Prepositions after "opposite"

"opposite to" or "opposite in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases opposite to is used

The opposite to an Anticyclone.

It's the opposite to how it was.

Opposite to paper I, Paper II i.

The opposite to this would be a little fairy talking with a tiny high pitched voice.

An opposite to it if she craves for sour then chances of having a baby boy are more.

This, of course, is fundamentally opposite to what dignity means in the modern West.

Opposite to this, dissonance refers to the sensation of ' tension ' or the feeling that something is ' unstable '.

And she definitely acted out any way that was opposite to the way the puritanical parents made the world see them.

It is arguable, in fact, that John is doing almost exactly the opposite to what has been suggested by scholars: i.

This conclusion is completely opposite to the scenarios presented by IPCC (2001, 2007) as illustrated in Figure 3.

In 16% of cases opposite in is used

Quite the opposite in practice.

It's the opposite in Sao Paulo.

Completely the opposite in fact.

Strengthen the ceasefire? Yes Certainly!! But act entirely the opposite in practice.

Unfortunately, the city lifestyle tends to promote quite the opposite in both sexes.

Recent history has proved the opposite in the Diaspora, as I have pointed out above.

It is zero when r is perpendicular to u1u2u, but actually equal, but opposite in sign to the first term if r // u.

Furthermore, the linear momentum of the diver is equal in magnitude to that of the raft but opposite in direction.

Usually the trend is you have a few news channels and the rest are entertainment but it's the opposite in Pakistan.

Quite the opposite in fact, says Stephan Goodhue of Liquid Automation, a specialist in marine audiovisual technology.

In 14% of cases opposite of is used

It is the opposite of aphelion.

It is the opposite of freezing.

Glory is the opposite of shame.

It was such a great experience and so opposite of the commercialism I was expecting.

I usually speak opposite of whats going on inb my life to activate the truth of God.

Recently, I emntioned a Santos Street bar: Honky Tonk opposite of Wild Orchid Resort.

This copy you can find opposite of the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall at Bauddhaloka Mawatha.

Then, throughout your audition, somebody opposite of you will in fact act the function out while you read the side.

In 5% of cases opposite for is used

It is just the opposite for me.

And the opposite for laid back.

It's exactly the opposite for me.

I've been doing the opposite for most of my life - it's a habit I'd trying to break.

While taking the middle road is great for politics, it's the opposite for economics.

To make things worse, his brother Kane requires you to do the opposite for each move.

They way the judges made the meatballs sound like they tasted great, but sorry to say it was the opposite for me.

So while it may signify a blessing to the people, it is quite the opposite for the elephant, having to spend the.

He would tell stories of how he had grown up in poverty in Ireland and how he wanted the complete opposite for me.

We want to Function! Go get ' em! Produce! Just Do It! God's desires may be just the opposite for us, for a season.

In 4% of cases opposite from is used

Pretty much the opposite from Tak Goo.

He can not be opposite from His nature.

Quite the opposite from my PNM last month.

It will surprise no one that this is the opposite from the stance taken by Watson.

The receiver always stands in the service box diagonally opposite from the server.

I, on the other hand was surprised to learn the opposite from his past experiences.

There are certain books, the sensibility is so opposite from your own, there is no hope, you can't read with it.

The public consultation by the council about the Town Hall is quite the opposite from your version of the story.

Located directly opposite from the terminals, passengers could step off an airplane and walk to the hotel lobby.

We also see the moon ' upside down ' so the side which is shining seems the opposite from the Northern Hemisphere.

In 3% of cases opposite with is used

It was the total opposite with me.

It's the exact opposite with the GOP.

You can see the opposite with Harden.

In fact, his beliefs on SEVERAL imporatant issues are completely opposite with mine.

But why not ourselves? We are usually the opposite with ourselves, harsh and critical.

One may safely assume that he will start writing the opposite with renewed self-assurance.

Shimano did the opposite with eUltegra - it's electric yes but it's agricutural in terms of being bike jewellery.

While at the same time, some areas of the world are experiencing just the opposite with cooler weather or milder climates.

It would issue reports that said one thing, while it would be doing exactly the opposite with its ' undercover, covert sections.

Much of what they are doing is totally the opposite with many so called quangos being ' hoovered up ' by government departments.

In 2% of cases opposite by is used

He's shown completely the opposite by his actions.

But it has done the opposite by trapping one such young man.

Google does the opposite by offering extra information on the results page.

By the way, you can also do the opposite by changing the -d X option to -h X.

Yet apparently Mr Halappanavar was told directly the opposite by a consultant.

Doing the opposite by asking children to make the images from given numbers is great too.

However, Sampat seems to be doing just the opposite by adding pastoral humor to clot with the housemates.

Violence had to be seduced from itself and converted into its opposite by acts of love and practices of sacrifice.

One last thought - An adequate offering + great marketing/value-getting tends to outperform the opposite by a lot.

If by thinking that my advice to u is restricting your autonomy then you can do exactly the opposite by touching the fire.

In 2% of cases opposite on is used

Obama did the opposite on all of these.

Quite the opposite on Saturday, however.

It is the same but the opposite on my other hand.

Anonymous No, Hitler, one would believe, is more opposite on the dimension of wanting war.

It didn't matter if the same person said one thing on Monday and the opposite on Thursday.

Oh dear! Funny how you express one opinion on one page and completely the opposite on another.

While they were there they saw the ora? tory and the dwelling and came just opposite on the far side of the river.

The 17th century almshouses, constructed by Richard Boyle, are almost directly opposite on the other side of the street.

He says nice and agreeable things on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and just the opposite on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I'd watched what Alex had done and decided to do the opposite on the principle that what hadn't worked for him would work for me.

In 1% of cases opposite as is used

Just the opposite as a matter of fact.

But in Virginia the opposite as the case.

It is quite the opposite as a matter of fact.

Shockingly everything was the opposite as the rumors.

We may see quite the opposite as the economy grows and the dollar strengthens.

However, I don? t think you change people? s minds about an ideology by stating its opposite as an assertion.

Akuffo Addo is eagerly pursuing the opposite as a means of realizing his age-long and unbridled political ambition.

It is really doing the opposite as the taxpayer is on the hook for these credit debt instruments aka treasury bonds.

Berlin at the beginning of the 90s was quite the opposite as the city did not have a long history of electronic music.

You learned the opposite as a child - you learned not to trust and that is why you keep others away, because you expect to be treated with harshness and anger and criticism - all that is NOT love.

In 1% of cases opposite at is used

We would do the opposite at day time.

It was quite the opposite at our clan gathering.

Saying one thing Internationally and doing the opposite at home.

With respect to parents, and others, it has been quite the opposite at various times.

So does a businessman who tells you one thing at breakfast and the opposite at supper.

It can also happen however, that one tendency is present one time and its opposite at another.

It's exactly the opposite at the Washington Post, the Christian Science Monitor and USA Today, where email holds sway.

If you still say yes then you should consult a PSYCHIATRIST because perception can never be two opposite at the same time in our brain.

The Thebans encamped in a rising ground immediately opposite at no great distance, and were supported by no allies except the Boeotians.

A lady sitting at the edge of a row turned to me and pointed to the bookcase that sat diagonally opposite at the back of the ladies section.

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