Prepositions after "orchestrate"

orchestrate by, from, in, against or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 68% of cases orchestrate by is used
    In democracy, public demonstrations are hardly orchestrated by governments; they are spontaneous.
    The Gulf war and Margaret Thatcher's resignation were both orchestrated by Bilderberg, he told us.
    Everything he speaks is scripted and all his movements are orchestrated by the strings of his master.
    This is mass genocide and social collapse orchestrated by the Vatican priest class and the Rothschilds.
    McInerney acted as a banker for fraudulent share sales orchestrated by Tomas Wilmot, Kevin Wilmot, and Christopher Wilmot.
    On Monday I found myself again hoping that this handover proves a failure because it has been orchestrated by the Americans.
    It is a political movement orchestrated by RSS and BJP, cleverly playing on the issue, conveniently forgetting their record.
    His resolve may have been bolstered or orchestrated by Woodside, who had returned to Dawson City after his military service.
    The massacres were deliberately planned and orchestrated by key Intelligence and military forces within the Western alliance.
    Instead of presenting a plan orchestrated by political stages, it has imagined the possibility of solving the problem region by region.

    In 8% of cases orchestrate from is used
    Its main features are regulation and harmonisation orchestrated from above, and the birth of supranationalism.

    In 7% of cases orchestrate in is used
    But, the Catholic change is well orchestrated in terms of the past traditions.
    The film and it's presentation, is, in my opinion, is carefully orchestrated in such a way to prevent critical thought and promote emotional reaction.

    In 3% of cases orchestrate against is used
    Too much of overprotesting is being orchestrated against Ram Jethmalani for his alleged comments on Lord Ram, etc etc.

    In 3% of cases orchestrate at is used
    Plonsky and others continue to wait for results similar to what Goestenkors orchestrated at Duke, where she was 396-99 and made four trips to the Final Four in 15 seasons.

    In 2% of cases orchestrate as is used
    The late-night remarks were orchestrated as a sequel to Romney's convention speech in Tampa, Fla, with a long list of GOP heavyweights speaking before Romney.

    In 2% of cases orchestrate on is used
    Well, we all know what catastrophic distraction was orchestrated on September 11th 2001.

    In 2% of cases orchestrate through is used
    Of course, making a successful transition to an IT environment that can flexibly provisioned and orchestrated through a service catalogue is not without its challenges.

    In 2% of cases orchestrate with is used
    Sounds like a repeat of what they orchestrated with the killing of Osama bin Laden (who was already dead since 2001).

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