Prepositions after "optional"

"optional on" or "optional for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases optional on is used

Helmets are optional on the island.

Posted by Optional on 26/07/2010 at 03:37 hi.

Lol Posted by Optional on 19/12/2011 at 05:22 I am a sexually active 17 year old girl.

Posted by Optional on 17/02/2011 at 02:44 I mean I am still struggling with the piles.

Optional on the GL is the On and Off Road Package with no less than six driving modes.

Posted by Optional on 06/04/2011 at 08:17 I am 45 and I noticed about 3 months ago that I had numbness in my legs.

Posted by Optional on 26/05/2012 at 10:16 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the beginning of last year.

Posted by Optional on 10/05/2010 at 11:09 my husband has recently gone through a piles operation by stapling method.

I'd going mad! Posted by Optional on 03/04/2011 at 07:42 i have a white hole in my tongue, i have no tongue piercings.

In 23% of cases optional for is used

This is optional for the course.

College was never optional for me.

SAT is optional for IB Diploma holders.

Additionally, advanced imaging technology screening is optional for all passengers.

EBay's Feed service, which is optional for users, launched on Wednesday on eBay's U.

In other words, the application of section 82C may be made optional for the assessee.

It follows a decision by Labour to make languages optional for 14-year-olds in England for the first time in 2004.

For geared riders, a clutch based rear derailer makes a chain guide up front optional for some riders and terrain.

This regulation in fact contains the procedures of blocking information but left them as optional for member states.

The one-and-half day training workshop includes half a day media visit which is optional for students under 14(KS3).

In 11% of cases optional in is used

A cassette player was optional in some cars.

Your branding should be optional in the Pro version.

It is mandated in some states and optional in others.

Personal Injury Protection: This is mandated in some states and is optional in others.

Personal Injury Protection: This is required in some states and is optional in others.

The bills mandated end of life counseling (it was not described as optional in the bill.

As I undertand it, omitting the name of the part is not a question of part names being optional in any/every case.

Buyer Agency Contracts are optional in BC, personally, I won't show properties after the first meeting without one.

OPTIONAL COURSES Apart from the core courses, students are to complete a number of courses, which are optional in nature.

He also stated that present provision being optional in nature it may not yield better result in resolving civil disputes.

In 3% of cases optional to is used

So your reaction is completely optional to this.

Gifts - wedding gifts are optional to all of your guests.

The voltage is optional to different sorts of compressors.

Many services have optional charges, which may not seem all that optional to parents.

D is as under: a) The entry test is optional to **39;2006;TOOLONG for BS Program as well as for MA/M.

And in case you are wondering, in BOTH cases, religion is completely optional to the parties involved.

Naturally, clicking the link was optional to my readers, and was not in the way of enjoying the post for what it was.

Human rights and democracy are optional to hegemons: they matter only where they impact the hegemon's realist interests.

The last person I talked to insisted that it was optional to which I read this answer (found here http: **31;3011;TOOLONG.

The last person I talked to insisted that it was optional to which I read this answer (found here http: **35;6403;TOOLONG.

In 2% of cases optional at is used

It could be optional at the start, i.

It is optional at home with your kids.

The other visit is optional at your choice.

A free personalized greeting card with a handwritten message is optional at checkout.

Add other services like web hosting, antivirus software etc (this is optional at additional cost).

OR -- OPTIONAL at extra charge: Spend this morning tracking the Golden Monkeys, experiencing a different thrill.

Attendance was optional at Kiwitea School on Monday, and only a handful of children, wrapped up warmly, were present.

Only when these steps have been implemented, the question of whether Irish should be optional at Leaving Certificate will be considered.

Of course the argument could be made that your level of engagement will be increased if you do, but it is purely optional at this point.

I have to say, even though I am on the side of making Irish optional at second level, I felt very sorry for the chap, he was crestfallen.

In 2% of cases optional with is used

Optional with Court to hear parties 440.

The exercise of mercy is optional with God.

Match fit is optional with Deans, remember.

Amazon could easily make this optional with a software update, and I hope they do so very soon.

Light-colour wooden flooring and white painted walls and ceiling, complementing the neutral-coloured furniture, which is optional with additional cost.

However it sounds like one receives money instantly with Payoneer and that is a serious advantage! It is also nice how the bank is made optional with Payoneer.

A minimum cardinality of zero on a property just states (in the absence of any more specific information) that the property is optional with respect to a class.

Therefore, it is optional with the intention of you design fine plus decide on a apt cheap life insurance with the intention of settlement your nominees as well as you.

At least the fourth missions are optional with regard to finishing the stories, but you still have to beat at least one hunting stage with a time limit in order to progress.

In 1% of cases optional after is used

It is purely optional after all.

Make Irish optional after Junior Cert.

In one state it is In addition, in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and NSW the ticketing is optional after the first offence.

This trend looks set to accelerate if the government carries out its intention to make foreign languages optional after three years in English state secondary schools.

In 1% of cases optional as is used

Safaris are optional as opposed to the priority here.

It is optional as whether the meat is distributed raw or cooked.

Thing is: most of the outgoings list in this thread so far, if not all, have sounded rather optional as opposed to necessary.

So by giving away the album FREE, I am essentially creating my own currency, because money is obsolete or optional as a currency.

Their former SEO seemed to think paying Google's Webmaster guidelines was merely optional as opposed to essential to achieving long-lasting rankings.

Also, optional as well as automatic controls hinder harmful apps from installing themselves onto the phone and limit the access that the apps have to data on storage.

At the click of a button, you can safely secure your precious backseat passengers by preventing them from opening doors from the inside (optional as part of ' child pack ').

In 1% of cases optional by is used

They are always optional by design.

Another 170,000 people could gain coverage through the law's Medicaid expansion, made optional by the Supreme Court.

Read More PRESS RELEASE: November 28, 2012 -- Unlike car or home insurance, life insurance is considered optional by most people.

SPRING LOADING PNEUMATIC LOADING The standard loading system is spring loading, the pneumatic loading is optional by the customer.

Whilst the Islamic fast in Ramadan has been made optional by the Nation of Islam, it prescribes fasting during the month of December.

At the very least make things optional by default when you don't know the format so states can apply to America and Canada, but not the rest of the world.

Athletics and Swimming (long or short course) are compulsory and the other sports must be chosen from those classed as either core or optional by the CGF.

These instruments apply to the entire EU with the exception of the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and Denmark whose participation is optional by way of opt-in provisions.

In 1% of cases optional depending is used

Also, serum too is optional depending on your needs.

Educating kids is not optional depending on your culture or social class.

A sword is optional depending on the players preferred difficulty settings.

This step is optional depending on the cyanide content of the raw material used.

Anonymous From what I read, that will be optional depending on the time of day or stop.

Again, this pump and box are optional depending on your need and ability to relieve the hydrostatic ground water pressure.

In 1% of cases optional from is used

I would make them optional from 2011/12 or even mandatory from that year.

A more general answer is that I'd prefer licensure be optional from the buyer's perspective.

The decline in secondary school languages followed the decision by Labour in 2002 to make the subject optional from age 14.

A couple of hundred yards further on, there was the council sign post saying clothes were optional from this point onwards.

In 1% of cases optional rather is used

I really don't mind the metro but I'd rather have that be more optional rather than required.

Europe resisted their inclusion within ACTA, resulting in a provision that is optional rather than mandatory.

Besides, with the new K-12 educational alteration, college degree would just be optional rather than highly encouraged.

The goal of retirement planning is to achieve financial independence, so that the need to be gainfully employed is optional rather than a necessity.

From when will Timeline be made compulsory? Facebook Timeline Timeline has been here for quite a long time and so far it has been optional rather than being compulsory.

In discussions with my Consultative Group, the majority favoured the view that the reporting of arrangements to credit reporting agencies should be optional rather than mandatory.

In 1% of cases optional under is used

Local Alcohol Policies are optional under the Bill.

The Act also specifies activities that are optional under the emissions trading scheme.

Jurisprudence and legal theory This course is compulsory under Schemes A, B and F and optional under the Graduate Entry Routes.

The prosecution of war and financial crimes is not optional under the rule of law, but clearly they are completely optional under this and prior regimes.

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