Prepositions after "oblige"

oblige to, by, with, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases oblige to is used
    Children are not obliged to fast.
    Jae obliged to an interview which took about 15 minutes.
    If it was necessary to go to her attic for anything, Sara was obliged to light a candle.
    I am much obliged to you for the hint you have given me, and look upon it as the first step I ought to take.
    Thursday I was already reporting for work because they made me feel obliged to, even after reporting the incident.
    I would like to recall that with the Treaty of Fomena in 1874, the Asantes were obliged to a) Pay an indemnity of 50.
    The Carthaginians, being shut in on all sides, were obliged to resort to an appeal to the states in alliance with them.
    Their child/ren should oblige to their parents monitoring them because their parents bought &; entrusted the phone to them.
    Martin COULD have tried to cobble together enough support to maintain the confidence of the House, but he's not obliged to.
    Such a system, wherein innovators are obliged to only use patent portfolios defensibly is in fact what Schultz and Urban go on to propose.

    In 14% of cases oblige by is used
    When the future Buddha wishes to turn back and see his city, the earth obliges by turning itself around like a potter's wheel.
    Most Irish people still dislike the idea of abortion to the extent that we never confront it until we are obliged by events to do so.
    JJK obliged by keeping a dangerously high defence line in order to squeeze the midfield and try to stop the host from keeping possession.
    In 1978, the Queen was obliged by then Labour premier James Callaghan to receive Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife even though he was accused of killing thousands of his citizens.

    In 10% of cases oblige with is used
    Adam Oakes obliged with his usual calmly taken effort to level the scores.
    MUSLIMS are wallowing in Muslim/Arab blood my friend, in Iraq, Afghanstan, Darfur, just to name a few - ' HeiGou ' will doubtless oblige with a longer list.
    The Auditor General recently noted that Forestry Tasmania needed $250 million in fresh capital, the last Budget obliged with an appropriation of $110 million contingency funding.
    Tungamalenga Lodge and Camping Search, View and Navigation Activities The camp will oblige with walking safaris to the village tourists attractions accompanied by a qualified tour guide.

    In 8% of cases oblige in is used
    I can understand that I am arrogant but I am obliged in this scientific world.

    In 2% of cases oblige for is used
    Transcription I am much obliged for the photograph of yourself and friend.

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