Prepositions after "obsess"

"obsess about" or "obsess over"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases obsess about is used
    Equipment - there is a tendency to obsess about equipment at intermediate level.
    When I used to wage war with my body, I often found myself obsessing about food.
    So we can now obsess about the structures at the BBC and ignore the presenting issue.
    I am not suggesting that the answer to consumerism is to start obsessing about food and drink.
    This is often the catalyst that makes them speak up (and although it is easy to obsess about them, they are just a side show).
    A real one, and not obsess about me to the point where you spend a untold amount of time scrolling through my comments on my blog.
    Too often, we obsess about statistics, about historical data, about reviews and other people's experiences, but we forget what our gut feel tells us.
    Unless you are in the campaign or have influence with someone who is, it is absolutely useless to the cause to either rip on Obama or to obsess about the polls.
    Why focus on that four weeks later? Some of you are not enjoying the positives that are happening at SC because of obsessing about the woulda coulda shouldas.
    It's easy to obsess about your weight during pregnancy, especially if you're having a hard time staying within the 25- to 35-pound gain recommended for most women of normal weight.

    In 24% of cases obsess over is used
    Food is fun in moderation but it shouldnt be obsessed over IMO.
    So you need not be obsessed over brainstorming for extensive time.
    I obsess over it until either I solve it, or something else makes me forget.
    Get a new hobby or something and stop obsessing over what is not happening in the world of hockey.
    You should definitely try cosmic karma, zodiac and late show, they're fab! ahhhh finally! i found someone who obsesses over topshop nail varnishes like i do haha.
    I've never met ANYONE who actually enjoys the process of constantly obsessing over food or being irritable and cranky because they're cutting carbs or counting calories all the time.
    This was the same time I was obsessing over Wong Kar-Wai and Krzysztof Kieslowski, purchasing with whatever I can save from my humble allowance each and every DVD copy of their films.

    In 13% of cases obsess on is used
    Neither does he make science accessible to me, I can't concentrate on whatever is coming out of his mouth because my usually dormant sense of fashion keeps me obsessing on the fact that he 's.

    In 5% of cases obsess with is used
    I obsess with Nin and appreciate Woolf.
    Who knew that obsessing with this portrait when I was a child would lead me here? Such is the weirdness of life.

    In 2% of cases obsess against is used
    Queeg obsessing against Bush for more than eight years.

    In 2% of cases obsess for is used
    obsessing for too long over a design and making too many changes seldom adds real value to the design process.

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