Prepositions after "ordain"

"ordain by", "ordain in" or "ordain for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 30% of cases ordain by is used
    Order is not ordained by god; Order is a created fiction by men.
    Does Jesus or any Apostle ordained by Him direct this school? No.
    In 1996 he was ordained by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and founded Beyt Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisco.
    Farima, 17, had resisted her engagement to Zabiullah since it was ordained by her grandfather when she was 9.
    The Mormons have never said tht Joseph Smith was wrong about or that it was not a practice ordained by God (or their God).
    They are Christians that were ordained by God to bestow capitalism on the globe and defeat the evil **27;1773;TOOLONG regimes of the world -- except when they are friendly to us.

    In 23% of cases ordain for is used
    Qada means what Allah has ordained for all the world.
    This He has ordained for you that you may become pious.
    But whatever God has ordained for the consummation of this adoption in us, it is, in respect to that adoption, not a means but a necessary adjunct or consectary.

    In 16% of cases ordain in is used
    He was ordained in China in 1880.
    He was ordained in the United States in1936.
    Francis was ordained in 2009 and served in the PGH until May 2011.
    Bishop Morgan was ordained in 1934 in Melbourne by Archbishop Mannix.
    He studied theology and the Chinese language and was ordained in 1886.
    The priest, who was ordained in 1986, is identified in the lawsuit only as Father X.
    ordained in 1374, he became prior of the Dominican house in Valencia five years later.
    ordained in 1977, Delmer has served parishes in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.
    I am not asking whether you went to a Bible college or whether you were an elder in one church or whether you were ordained in America or by the greatest archbishop on the planet.

    In 9% of cases ordain to is used
    I suppose that I was ordained to this very office in that Grand Council.
    See? All right, He had to stay there, because He came to die for those that God had ordained to Eternal Life.

    In 8% of cases ordain as is used
    Eventually he was ordained as a deacon, then priest and finally as a bishop.
    In late 1972 he went to Sri Lanka, where he was ordained as a Buddhist monk under the late Ven.
    He was ordained as a Deacon aged 19 -- at a time when Deacons were supposed to be 25 or over -- and a priest aged 30.

    In 4% of cases ordain on is used
    He was ordained on 16 August 1969.
    Only seven months after taking first vows he was ordained on 24 May 1567.

    In 1% of cases ordain from is used
    They are ordained from amongst their people.

    In 1% of cases ordain of is used
    It was the trial ordained of old to all our priests.

    In 1% of cases ordain through is used
    Next together with each other of females and they footwear can be as while it were definitely ordained through the gods more than.

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