Prepositions after "obligatory"

"obligatory for" or "obligatory on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases obligatory for is used

All 5 are obligatory for every Muslim.

Rule: If bathing is obligatory for you.

Is it obligatory for Muslims to marry? A.

It is almost obligatory for every one to have an email in the modern world today.

To offer a Funeral Prayer for a Muslim is obligatory for the body of all Muslims.

He enforced justice, making it obligatory for men to fulfill the rights of women.

It is generally not obligatory for change of name to be registered with anyone, let alone Registrars of Births.

Therefore, it is obligatory for us to accept the creation of Allaah as it is, not making any alterations to it.

Since a menstruating woman does not have the ability to take wudu, performing prayers is not obligatory for her.

In 28% of cases obligatory on is used

Hijab is obligatory on every woman.

Zakaat al-fitr is obligatory on Muslims.

Juma is not obligatory on an ill person.

If a person vows to perform a certain action it is obligatory on him to perform it.

In this case, Zakat will be obligatory on the current market value of the property.

If one forgets performing them, it is obligatory on him to return and perform them.

It will also be obligatory on goods that are under process of being prepared or are in the form of raw material.

It is obligatory once in life on every adult Muslim, male or female, who can afford it physically and financially.

If one fulfills the above, it is obligatory on him to sacrifice one goat or sheep, or a seventh of a camel or cow.

In 17% of cases obligatory upon is used

It is obligatory upon all Muslims to give 2.

So, it is obligatory upon them to command them (i.

Allah has made fasting during it obligatory upon you.

These people are your dependents, it is obligatory upon you to provide for them.

Fast Days Of The Sufis Ramadan: The thirty-day fast obligatory upon all Muslims.

Qadha Namaz of father which are, as a precaution, obligatory upon his eldest son.

As though what he is active for is obligatory upon him whereas in whatever he is slow was not required of him.

RECIPIENTS OF ZAKAH For all types of Zakah, the intention is obligatory upon setting one's Zakah portion aside.

If someone informs you of something bad about someone else, it is obligatory upon you to investigate the matter.

Imam Abu Hanifah, however, adopted the position that sacrifice is obligatory upon those who can afford to do it.

In 7% of cases obligatory in is used

This should be obligatory in all lifts.

Polygamy is not obligatory in Islam act.

Tipping is not obligatory in most places.

As of 1 July 2012, single use breathalysers are obligatory in all motorised vehicles.

Beautiful view, clean, well kept, but very obligatory in its presentation and service.

The following 4 things are obligatory in tayammum performed instead of Ghusl or Wudhu.

The reciting of al-Fatihah is obligatory in each rak'ah, and one may recite whatever one wishes to, after Al-Fatihah.

The Sci-Fi produced through that paradigm all happen to be useless (&; yes, religiously wrong) -- but obligatory in U.

In 2% of cases obligatory by is used

It is not obligatory by law to prepare a Will for yourself and it is an easy task to put off.

The Finance of the Parish is catered for by the Finance Committee which is obligatory by Canon Law.

The enlightened will always be ahed of the curve, but making something obligatory by law forces the change.

It is possible to say that the travel becomes obligatory by the mukallaf having certainty, like some have said.

It is a month in which each day should be observed by fasting, this has been made obligatory by the Almighty Allah.

For this reason, and for the reason that every prayer has been made obligatory by Allah, leaving Fajr is unIslamic.

In the technical Shariah meaning, Zakat means that part of wealth whose payment has been made obligatory by Allah and His Prophet (SM).

The Grand Imam ends his exposition of reasoning by outlining that reasoning is obligatory by virtue of ijma ' or consensus of the Community.

In 754, the Emperor Pepin, in the presence of Pope Stephen II, made it obligatory by royal decree to use the Gregorian liturgy in his kingdom.

Every act that can be imagined is either prohibited or made obligatory by at least one of the hundreds of religions our planet is graced with.

In 1% of cases obligatory at is used


Education is obligatory at all levels from maternal to the diversified secondary level.

Silence was obligatory at most times -- which for me was not a problem as I could not speak English anyway.

Zakaat al-Fitr is a kind of charity (sadaqah) that is obligatory at the time of breaking the fast of Ramadaan.

Definition Zakaat al-Fitr is a kind of charity (sadaqah) that is obligatory at the time of breaking the fast of Ramadaan.

On the other hand, a defensive war can become obligatory at any time and can also become obligatory upon men as well as women.

I impatiently gulped down the cup of tea, which was all but obligatory at the occasion, and then I hurried back to my room at college.

Whether it's fried pickles or a selection of local beers on tap, a proven best-seller at one pub quickly becomes obligatory at the rest.

You don't have to be the topnotch entertainer, baker, customer and all the separate property that we sense are obligatory at this incident of the yr.

Instruction in the same is obligatory at all levels of public and private education up to the diversified cycle, with such exceptions as may be established by law.

In 1% of cases obligatory from is used

Justice is obligatory from everyone toward everyone and in all situations.

The five daily Prayers become obligatory from the moment a person embraces Islam.

Education is obligatory from the age of 6 until the age of 18, but most Belgian students keep on studying until the age of 23.

The majority of scholars view that the fulfilment of wa'd is recommended but not obligatory from both religious and legal perspectives.

Although registration was obligatory from the start, there were many omissions in the early years, especially in the more remote areas of the west.

For a Meccan performing Hajj al-tamattu; the sacrifice is obligatory from the viewpoint of the Imamiyyah school, but not according to the four Sunni schools.

In Brazil, reporting in IFRS format becomes obligatory from December 2010 onwards, although companies are free to begin this type of reporting during the year.

Remember the time when we gave the book to Musa that is, Torah, when we took promise from The Israelites to believe and to obey every command written obligatory from them.

In 1% of cases obligatory like is used

Originally Posted by??? It can be obligatory like salah, according to the scholars.

Some men like to talk as if polygyny is obligatory like salah It can be obligatory like salah, according to the scholars.

The reason being that he had noticed that the people started praying the Tahajjud in the mosque and he feared that it might be perceived as obligatory like the other five prayers.

In 1% of cases obligatory to is used

The Hanbalis say: It is obligatory to recite it twice.

It is obligatory to leave the lands of the Bidah(innovation).

True, indeed, by the law of Moses; but that is not obligatory to us Christians.

A is obligatory to all first-year students to assess the required level of math.

States are obligatory to the IHR laws, and are part of the international mechanism.

According to the Imamis, it is obligatory to stay motionless in this standing (qiyyam) too.

The Hanafis do not consider it obligatory to sit between the sajdahs; the remaining schools consider it obligatory.

Allah has made the work of dakwah obligatory to all Muslims and upon entering Islam; the first order is to do dakwah.

It falls under the category where the five rulings apply to it depending on the situation, ranging from obligatory to forbidden.

Al-Nawawi said in al-Majmoo? (2/386 ): The ummah is also unanimously agreed that it is obligatory to make up missed Ramadaan fasts.

In 1% of cases obligatory under is used

In these cases reply is obligatory under penalty of a fine.

They would even emulate him in matters in which it was not obligatory under the Shari ah to follow him.

Please contact the Ministry of Manpower or your insurance agent to determine if the insurance is obligatory under WICA.

In England in the 10th century, payment was made obligatory under ecclesiastical penalties by Edmund I and under temporal penalties by Edgar.

It is not obligatory under the regulations that the UPSI must be in the possession or knowledge of ' a company ' in whose securities an insider of ' the company ' deals.

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