubt, part of the motivation behind the rush was to have Lugo ousted before Paraguay's UNASUR peers could convene for consultations and decide on a set of measures in his support.

    In 2% of cases oust during is used
    He was ousted during the Orange Revolution, initiated by Tymoshenko.

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