Prepositions after "ongoing"

"ongoing in" or "ongoing for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases ongoing for is used

But it has been ongoing for years.

It has been on-going for decades.

My case has been ongoing for years.

The contacts were not, as Tenet's language suggested, ongoing for the past 10 years.

The owner of our company had an enormous training program ongoing for all employees.

The real thing, the tragedy for the families is always going to be ongoing for them.

Scientific research to date this process has been ongoing for many years and continues with the latest expeditions.

Presently, practical gas extractor pipes are already installed and drilling is ongoing for more pipes installation.

Written By Torbjorn Sindballe The debate about choosing the most efficient cadence has been ongoing for many years.

Unlike the financial industry bailout, this one will be ongoing for decades and truly will bankrupt us as a nation.

In 23% of cases ongoing in is used

Work is ongoing in this respect.

Clinical trials are ongoing in RA.

Negotiations are ongoing in this regard.

That's something that will be monitored ongoing in terms of what the expectations are.

The interior minister, however, denied a military operation was ongoing in Balochistan.

I knew only about the charitable projects ongoing in Lower Manhattan because of my friend.

Activities, which fall within the six categories defined by the WTO Task Force, are also ongoing in sectoral areas.

The higher specifications in the sequence affordable ongoing in 2002, using the launch of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos.

The paper was closed by Murdoch's News International in wake of the phone hacking scandal which is ongoing in the UK.

In Darfur, deep-field operations are ongoing in refugee camps far from ramshackle mud-walled towns such as El Geneina.

In 9% of cases ongoing at is used

The trial was ongoing at year's end.

Their trial was ongoing at year's end.

Yes, this process is ongoing at United Way.

As the next current contest which is on-going at the moment is manhunt Singapore 2012.

Trials in the civil and criminal cases are ongoing at a Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

It was smart and tidy as you would expect but the balcony was overlooked by mini golf which was still ongoing at 9.

Also, exploration of other minerals including uranium, coal, iron, copper and nickel is ongoing at different stages.

And with the league ongoing at that point last season, very little attention would have been given to it at that point.

The investigation is on-going at this time as Khun Poothai recovers from serious leg and abdominal injuries in Hospital.

In 8% of cases ongoing with is used

Membership negotiations are ongoing with Poland.

This research is ongoing with the development of a.

So that is always ongoing with the different ISP? s.

The fighting is still ongoing with no returnees expected through the Spring of 2012.

Starting in January the role will be on-going with the potential to become permanent.

The stringing of the lines is also ongoing with 125 of the towers strung, thus 20% complete.

So no, not anecdotal! Research is still ongoing with drugs -- it's a complicated topic with all sorts of nuances.

Had dinner and talked about tons of things, one being certain major discussions ongoing with the Edmonton Oilers.

However humans ' use of this water, on-going with economical development, is challenging this apparent stability.

Discussions are ongoing with the relevant ministries and the privatization unit regarding changes to specific details.

In 4% of cases ongoing on is used

Sea water cooling is ongoing on reactor 3.

Restoration work is on-going on a number a structures.

But engagement is ongoing on several levels already, though that doesn't preclude more.

First time ever, a tournament of the sort as a world cup was on-going on the Continent.

According to him, some expansion projects are already ongoing on the eastern side of Accra.

I know Luke from Twitter (I know lots of people on both sides of the debate which is pretty much ongoing on Twitter).

It runs over the top of the ruins of various Roman forums, and excavation is ongoing on both sides of the road and also underneath it.

The first 100 km of rail has been open to limited freight traffic since October 2010, and works are ongoing on the rest of the network.

Also, permit to work is approval system for individual work in topside, so HSE manger can monitor which kind of work is ongoing on site.

In 4% of cases ongoing since is used

This has been ongoing since then.

And it's just been ongoing since that.

The civil war has been ongoing since 1990.

We have never observed such hurry in the Tribunal which is now ongoing since 2 weeks.

An informal investigation into Google's practices has been ongoing since November 2010.

These numerous episodes have been ongoing since beginning kindergarten in September of 2011.

The measures mentioned by the Member have been in place since 1992, and the campaign has been ongoing since 1980.

The NHL lockout has been ongoing since mid-September and forced the cancellation of all regular-season games through Nov.

Lawrence River, ongoing since 2003, has led to the production of a detailed overview to allow for observation of changes.

Court case has been ongoing since September and they are now about to appoint a guardian to find out what he wants to do.

In 3% of cases ongoing as is used

ET and were still ongoing as of 6:10 p.

His trial was ongoing as of the end of the year.

The fighting was ongoing as the passenger train passed by.

A criminal investigation against the police officer was ongoing as of 25 August 2009.

A consultation is ongoing as to calling a scrum if the mower is not returned within five days.

The minister, however, added that discussion is still ongoing as to the date of its implementation.

Armed insurgents then stormed the building and clashes were ongoing as of 1pm (10am Irish time ), police officers said.

Wilson's claims prompted an investigation by the school and the Pac-12, both of which were still ongoing as of Thursday night.

However all but five NGOs have pulled out as recovery in Pader is ongoing as opposed to being an immediate humanitarian emergency.

In 3% of cases ongoing between is used

The negotiations were ongoing between the union and the management.

And I found a conversation that had been ongoing between J and a friend.

Peace negotiations are ongoing between the government of Uganda and Joseph Kony.

It is one of the many pieces of litigation ongoing between NAMA and Treasury at present.

Discussions are ongoing between the two clubaloney regarding compensation! Easton Hockey.

Behind the scenes, negotiations are on-going between different individuals and different groups.

Imagine if you will a constant balancing act on-going between oxidation and antioxidation in your body.

He said talks were ongoing between the two governments to stamp out cattle rustling along the common border.

Mudavadi ally Bonny Khalwale confirmed that talks have been ongoing between the two camps and will announce the alliance soon.

The only thing that may end this contract debacle is the current labor negotiations that are ongoing between the NHL and NHLPA.

In 2% of cases ongoing throughout is used

Fights amongst artist has been ongoing throughout the centuries.

Ongoing throughout the foods will only tempt you to take in more.

Other regular maintenance and re-paving projects will be ongoing throughout the state.

General Enlistment is ongoing throughout the year and a Leaving Certificate is not a requirement.

Some activities will be ongoing throughout the evening, whilst others will happen at dedicated times.

The task of managing the projects requirements is on-going throughout the entirety of a project until completion.

This support, information, and communication have been ongoing throughout the whole process, starting from initial interest shown by Marco.

This is a prestigious event which is ongoing throughout SE Asia, the finalists going on to the final in Seoul, South Korea, early next year.

This go-and-stop is ongoing throughout the act, though it can become increasingly more difficult to flesh out consent after initial consent is given.

In 2% of cases ongoing into is used

Enquiries are ongoing into this find.

Investigations are ongoing into the fatal shooting.

Research is ongoing into using them in the oil industry.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the investigation was ongoing into who fired the.

Local co-operation Research is ongoing into how to quantify such probabilities accurately in real time.

Studies are still ongoing into the green coffee bean extract and for the moment, health experts say that it.

Further studies are ongoing into weight gain and loss during these different activity cycles (Highfield, in preparation).

We now have an active criminal investigation ongoing into questions of obstruction of justice by people in the Government.

With an investigation ongoing into Savita's death, it is inappropriate for me to make any kind of comment regarding the individual case here.

In Nelson Marlborough, one patient died as the result of a presumed hospital-acquired infection and an audit is ongoing into sterilisation practices.

In 1% of cases ongoing within is used

That work is ongoing within the G20.

We have carried out major reforms that are ongoing within the police.

Negotiation is ongoing within the family that is the best I can tell you.

Negotiations on this are ongoing within the framework of the United Nations.

The public image is one of conformity (sadly) but the debate is still ongoing within the party.

All of that said, there is much probabilistic model and MCMC research ongoing within the deep learning community.

An amazingly hardly any law enforcement ongoing within the uranium marketplace, Within entire twenty-Year stand markets.

The case study is expected to explore the passive and active enhancement and management techniques currently ongoing within the sanctuary.

Therefore, even those creations that appear to be ongoing within your physical dimension, within your physical expressions, are not, in actuality.

Obviously if innovation is an in built process within a small business this formal six step innovation process would be ongoing within the business.

In 1% of cases ongoing about is used

Y2K -- the debate is still ongoing about this.

Have a look at the tech chat ongoing about a standard data feed for all agents.

There is an animated debate ongoing about who is going to invest in NGA networks in Europe.

With the current discussions ongoing about data catalogue federation standards (See http: //www.

Lawyers of Woyome sent a text message to Mr Ayenini whiles the programme was on-going about the legal threat.

Debate is ongoing about the usefulness of funnel plots and related tests for the identification of publication biases.

Negotiations between the oil companies and government are still ongoing about how the oil refinery and pipeline can co-exist.

There are several choices of colloid, and debate is ongoing about the relative effectiveness of colloids compared with crystalloid fluids.

The store will primarily sell convenience items, but yes, coffee will be available, and talks are on-going about selling transit tickets.

It's not actually me having a pop at ISO, but the fact that discussions have been on-going about STP for so long, and now I know why it's not in place.

In 1% of cases ongoing until is used

We book worshippers have our gathering too, and it's ongoing until Sunday.

A series of design workshops, cultural tours, talks and performances will be ongoing until March 13th.

Of the many events taking place as part of the Greenwood Centre's StoryFest in Hudson (ongoing until Oct.

Her campaign will be ongoing until August of 2012 and every song download or album purchased, proceeds will be going to the Foundation.

What were the effects on the stolen children? The effects on the stolen children and their families was profound and is ongoing until today.

In 1% of cases ongoing to is used

His doubts were ongoing to the time of his death.

However all is not lost as various research is ongoing to better secure data on the clouds.

He ongoing to rant You notta locate anyting on lessa you looka exactly where it is down below, notta up dare.

Within the 4th quarter, the Steelers ongoing to length themself with Suisham making a 33-yard in addition to a 39-yard place plan.

Then you dramatically understate the prevalence of tactics that are ongoing to this day, though perhaps not so vastly widespread as before.

Within just the 4th quarter, the Steelers ongoing to distance themself with Suisham establishing a 33-yard along with a 39-yard area mission.

Within the 4th quarter, the Steelers ongoing to distance themself with Suisham putting together a 33-yard along with a 39-yard community objective.

Survivors of such whose children are today's ' educators ' resulted in the gross dumb-down of education standards from 1980 that is ongoing to this day.

She ongoing to your workplace relentlessly available for abolitionist twitches the point that this engage in your woman's thing within the world war hard work.

Symptoms Of Cancer When I ongoing to investigate symptoms of cancer following I ongoing to symptoms of cancer sense ill a little years before notice symptoms of cancer little separate category.

In 1% of cases ongoing through is used

A general spring clean is ongoing through the grounds and gardens.

The ganking phase is ongoing through the course of the whole game.

The program is on-going through various collaborations with universities.

Monitoring of integrity would be ongoing through cryptographic techniques.

The intention is for the story line to be ongoing through each separate issue, so that the reader always wants the next instalment.

Ongoing through November 30, 2012 modeLab Fall 2012 Webinar Series -- Online modeLab has designed an exciting webinar series for the Fall.

This tells the listener that the list is ongoing through each rising pitch boundary, then completed when a falling pitch boundary is heard.

America's involvement in Sout and Central America was ongoing through his time in office, and the support for the Afghan Mujahideen started with his administration.

In 1% of cases ongoing over is used

Consultations are ongoing over the legal structure of this subsidiary.

Negotiations are ongoing over the future of the Greek economic adjustment program.

Negotiations are ongoing over the sale of the land and the design and build of the scheme.

Talks between the Chinese Embassy and executives of NPF have been ongoing over the past two years.

So it's not like at one point of time I'd looking at 10 deals, but there is something ongoing over time.

This is perhaps directly related to the tech boom that has been ongoing over the last several quarters here in New York.

Consultation will be ongoing over the next five years so there will be plenty of opportunities to give feedback and present ideas.

Our volunteers are doing great work on the Himalayan Walk, and we have begun planting, which will be ongoing over the next few months.

Supervision is ongoing over the period of the dissertation and will accommodate methods such as guided study in cognate areas or otherwise related themes.

Negotiations are still ongoing over this year's round of agreements, though, the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) has said, and could take up to another month to be given the green light.

In 1% of cases ongoing of is used

Here we have cuts ongoing of $59.

There are studies on-going of life-paths.

The woman makes fire and feeds the children, who will ensure the ongoing of the life from cradle to grave.

The fight has been ongoing of whether or not the economy is in the recovery stage or actually getting worse.

They currently have a sale ongoing of up to 80% off, so I'd making the most if it! Don't forget to check it out yourself.

Some Danny Phantom episodes focus on main character Danny handling his own affairs while the B plot takes a look at the ongoing of his best friends Tucker and Sam.

Despite on-going of privileges and assistance and the government's concerted efforts and initiatives, Malay entrepreneurship still continues to lag behind that of the Chinese.

In 1% of cases ongoing from is used

The basic security process has been ongoing from the start.

This is part of the ' War on People ' (OGH) ongoing from mid-2009.

Some of these are ongoing from previous years and some are new programs.

My employer had numerous grievances ongoing from workers in various departments.

This transformation of education will take at least 30 years and be ongoing from there.

First, assuming that both thermal expansion and cryosphere decline remained ongoing from 3/10 to 3/11, then 3.

Magic of the Night Boat Parade 2012 is currently ongoing from 30th June till 8th July at Precinct 2 in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

ONGOING FROM DECEMBER -- SHOP WINDOW -- we will be using empty shop spaces to exhibit the feedback we receive from these events.

Other moderate and minor flooding is ongoing from southwest New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania to central Maryland and northeast Virginia.

These promotional premium flatbed deals are ongoing from the 1st Oct until the 28th October 2012 where you can book these amazing deals from the main website.

In 1% of cases ongoing during is used

The study was on-going during the year.

Here is the Storm-Shuffle that has been ongoing during this past catastrophic week.

The frequency of playing rises uptill ongoing during the last night before initiation.

Especially when the Namibia genocide (unlike the Young Turk genocide) was over, and not ongoing during WWI.

Many of these painting on the galleries were very old and restoration work was still ongoing during our visit.

Chief executive Julian Coles confirmed that a Post Office consultation process has been ongoing during recent weeks.

Installation of pedestrian fence on the bridge will be ongoing during this reporting period Paving and striping will be completed during this reporting period.

In 1% of cases ongoing by is used

The investigation is ongoing by two judges, not by the prosecution.

Funding Fund raising is ongoing by the Bongo Development Trust in the UK.

One investigation remains ongoing by the PSC, and two remain ongoing at the IRB.

An investigation is ongoing by the Police and all information is not fully known.

Here you can join the rest of the party that is always ongoing by the large restaurant and bar located on the spot.

Hence both sides need to be very careful in their choice of candidates because ' negotiations ' are ongoing by both sides of the political divide for potential crossover candidates.

For instance, a ccreditation started by 9am and was still on-going by past 1pm at Polling Unit 007, Ward 5, Owo LGA because area boys had caused disturbance and delays at the collection center.

We have worked to make the project sustainable and ongoing by using an earned revenue model whereby a portion of course fees goes to the facilitators and a percentage is retained by InterChange.

In 1% of cases ongoing after is used

The case is ongoing after a long break in the process.

When i appreciated rentals well over each and every shoes that practice of my ongoing after the graduating.

War between the Alethi and Parshendi has been on-going after the Parshhendi killed the Alethi King Galivar.

This designed after World War II and ongoing after the breaks of communism, so forwarding USA principles to the globe increased faster.

In 1% of cases ongoing across is used

Multiple airstrikes are ongoing across the Gaza Strip.

Student group projects are on-going across 14 weeks of a 15-week semester.

And there are reviews of services ongoing across NHS trusts in London and the east Midlands.

This regional approach could greatly serve to leverage the tremendous efforts already on-going across all countries in the region.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police The RCMP operates Canada-wide and may be a useful resource in determining answers to issues on-going across the country.

This, however, should not be seen as an isolated incident -- strikes, often wildcat ones, in pursuit of higher salaries and better conditions have been ongoing across South Africa's platinum belt.

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