Prepositions after "obscure"

obscure by, for, from, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 72% of cases obscure by is used
    The tornado dropped quickly and became obscured by wrapping rain.
    The sting of the legislation was obscured by being distributed in three separate acts.
    Along the way, there have been immense gains that sometimes are obscured by the central impasse.
    Restore true color and detail to image features obscured by natural haziness (caused by atmospheric effects).
    This development has been obscured by the diversity of plans for monetary reform coming out of the pro-gold camp.
    His face is obscured by the shadow cast by his hat, but we can see that he is also supporting the pregnant woman.
    I like seeing glass - a truly amazing, under-appreciated material - featured like this, and not obscured by labelling.
    The walls are obscured by banker's boxes, stacked five high like modernist towers and stuffed with files for Taylor's case.
    I think it's the right thing to do, it's an important piece of hacker lore to remain obscured by people who don't appreciate it.
    If we look at it from different perspectives, we see important facets of it which are hidden or obscured by our legalistic gaze.

    In 3% of cases obscure for is used
    It is indeed a powerful piece of prose (the ' Jerry Lewis ' reference a little obscure for younger generations).

    In 3% of cases obscure from is used
    But sometimes point A and point B are so obscured from each other that you have to use a series of straight lines that navigate through all the crazy between the two points.

    In 3% of cases obscure in is used
    But enough has been said by way of apology for whatever may have seemed amiss or obscure in the character of the merchant; so nothing remains but to turn to our comedy, or, rather,.

    In 3% of cases obscure to is used
    It's a thrill ride where the lines of the paranormal and the human psyche is obscured to such an extent that you aren't sure what's real and what's not.

    In 2% of cases obscure among is used
    As an ordinary human with normal observational capability it wasn't that hard to note/jolt down the main reason which got obscured among all the superficiality.

    In 2% of cases obscure because is used
    In God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality (Philadelphia, 1978 ), she maintained that the female perspective on faith had been obscured because of centuries of male interpretation, and must be recovered.

    In 2% of cases obscure like is used
    From the more famous such as the small Oklahoma towns in Twister to the relatively obscure like the OSU Student Union's appearance in a campy thriller, these are the best.

    In 2% of cases obscure under is used
    The environmental impact of oil pipeline spills is obscured under this rubric.

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