Prepositions after "only"

"only because" or "only by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases only because is used

This happens only because of this tika.

It was possible only because of my belief.

It becomes bearable only because of Kareena.

Its stupid if i get banned only because of my previous warnings which are very old.

The accurate weather forecast is possible only because of the satellites in the space.

If this fact seems over-emphasised, it is only because it can not be emphasised enough.

I feel bad now, very bad, very guilty that only because of me and my past everyone is forcing my sister to marry.

Thanks Saurabh! Its only because of you and RedBus2US website many have their Visas processed without any issues.

The thing is orginal Hausa is not that much o, its only because of Hausa language people started becoming ' Hausa '.

In 16% of cases only by is used

Armor was worn only by knights.

Their popularity is matched only by their frequency.

YouTube Close to the affected only by Internet users, it's just not.

It is satisfied only by something that is ultimately peaceful, that transcends violence.

The people gathered around him were truly equal, distinguished only by their level of taqwa.

The variety of styles of concrete roof tiles seem limited only by manufacturers ' imaginations.

Almonds and Walnuts These both are the outstanding snack which makes you feel fulfilled only by having a bunch of these.

This cemetery is actually the second oldest Christian cemetery in Singapore, predated only by the Fort Canning Cemetery.

We bump along red dirt roads, passing ramshackle huts where people sit shaded only by a tin roof on top of four wooden poles.

If not for a few solar-powered lights put by OfERR in the camp, it would have been in total darkness, dappled only by the moonlight.

In 8% of cases only due is used

I had carbo-platin only due to an admin error.

This is possible only due to a sound academic background.

This became possible only due to late withdrawal of monsoon.

The people were able to get this only due to economies of scale and non of the money was wasted.

United could have easily ended up like Chelsea or Arsenal, that they didn't is only due to Fergie.

The coming together of the two rival airlines, Jet and Kingfisher, was possible only due to the current situation.

Tackling corruption, tackling pollution, poverty and all other issues have become difficult only due to huge population.

In these usability remains high only due to the fact that such accounts serve as an effective mechanism for p2p payments.

This has been possible only due to word-of-mouth, and the awareness that has spread concerning the school and the fight against poverty.

Woman are leaders, its only due to foreign and outside ideologies that the qualities of women have been suppressed, the very essence of the Universe.

In 6% of cases only in is used

The fans never get a raise, only in ticket prices.

FedEx knows this and purposely send invoice only in two months.

She called UPS, was told it's only in Fort Erie you can pick it up.

Allah has ordered His creation and forbidden them only in ways which are in their best interest.

Besides being the one and only in this world, it showed the level of care and thought that was put into it.

Hakuna Matata:) The one and only in Asia- the Toy Story Land, being the only one among the Asia's Disneyland.

It was an uneventful experience for Gilles, however, and he ended up finishing 12th in the points that year, his one and only in Can-Am.

To date, universities in the UK have commonly interviewed applicants although it is understood that this practice is currently under review.

That's right, UPS pays taxes to Canada Customs only in the next month, when they actually took money from the importer at the delivery time.

In 5% of cases only plus is used

The only plus point is that its.

I think thats the only plus side of those two.

The only plus point was that they weren't that oily.

The only plus side for this terrible place is the decor and the moody music that is often relaxing.

The only plus point out of that saga was that we learn of the true value of peanut from the then Mrs SM.

The only plus side is well end up taking some college math and science classes during senior and Junior year.

Elliott's return to first-team action after a six-month injury-enforced absence was the only plus point for the Robins.

The only plus side is that you have 21 days if caught on CCTV, instead of the usual 14 days, to pay at the reduced rate.

The only plus side is having high quality textures and assets, that way you can down scale to fit which ever needs to be down scaled.

But generating traffic isn't the only plus side to link building -- it can also help you increase your rankings in the search engines.

In 3% of cases only worth is used

Good two cents, and Kucinich is indeed the only worth lending direct support.

Hey, its a risk, if you bought a house at the top of the market and now its only worth half that, that was your risk and you take the consequences.

Even though its only worth 0-10 points in the judging criteria, I find that good UX/UI design can really help to make that positive impression on the judges.

The only worth goal of having human birth is to attain God in this very life while living a normal life of joyfully discharging our duties with a dispassionate mind.

In 3% of cases only out is used

Read this only out of curiosity.

The only out of town pics I took was in Louisville, KY.

Now, I have one and only out of habit (plus I love coffee).

With great difficulty he repressed mentioning this only out of consideration for the women.

I had everything covered and the only out of pocket expense I had was $2/doc visits and $2/prescriptions.

Its only out of political conspiracy that so much of hue and cry is being raised over this fraud monument.

Caitlin flushed scowled right never believe that truth about me That may be yours but him who was my only out of kindness.

Bihter, knowing that he loves her and is marrying Nihal only out of guilt he is suffering from so Bhiter breaks down in front of her mother.

Though we have in the past exchanged text and BB messages, the only out of the ordinary communication I have had with her until last Thursday was a voice note she once sent.

Whilst I've been overseas to Australia many times, I've never really lived properly in any other city before, my only out of Wellington visits have been for holidays, conferences or work trips.

In 2% of cases only for is used

So only for this specific purpose of regulating student financial support.

Okay, in the Mildly Disappointing Department, I see that voice-to-text is only for messaging, not for email.

However, in such cases, their insurer reimburses them for 100% of the amounts they pay during the rest of the year, instead of only for a portion (e.

Then theres the fact that my chances of getting a mortgage are far better if I have lived in one place for a few years rather than only for a short period of time.

Not up and down like Massa or Webber or JB, which could be fast only for sometime, that make some headache for the engineer cause they don't know what wrong with their design.

One question, in the demoes i saw that you could set your presence/status but it appeared that it was either only for msn messenger or that it set it for facebook chat as well.

In 2% of cases only on is used

But this is only one side of the story.

I am really curious about your statements of believing in only one God.

Will be marrying my one and only on July 12 with a church ceremony to follow August 4.

The shepherd of a flock has only one focus, to tend to the spiritual needs of his flock.

It seems that, no matter what the people say and who they elect, this go in only one direction, further and further right.

Unlike tests which are handed out, collected in and marked by a teacher and then handed back, these forms of assessment are about the process of learning rather than only on the product.

In 1% of cases only of is used

Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska The Aurora Ice Hotel in Alaska remains the first and only of its kind in the USA.

Not thinking only of ourselves but being aware of others, seeing in what way we can help others, being open to the needs of others.

Vincent Tan was also given a lottery license -- one and only of its kind -- from which he made easy money, amassed further capital to expand.

The first and only of their kind, these t-shirts are sure to go quickly and will undoubtedly become as rare and collectible as Mr Rotten's Scrapbook itself.

Hello, I'd Nicola, an English Expatriate who hails from an unbroken line of good Buckinghamshire stock but I was the first and only of my family born in Paris, France.

Bill4pcc I have just received a leaflet (the one and only of this campaign from anyone) through my letterbox purporting to be from a candidate that is politically neutral.

In 1% of cases only with is used

In short: great location for San Diego-in the middle in it instead of only with it.

The changes are not necessarily only with Nollywood but also with Ghollywood as well.

In 1% of cases only to is used

This one's my first and only to date, but I do want more.

The key for me is to use tools to develop communication WITH parents rather than only TO parents.

Overall, this information is fed on Facebook or perhaps on Twitter instead of only to those who are close to all of them.

It is recommended that you send mail to R-help rather than only to the R Core developers (who are also subscribed to the list, of course).

In 1% of cases only times is used

Those were not the only times Mr.

The only times il hit the ball long is desperate defending or when i see a brilliant run from one of the forwards.

That is why Rand can see both the saidin and TP connections to Aginor when they battle there; the only times those are visible is in T'a'R.

In 1% of cases only through is used

These could then be reused more easily through composition rather than only through extension.

Of the 34 participants, 23 saw and heard the virtual human, and 11 communicated with her only through a text interface.

In 1% of cases only relative is used

Sacrifice is dumb only relative to your values.

If a highly public system is a virtue, Canada looks good only relative to the United States.

In 1% of cases only about is used

After that its only about putting in a framework to ensure we don't return to a previous state where the deviant behavior is acceptable.

Eating In If you cook at home, your average monthly personal food costs should come up to only about S$200 per person for basic meat and vegetables.

Completely agreed that this fight is one and only about financial corruption while policy corruption is cause of major problems in India but let this fight be beginning of all other fights.

In 1% of cases only ex is used

Eventually, Dennis was the only ex p.

XD The only ex popping up in my dreams is there because his mum is dying (really).

I'd not the only ex Labour voter to be confronted by The Standard unwelcome committee.

As such Gael Clichy is probably the only ex Emirates employee likely to be on show this Sunday.

Oh great! Steve my ex, my only ex actually is here, he said he wouldn't come but I guess I don't understand English anymore.

In the rest of the world, we have the IMF, and the only ex ante conditionality it imposes is the need to cooperate in Article IV consultations.

Agbani Darego The only ex beauty queen won the Miss World beauty contest and as a result bestowed the national honour of the Officer of the Order of Niger, OON.

In 1% of cases only during is used

Meeting at random times of the year rather than only during the hectic days tagged onto the beginning and end of a holiday.

In 1% of cases only at is used

The only unusual thing is that you draw the temperature scale at each end of the diagram instead of only at the left-hand side.

If your text now has some very short lines in it, you may have pressed Return at the ends of lines instead of only at the ends of paragraphs.

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