Prepositions after "odd"

odd to, for, about, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases odd to is used

Now this might seem odd to you.

The clothes all smell odd to me.

That claim seems fairly odd to me.

It's odd to me how Catholics are always accused of idolatry specifically by Evangelicals.

It still seems odd to me that someone would travel so far to do what they can do at home.

I know how exhausted I feel but it still seems odd to me to lose such big chunks of time.

It just seems odd to me that the way the consultation is framed children have to do all sciences but only one language.

It seems very odd to me that the police didn't begin to react much until after the major vandalism yesterday afternoon.

The army It may sound odd to a western reader, but the most common way to become a slave in Russia is to join the army.

In 18% of cases odd for is used

I found it odd for two reasons.

The comments were so odd for me.

It would have been too odd for D.

As though the Gunners are odd for not enjoying a good 90 minutes of kicking and fouling.

After that Im back to the struggling beetle! Yesterdays first supersets were odd for me.

The first day we gave him gripe water he slept for a whole 4 hours which was odd for him.

But it is certainly odd for a company to throw out such an open ended statement and rebuff requests for clarification.

It seems odd for a caring mother to have multiple children with a partner she thinks could dump them for new children.

Four hours later flames still licked at the remains, which seemed odd for a shack that should have taken minutes to burn.

He had a Scentsy warmer in his front room that I thought was very odd for a bachelor, in addition to a pink coffee maker.

In 15% of cases odd about is used

It was odd about the rose-bush.

There's something odd about that.

There was something odd about him.

I do find it a little odd about the ash at the end but it didn't ruin the film for me.

Anonymous What's so odd about Rush is that he's talking to the same right wing nutjobs.

THERE WAS SOMETHING odd about the black car at the junction of Sutter and Hyde Streets.

Posted by: Rob November 18, 2010 7:57 AM What's odd about the game is that you can also take it the other way around.

Make it smooth and keep it interesting, so that someone reading or listening would never notice anything odd about it.

I can't quite put my finger on it but there is something distinctly odd about this middle class defence of cannabis use.

ERIC SCHMIDT: What's very odd about this conversation is you're saying technology doesn't matter, that it's all politics.

In 15% of cases odd in is used

And doing something odd in 1991.

We are very odd in this respect.

It's a bit, well, odd in places.

He looked a little odd in the get-up, like a character playing a tourist in a roots play.

But, for the German gravitational wave detector, it did find something odd in its results.

I know he scored 70 odd in the second innings but we need this on a more consistent basis.

Despite looking rather odd in the box once I had demonstarted it with one of the bottles I had bought he was well away.

One of the more irritating aspects of this campaign was its limited focus, odd in light of the billions of dollars spent.

When watching Fellowship as a whole picture, and looking for anything odd in the picture, I must admit I noticed nothing.

This sounds rather odd in this application, but is necessary because HTK is set up to recognise words rather than phones.

In 3% of cases odd at is used

The ritual seems a bit odd at the time.

I felt odd at times, out of place almost.

Or at least I thought it was odd at the time.

It is a genuinely experimental piece which was more odd at the time than it sounds today.

Whilst Ferguson is obviously a good manager, some of his choices of players is very odd at times.

I thought that odd at the time, but on reflection I can see that it was when Ecology captured ENV.

If you can do it, though it feels very odd at the time, it is so worth it to help them stablise their sugar level asap.

I seriously want to know how they came up with this song! Dreams are crazy and totally odd at times, but some of this makes no sense.

Now that was certainly a touch of Asian influence which, though seems odd at first glance, was surprisingly complementary to the main meal.

In 3% of cases odd on is used

My goal is a bit of an odd on tho.

That is odd on the head gasket problem.

The odd one out should not be too obvious.

The Burt's Bees Cocoa Lip Shimmer leaves my lilps SO dry and the color is really odd on me.

Children in pairs or small groups have to identify which they think is the odd on out and why.

The betting community puts a very high odd on BoE Deputy Governor Paul Tucker becoming the next governor.

The government waste too much of our money on the space program and it odd on how we have never went to the moon no more.

If you receive a suspicious link or someone posts something odd on your wall either ask the person what it is or just delete it.

It startled him; she wasn't the first to use his proper name, but it happened rarely enough that the sound of it lay odd on his ears.

The cut is simple but it fits me like a dream, which is amazing as cut out dresses sometimes look a bit odd on me because Im kinda short.

In 3% of cases odd with is used

I did notice something odd with font rendering.

There's something very odd with that kind of behavior.

This seems at odd with the target ' car inflation rate ' of 1.

And if I said that the sport was a bit odd with the males, with the females is waaaay beyond that.

Now your odd with me even though you are the one who let me down when you knew I wanted to see you.

If you stretch the word nice to also mean ' wonderfully odd with impressive views ', then Festival No.

Mooseman - MAR 19, 2012 Things are starting to get odd with all those weird stories we've been hearing about on the news.

He thinks if he is thinking this is odd, very odd, more odd with each step along the way, then she might think it odd also.

I've fixed the limited height of mail-list but not of Chat sidebar since it looks really odd with a full Chat list in sidebar.

There's nothing fancy with their love lines and i find it odd with the mother in law meddling with her children's love affairs.

In 2% of cases odd considering is used

Odd considering he now refuses to even be interviewed.

Very odd considering no formal qualifications are required.

Very odd considering both are German and one is the reigning double world champion.

This is great and some comments here are a bit odd considering the tone of this article.

Granted it is a campaign year, but still odd considering what's going on in the Middle East.

First, is it really prudent to stage a robbery in Jamaica? Strikes me as a bit odd considering our crime rate.

He'd like to keep things lily white and Christian (which is odd considering his numerous arrests on morals charges).

Odd considering marriage for her is not such a huge issue, being our first Prime Minister to be living in sin at the lodge.

And perhaps how insecure he still is as an artist in his own right - which is odd considering how famous and successful he is.

In 2% of cases odd from is used

The 3 million threshold looks odd from every point of view.

ET Now: 1000 crores odd from the sale of the Russia CIS business.

Just to let you know, this post looks a little bit odd from my android phone.

The decision to remove US troops from South Vietnam may have been odd from a military point of view.

Several of the doctors in our team said afterwards that they had heard something odd from many parents.

Possibly one side has more scars, or some particular feature of the face appears somewhat odd from a certain side.

Not a terrible result but I was more than confident I would be able to improve that in the heats! Heat one was odd from the beginning.

For the life of me, found it nearly impossible to understand what she was saying which I thought odd from a mega company like Microsoft.

Nothing too weird, which is disapointing compared to Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate, which let the viewer know something was odd from the start.

The fort is odd from a military point of view because it would have been almost impossible to defend: it has numerous entrances and no source of water inside.

In 2% of cases odd of is used

Without an odd of a lie, Here Lies Henry is a find.

Kind of odd of her to be complaining about such things now.

It sounds silly, but I don't think it's that odd of a fear.

In fact it is odd of the externalist to see his theory as providing interior illumination.

Should they not wish those comments to be in public, then, um, it was odd of them to do that.

Players want it - just the 700 odd of them! It's not like Clubs were not aware of the its consequences.

Clearly where one repressive dictatorial kleptomanic can not be trusted one hundred odd of them will clearly do a better job.

Greece has a 7/10 odd of scoring in the Pole's goal, which gives him quite a good chance of finishing the game with a clean sheet.

Installed with what looks like will be an ability to do want it wants without constraint upon the back of 35% odd of the eligible vote.

As Y sperm moves faster but have short lifespan, having intercourse at the time or near the ovulation will raise the odd of how to have baby boy.

In 1% of cases odd after is used

Feels so odd after drifting for so long.

I found it quite odd after Bob's demise that people.

Could he be right? Maybe he wasn't so odd after all.

I find it odd after reading about the coup and cover up Oprah just happened to interview her family.

THis seems odd after requiring the customer to put in their billing information in the previous screen.

I expected more culture shock, to find those quaint English people odd after so long doing things the Chinese way, but in fact I've been taken aback by, well, how normal it all is.

In 1% of cases odd as is used

You can be odd as a guiri but not rude.

The screen size can feel odd as a tablet.

When the batsman shuffles, you do feel odd as a bowler.

This was very odd as the last letter that I had received from BT informed me that I was 10 in credit.

Coincidence that you dropped the alliance when Kraken started to attack huh? Your ODD as a tribe is 11 MILLION.

Departure seemed odd as the ship seemed to be pulled sideways for quite come time before heading forward to Port Said.

Sometimes I get tired of traditional song structures so I wanted something kind of odd as the centerpiece of the album.

However, there doesn't seem to be anything that actually requires gems and only gems, it makes them feel really odd as a currency.

Occasionally you get something a bit odd as a result, and sometimes its just that they published a story in the wrong feed initially.

Actually, the greater odd as well as silent and invisible the niche, the more likely it may proceed viral and be of curiosity to a much larger audience.

In 1% of cases odd by is used

The Spartan wedding ceremony was decidedly odd by the way.

The religion was still thought of as odd by most Americans.

They are probably regarded as odd by the Big 4 (although I haven't seen it in print.

What is acceptable by one community group may look quite odd by those in another community group.

You may find that my patch has very little gain if you are playing at low volume, or sounds odd by itself.

Have you beeneducated on ODD by a professional? It sounds ore like a prson just juging without all her facts.

The homes Peirce designed look odd by many of today's standards, and they certainly didn't allow for a diversity of family forms.

He also clearly commanded that this prayer at night be made odd by praying a single raka ' by which one intends on completing their worship.

Forty years ago in my first post-college job I was considered odd by my co-workers because I did not drive or own a TV the latter especially was considered almost un-American!

Not saying that the GST is good - just that having a conservative party back it is very very odd by international and economic Alpo: 07 May 2012 5:57:16pm alan, you are a man,.

In 1% of cases odd like is used

Most of all thank you for brightening my days with your humour that is odd like me.

I am eating a lot of cheese and bagels but nothing too odd like coal! I am loving being pregnant.

I really like the name Tristan (on both genders because, as I said above, I'd just odd like that.

So if you have anything odd like that do tell!! (not fluffyXDD my friend named his Rainbow boa that.

Certain rivals seem a bit odd like Evil Cole and Fat Princess, but the battles are all entertaining, especially Nathan Drake vs.

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