Prepositions after "ordinary"

"ordinary in" or "ordinary for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases ordinary in is used

It's not ordinary in that sense.

The sides were ordinary in the extreme.

It was out of the ordinary in every way.

Only thing is seeing how awesome Mari's version is mine looks ordinary in comparison.

Do you expect any improvement from seam bowlers? Were terribly ordinary in this test.

Like the Earth itself, the Moon is unique in some ways and rather ordinary in others.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, however, tomb of many great companions of Prophet Muhammad is beyond ordinary in look.

Its noise is rated at 80 db and that is almost ordinary in comparison with other models, yet not as quiet as some.

The 376 balls Faf faced gutted them and eventually they all looked so ordinary in the presence of a batting giant.

Apparently that's now a banned word -- along with a lexicon of other terms that were quite ordinary in my childhood.

In 19% of cases ordinary for is used

Turn to the ordinary for inspiration.

It's not out of the ordinary for Steve.

Nothing out of the ordinary for me to afford.

That's warm, to be sure, but not out of the ordinary for processor-intensive tasks.

Each time that, on the days designated by the local ordinary for the Year of Faith,.

I challenge you to get out tomorrow and do something out of the ordinary for yourself.

That is very popular and ordinary for students to make money by doing some part-time job in college and university.

Speaking and hearing the language is something out of the ordinary for me and I want to keep up my language skills.

This kind of thing is ordinary for many websites, and is something that should be considered before signing up for.

It was not therefore out of the ordinary for him to congratulate the Chuo Kikuu police 216 for the arrests they made.

In 11% of cases ordinary of is used

Cotton, the Ordinary of Newgate.

I made entries on the most ordinary of days.

She'd find the magic in the most ordinary of situations.

Ukwuoma becomes the New Shepherd and the Local Ordinary of the Catholic Diocese of Orlu.

The Kyriale? The Kyriale is a collection of Gregorian chant settings for the Ordinary of the Mass.

It is precisely then that great acts of courage, love and compassion are performed by the most ordinary of people.

This was a project of Bishop Jean-Michel di Falco, ordinary of the diocese of Gap (not related to the clothing store).

But the point was, the King as Supreme Ordinary of his Kingdom, to whom the bishops are subject, does in Council order.

The ordinary of which you speak, is that which is around us everyday and is made to seem ordinary only by its familiarity.

In 11% of cases ordinary to is used

It's so ordinary to me now that it's tedious.

Your life goes from ordinary to extraordinary.

But they don't seem all that out of the ordinary to us.

It's supposed to have a colonial feel to it, but to be honest it felt pretty ordinary to me.

Today, do not allow your relationship with the Creator of all things to become ordinary to you.

The God who turned ordinary fishermen to fishers of men still turns the ordinary to extraordinary.

Many icons of modern furniture design have become so commonplace and ordinary to us that we take them for granted.

They'll make you feel more ordinary than you already feel -- and look more ordinary to the guy you set your sights on.

So what makes a picture frame- worthy? Here are 5 things that take a photograph from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

These Nurses are the local residents of the Islands and hails from families having ordinary to poor financial background.

In 6% of cases ordinary with is used

They seem so ordinary with huge talent.

The mask sure look ordinary with film protection.

Our life is just ordinary with small ups and downs.

There isn't anything out of the ordinary with the design.

None of these ordinary things were ever ordinary with her.

There isn? t anything out of the ordinary with the design.

He is so unexpected, so out of the ordinary with his zingers.

National players also perform like ordinary with no motivation.

How good it felt simply to be ordinary with no pressure to be better.

In 5% of cases ordinary about is used

There is nothing ordinary about it.

There was nothing ordinary about Jesus of Nazareth.

But there's nothing ordinary about the Miyawaki place.

There is a delightful eccentricity of the ordinary about Harding and his friends.

He had got wind of the fact that there was something out of the ordinary about him.

There's really nothing ordinary about all the lawn care/dry cleaners/housekeepers of the world.

But there was nothing ordinary about the subject of this case, which Human Rights Watch worked hard to make a reality.

There is nothing extra ordinary about the rides in them except that once you are on the deck, you don't want the journey to end.

All this meant there was nothing out of the ordinary about the gale in progress that morning as the Wahine came across Cook Strait.

Standing to my left was a man, nothing particularly out of the ordinary about him but I got an awful vibe and fear ran down my spine.

In 4% of cases ordinary at is used

He took his ordinary at a boilingcook's N 1.

They're special, but ordinary at the same time.

Cowan is very ordinary at nine and even their defence looked poor.

Shirley Conran, novelist I was considered ordinary at school, by myself and everyone else.

I wanted to talk about how everybody actually is exceptional and ordinary at the same time.

This company only helps people who are looking for someone extraordinary and ordinary at the same time.

In a purely theoretical sense, rewarding the ordinary at the expense of quality is arguable, but that's another debate.

Posted by portman on (August 09 2012, 09:04 AM GMT) We certainly are pretty ordinary at the moment, particularly the batting.

And, obviously, it explains why nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary at the time this was all supposed to have happened.

Peter O'Donohue - The Royal College Of Arms Is the current Bluemantle Pursuivant of arms in Ordinary at the College of Arms London.

In 4% of cases ordinary on is used

The cause was heard by the Judge Ordinary on the 20th of January, 1866.

Nothing at all out of the ordinary on my SF86 and submitted Oct of 2011.

For the Messenger is no ordinary person, though he appears to be ordinary on the outside.

Dinner in the West was sumpuous and we had many choices for breakfast outside of the ordinary on offer.

If so you probably never even consider cupcakes as something out of the ordinary on a vintage tea table.

Yet despite the pervasiveness of death -- or perhaps because of it -- funerals are anything but ordinary on this continent.

She has previously performed with the Musicians In Ordinary on rebec, and frequently translates French songs for their programs.

They have probably been the backbone of that team for a long time and to say they looked ordinary on Friday night is a compliment.

Knock, without a doubt, he did at the doorway, but not with undoubtedly one of these light raps that's ordinary on like instances.

There was nothing out of the ordinary on my map about it, so my brain assumed ' center ' as in a building or government department.

In 3% of cases ordinary as is used

Experience the ordinary as a wondrous thing.

Firstly as the ordinary magnified to an extreme degree, the ordinary as an extra-mundanity.

In the final book of the series, Bella, clumsy and ordinary as a human, finally becomes a vampire herself.

Many of these problems arise in ordinary as well as in more scientific discussions of and thought about the social realm.

The following small compared to ordinary as well as interesting product can be achieved different solutions, while metal clasps can be usual.

If perhaps they are even more of a strong unusual, look at something which matches that will interest in the out of the ordinary as well as weird.

You may think that something as seemingly ordinary as a crayfish isn't interesting, but we shot them at a scale that would make them 12 feet long as seen on your 3D TV.

In a related development, Ng said the selection of the venue for the convention is nothing out of the ordinary as the party's CEC has decided on the venue since the middle of the year.

In 3% of cases ordinary by is used

It was not an ordinary style and even become extra ordinary by her dressing style.

In doing so, you've generously allowed us a peek at a life less ordinary by many standards.

The new stars, coming out to strut their stuff, looked a little mere and ordinary by comparison.

At 2 scoops I can honestly say I felt nothing out of the ordinary by way of increased focus or energy.

Kerry, the aristocrats of Gaelic football, were made to look ordinary by Donegal's well-structured defence.

If someone is giving extra ordinary performance you have to treat him extra ordinary by rewarding accordingly.

He forces his audience to reconsider the ordinary by delving past the surface and into deeper territory and themes.

But Gunatilake, with no reason, was made to look ordinary by the selectors who dropped him during the ASIAD in 1988.

Blessing: May you die alive and finish being ordinary by making the sanskars of uniqueness (specialties) your own nature.

He was awarded Banker Extra Ordinary by the University of Ibadan, Man of Achievement by the Corporate Press Services Ltd.

In 3% of cases ordinary into is used

Turning the ordinary into the overblown.

It instantly turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Rituals transform something ordinary into something sacred.

Spirituality should transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

It is the spark that makes the ordinary into something incredible.

Camp aims to transform the ordinary into something more spectacular.

What turns the ordinary into extraordinary is the extra you put into it.

However, he often rewrites things and turns the ordinary into something poetic and that is the real beauty of it.

Few of them had great sweeper and imaging packages that were the ' makeup ' that turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

A-frame studios mean slanting ceilings -- a wonderful architectural detail that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

In 2% of cases ordinary from is used

Altered versions of them also work for distinguishing ordinary from raised objects.

He didn; t appear to have anything out of the ordinary from what i could see today.

These are the two key tests to be used in distinguishing ordinary from raised subjects.

But it is difficult to disentangle the ordinary from the extraordinary in this household.

Waiyaki is trying to build an ordinary from fragments whose edges he dare not understand.

They looked ordinary from the outside, but inside they were stuffed with minced pork and prawns.

I do not see anything out of the ordinary from the Gold Cycle, actually quite the opposite in fact.

This should have been a wake up call for us as the service, other than from the Sommellier, was very ordinary from then on.

Wow, really, absolutely fantastic! Another project that looks great from the air and utterly, utterly ordinary from the ground.

An exclusive address or landmark location plays a key role in distinguishing the ordinary from the extraordinary when it comes to first impressions.

In 1% of cases ordinary after is used

We'd be doing such humdrum things and then Mario Lanza would come on and humdrum didn't seem so ordinary after all.

However, it had to be a love story, so she fell in love, and I found that she became profoundly ordinary after that.

In 1% of cases ordinary against is used

Alex Ferguson's teams have been made to look very ordinary against Barca recently.

That said they do usually roll over for Utd but you never know -- Jonny Evans looked decidedely ordinary against Zamora, hopefully Samba will put him into councelling.

Bute looked very ordinary against Grachev and did nothing to overly impress where as Froch looked in amazing condition as always and was relentless in his attack which Mack had no answer to.

He was anything but ordinary against the Bengals, rushing for 109 yards and scoring two touchdowns, one of them on a 23-yard reception on which several Cincinnati players seemed afraid to hit him.

In 1% of cases ordinary like is used

Interior is so ordinary like tempo.

This smart phone is not ordinary like other phone.

There were a few things out of the ordinary like high cholesterol and very high iron levels.

Kids these days need heroes to look up to, people who were ordinary like them but lived extraordinary lives, because of their faith.

It is not only praying but we can include it in our daily chores which are ordinary like sweeping the floor can become extraordinary.

Like I would be doing something ordinary like walking, making a meal or working (typing, thank goodness, not coaching or training) and there was the face -- bam.

In all honestly, the original name might well have been Derek or something ordinary like that, but here's to bad translations upping the exotic and mysterious factors.

The bad principle is the source of all evil; natural phenomena, either ordinary like the growth of plants, or extraordinary as earthquakes, likewise moral disorders (war ), must be attributed to him.

In 1% of cases ordinary without is used

Portugal would just be ordinary without him.

Vanilla - Plain and ordinary without any extras.

Even defoe looked ordinary without better players in the team.

The Pumpkin Pie may look ordinary without the strips of chocolate and berries, but it was surprisingly aromatic and not too sweet for my tastebuds.

It is something that combines the ordinary and the extraordinary and it is impossible to distinguish the extraordinary from the ordinary without extraordinary consciousness.

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