Prepositions after "operational"

"operational in" or "operational by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases operational in is used

It will be operational in 2013.

Get fully operational in minutes.

It became operational in May 2007.

After a herculean construction effort, this base became operational in late 1941.

The process will be operational in a genuine way using the best of payment gateways.

The Act is being implemented on a phased basis and will be fully operational in 2009.

A few posted comments about how they were looking forward to seeing the warning sign operational in the museum.

The contract was given to a service called Wassup and the Power Laundry will be operational in another 10 days.

It was initially run with the help of twenty-four satellites and became completely operational in the year 1994.

Having been operational in India for four years, we have a fantastic insight into the wat the industry operates.

In 17% of cases operational by is used

It should be fully operational by 2024.

It is due to be fully operational by 2024.

The exchanges need to be operational by 2014.

The facility to be built in East Tamaki was to be fully operational by late 2010.

In a May 2012 assessment, it said the aircraft could be operational by early 2018.

A new registration system has been selected and will be operational by March 2010.

The Government of Alberta anticipates that the Alberta Energy Regulator will be fully operational by June 2013.

This would require the rapid extension of the implementation of the SASS reform, but could be operational by 2012.

A portion of the parking garage would open in early 2008; the garage would be fully operational by summer of 2008.

In 8% of cases operational for is used

Our thermal scanners are operational for.

It has been operational for eight months.

As such it was operational for only five months.

The wifi network in and around this location is now fully operational for 12 days.

It is necessary that this accounts has been operational for a minimum of six months.

The service was operational for 36 years and its passenger traffic was halted in 1940.

With a capacity of 110MGD, the plant's one unit of 22MGD was made operational for the trial run on September 2.

The company, operational for the last four years, has awarded outstanding female musicians in Uganda and Kenya.

The farm school has been operational for 7 years, but the staff is always looking for ways to make improvements.

The 3G services operating in these bands would likely need to remain operational for many years into the future.

In 6% of cases operational on is used

It became operational on 1 July 1999.

The ICC became operational on July 1 2002.

FPO 2 became operational on January 2 1976.

A railway between Darwin and Pine Creek (253 km) became operational on 1 October 1889.

It became operational on 17 August and its Hurricanes fought in the Battle of Britain.

NEPA is an agency of the Ministry of Land and Environment which became operational on April 1, 2004.

The Rafale M entered service in 2001, and ten aircraft are operational on the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

EMERGENCY CARE CENTRE Aberdeen Royal Infirmary's new Emergency Care Centre (ECC) became operational on November 21.

ESM -- European Stability Mechanism -- the permanent rescue fund that is expected to be operational on July 2, 2012.

It is a statutory body funded by levies from the financial services providers and became operational on 1 April 2005.

In 5% of cases operational at is used

Whirlwind computer becomes operational at MIT.

And it will be 2025 before one is even operational at all in the UK.

The plant is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of 2013.

It fully becomes operational at federal level in 2016 and for the states in 2020.

The Japanese lost 45 of the 72 aircraft operational at the outset of battle on 7 May.

Goa currently also has three AWS that are operational at Old Goa, Panaji and Mormugao.

Our goal is to have a vocational job-training center operational at the home, for the kids and local villagers.

Bus Rapid Transit The much-anticipated Bus Rapid Transit will soon be operational at the South Road Properties.

All other student services including our fingerprinting will be operational at our new location in West Chester.

Traffic signals are now operational at Route 522 and Georges Road, in addition to Route 130 and Deans Rhode Hall Road.

In 4% of cases operational since is used

We have been operational since 2006.

This has been operational since 2011.

Two have been operational since Sept 23.

Incorporated in 1992, we took our quantum leap by being operational since 1993.

The Home has been operational since 1990 with the support of the Clarendon Foundation.

This website was presented in beta at the BEA bookfair and is operational since July, 1st.

According to their website its been operational since 1998, has achieved some results and is still functional.

Our first expansion included opening up offices in Warsaw, Paris and Amsterdam, where we have been operational since 2011.

It has been operational since 1980 as a self-contained mini-city with all film-making facilities available within the compound.

The Community Mentoring Program has been operational since 2003 with approximately 50 members having taken part in the Program.

In 4% of cases operational from is used

LOMC became operational from January 2009.

It will be operational from May, 15-17 2012.

OCI scheme is being operational from Dec 2, 2005.

South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) became operational from January 1, 2006.

New assessment criteria for the Writing Test were operational from January 2005.

Subject to approval at the EGM, the joint venture will be operational from November 25.

The ETA facility became fully operational from 1 January 2012 with its launch by the Department on that date.

Due to be operational from 2016, the NOCA represents the biggest shake-up of our national policing structure since 2010.

The Government is currently working on provision of a new 3rd generation ID card that will be operational from year 2010.

This measure will become operational from 1 st January, 2013 to allow time for the review of the relevant laws and regulations.

In 3% of cases operational within is used

It can be fully operational within several hours.

We were fully operational within six months of our.

The official said eQuip would be operational within months.

These could be fully operational within a week (speculation).

The #truGrads community site will be operational within the next 10 days.

An additional 300 buses will be operational within the next twelve months.

It is expected that this system will be operational within the first quarter of year 2006.

Oxfam, a UK-based NGO was operational within three days of the earthquake disaster in Pakistan.

India is currently building one of its own carriers (vikrant-class) and it should be operational within a year.

If all goes well with testing, the Oklahoma Spaceport should be fully operational within the next couple of years.

In 3% of cases operational with is used

The E-type is operational with an XL gangway and.

But not all movie theaters were operational with the 3D technology.

The Leclerc was first operational with the French Army in 1992 and with UAE in 1995.

Incident 46/12 A Side Scan Sonar has now gone fully operational with the Irish Coast Guard.

The MiG-29K is a modernized naval variant of the MiG-29 operational with the Indian Air Force (IAF).

The drive went well and this was was topped out and was 100% operational with no issues what so ever.

The Arrow 2 Anti Tactical Ballistic Missile (ATBM) system is operational with the Israeli Defence Forces.

Please go elsewhere and read when JSF will become operational with UK forces - it's 2020 at the earliest.

There are no drones operational with Pakistani forces as of now with killer capabilities of the predator.

Limited Harrier operations until the QE carriers are operational with aircraft is preferable to no fixed wing operations.

In 2% of cases operational as is used

The Agency is due to become fully operational as of December 2012.

The interface will be fully operational as of Friday, 27 July 2012.

At the same time, we seek, if possible, to keep the business operational as a going concern.

When will it be operational? The Agency is due to become fully operational as of December 2012.

So that efforts are concentrated to keep the civil service operational as well as the security organs.

In Tanzania there are 13 parties (that I know of) officially registered and fully operational as of 2010.

Of the 57 import terminals in the affected region, 8 were reported as still not operational as of Thursday.

This is only likely to improve as all the features of the area become fully operational as the Olympics draws near.

The APACE office equipped and full time operational as well as becoming influential private youth-run initiative; 2.

Both fabs were down for a short period of time due to the earthquake and were back up and operational as of Friday morning, Pacific Time.

In 2% of cases operational during is used

HKMM web site must remain operational during any transition period.

Of this, 10 percent has, or will, become operational during the year.

A large number of cameras will be made operational during the processions.

Building Permits and Inspections will remain operational during this transition.

Make sure the dates are consistent and they were still operational during your gap.

It became operational during 1984 and produces fuel oil, gas oil, naphtha and kerosene.

Open for Guided Tours Operational during the hours of 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday unless a show is in progress.

The lower deck has a small restaurant (it was not operational during our cruise) and an air conditioned conference hall.

This technology actually transitioned from experimental to operational during the 2010 oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico.

A number of well known internationally acclaimed hotels are under construction, and are expected to be completed and operational during FY 1996.

In 2% of cases operational before is used

Will any of this be operational before election? 2.

The system will not be operational before 2014, however.

The website part will be operational before end of January, 2010.

With everything in place, we should be operational before the end of the year.

The plants are expected to be operational before the end of 2012, the statement said.

Still, any new casino can't be operational before Echo's exclusive license expires in 2019.

The government will also ensure that the GST computerization system is fully operational before the GST implementation.

They also thought they could secretly move their missiles there and make them operational before the US would find them.

One of the power plants is scheduled to be operational before the end of 2012 and two are planned to be in operation by April 2013.

As of October 2012, it is envisaged that the Gbarnga Justice and Security Hub will be partly operational before the end of the year.

In 1% of cases operational over is used

The main medium-term solution is the Youth Enterprise Development Fund operational over the last five years.

The allocation ratio was 2:1 (intervention:control) to allow the facility to become fully operational over winter.

The Youth Enterprise Development Fund, operational over the last five years as the main remedy, has disbursed KES 5.

However, a large number of premium housing and hotel projects in Gurgaon have become operational recently and many are expected to become operational over the next few years.

There are walks for all fitness levels with stunning scenery and many of the chair lifts, cable cars etc are operational over summer which provided the opportunity to really move around the area.

Now, putting aside the cost of protecting the plane's computer systems from cyber attacks, consider the projected maintenance cost for keeping the F-35 fighter operational over the next 50 years: $1.

In 1% of cases operational between is used

The dams became operational between 1961 and 1975.

Radio-telephone becomes operational between London and New York.

Both schemes are for projects built and operational between 1/1/10 and 31/12/15.

Interconnectors under the North Sea are operational between the UK and both France and the Netherlands.

In addition, one has to wonder - the scheme is not operational now and how it can be made operational between last Friday and next Thursday is anybody's guess.

Phase 1 of the modern standard-gauge metro service called ' Gautrain ' is now operational between the Jo'burg suburb of Sandton and Jo'burg's OR Tambo international airport.

Kampi Kampi Serengeti-South will move when the wildebeest migration herds are in the southern and central Serengeti, this camp will be operational between December and March.

In 1% of cases operational throughout is used

Speed traps, cameras and unmarked vehicles are operational throughout the country.

Unfortunately, of the 10 vaccination centres in Bangui, barely four are operational throughout the year.

Both Spirit of Tasmania ships have an internet kiosk on board which is operational throughout the entire voyage.

The rollout of a new Integrated Banking System for the region began in Barbados in April and became operational throughout the West Indies.

To ensure that the MRF, EcoShop (SuperShed) and EcoDrop's are available &; fully operational throughout the entire year to achieve this objective.

Even Sri Lanka's electronic media is under Indian scrutiny as is every aspect of polity by a large contingent of Indian intelligence already operational throughout Sri Lanka.

This vision of society provides a guiding framework for sustainable development where the parameters and strategies of sustainable development are operational throughout society.

Hizbullah's command and control system remained operational throughout the war; they evaded Israeli jamming devices by using fiber optic lines instead of relying on wireless signals.

To minimise disruption to daily operations, SSI Schaefer meticulously planned the project to ensure that Kiddicare remained fully operational throughout the entire period of installation.

In 1% of cases operational to is used

Staff working from home, so service operational to a minor degree.

It is highly resistant to shock and operational to IP68/69K in sea water.

Be operational to painting options that don't don't use anything but solids.

They needed to transform from operational to customer focused knowledge management.

This calls for a bit of unthink, a change of role from the operational to the advisory.

These Tallest skyscrapers include only the completed mega Structures and are now operational to the date.

Another group has emerged that is also opposed to the park's status being changed by the MNR from operational to non-operational.

The effect of these cuts has been an increase in the contracting out of public sector jobs, from operational to managerial functions.

Essentially, every action from the tactical to the operational to the strategic should be interrelated, contributing to the wider political objective.

In 1% of cases operational under is used

Although I'd unable to walk on land I'd 90 per cent operational under water.

This is informally now in place and operational under the Ministry of Economic Development.

Anyhow, PBZ did ultimately become operational under the SSPZ but has only made 20 loans amounting to USD 50,000.

Under the JTM, several schemes are operational under the Mini Mission I, II, III &; IV, which benefit jute growers.

Under the JTM, several schemes are operational under the Mini Mission I, II, III &; IV which benefit jute growers and encourage them for jute production.

The Emergency Medical Transport System scheme, which was to be made operational under the National Rural Health Mission has still not been implemented across the state.

Did you know that the estate is fully operational under solar power and that they often supply electricity TO Eskom? Most buildings are now powered by sun energy, gas and hydroelectric power.

In 1% of cases operational until is used

However, the first true railroad, which ran from Madison to Indianapolis, was not operational until 1847.

A second mobile licence was issued in 2004; however the new operator Wataniya Telecom did not become operational until 2006.

Even New York, which has already set up an exchange by executive order, will not have this fully operational until January 2014.

Forth has already been closed, Clyde is due to go by the end of the year and the Hampshire centre is not due to be operational until 2014.

Although not operational until the end of 1945 -- two years after Colossus first ran -- ENIAC is standardly described as the first electronic digital computer.

Five other reactors at three sites in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu are under construction, but none of them is due to be operational until 2015-16.

It continued to be the primary legislation for vulnerable children in Ireland until it was amended by the Child Care Act, 1991 which was not fully operational until 1996.

Abandoned Submarine Base, Balaklava, Ukraine Abandoned Submarine Base Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, this base was partly abandoned but remained operational until 1993.

District business administrator Tim Vail explained that new software, which will be used to assemble budget information, monthly reports and such, is not expected to be operational until Jan.

In 1% of cases operational after is used

The AU is to become operational after a one year transition.

Will the car park in Budget Terminal be operational after the move? No.

Will the shop outlets in Budget Terminal be operational after the move? No.

Uriesi told Nigerians that the terminal will go fully operational after two weeks.

And I guess this means Intelsat 19 is going to be operational after its solar array deployment snafu.

These packages will only become completely operational after five or six months from its date of setup.

The Indian Army, as we know it today became operational after the Country gained independence from British colonialism.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 2004 as well, but remained operational after a four-and-a-half year restructuring process.

High Availability High Availability (HA) means that the system should remain operational after failure of one or more of the servers.

The European Stability Mechanism is expected to be operational after September 12th and traders await the September 6th decision by the ECB.

In 1% of cases operational without is used

This pressure can not be made operational without international cooperation.

All services pertaining to the company have been operational without interruption ever since its launch two years ago.

Same is the case with the WiFi radio which draws a lot of power from the lithium batteries to stay operational without the need to do so.

The barrage had been operational without a water-sharing agreement till 1997, before the then-Awami League government finally managed to make the Indian government concede.

The shower should also be designed so that it can be activated in less than 1 second, and it remains operational without the operator's hand on the valve (or lever, handle, etc.

The One Network allowed Celtel African subscribers (pre-paid and post-paid) to use their Celtel lines in other countries where Celtel was operational without paying roaming charges.

Last week, it announced that it was raising electricity prices for corporate clients for the first time in more than thirty years, saying it may not remain operational without such a move.

As with the shower, the unit should also be designed so that it can be activated in less than 1 second, and it remains operational without the operator's hand on the valve (or lever, handle, etc.

In that regard, wearing an Elton John-sized pair of rose-coloured glasses, you might conclude the NRL is such a well-oiled machine it can remain operational without a fully-empowered chief executive.

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