Prepositions after "novel"

novel by, in, about, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases novel by is used

DeVincentis from the 2006 novel by Frank Portman.

Fox?, based on a children? s novel by Roald Dahl.

The action is taken from the 2011 novel by Daniel H.

The film is based on The End of the Affair, a 1951 novel by British author Graham Greene.

Based on a 2003 novel by Lionel Shriver, We need talk to about Kevin was released in 2011.

His next film, Montauk, a modern adaptation of the 1975 novel by Swiss writer Max Frisch, is set there.

The Island Of Dr Moreau What? An 1896 novel by HG Wells which examined mankind's arrogance when dicking about with nature.

It was to have been based on a 1936 novel by Thorne Smith about a photographer who invents a compound that makes him invisible.

Read the book About the film The Restraint Of Beasts The 1998 novel by Magnus Mills was shortlisted for the booker Prize that year.

Read the book About the film The host Based on a novel by Stephenie Meyer, The Host features Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger and William Hurt.

In 14% of cases novel in is used

There is nothing novel in this statement of the moral judgment.

As far as I can tell, this was fairly novel in web development.

The word? decentralisation? was still quite novel in Malaysian political parlance then.

I participated in 2009, and successfully completed the writing of a 50,000 novel in 30 days.

In this there is a valid argument, as songs of this kind are fairly novel in the repertoire.

The half-indoors half-outdoors style dining is lovely at night, and the proximity to a main road is quite novel in Colombo.

What was novel in the new notation may simply be responded to as ' error ' or noise within that system and therefore avoided.

Further, it is novel in that Cha Muwon became the successor to the group due to his abilities and not because he was the lead.

The proposition that capital is an indispensable factor in production has nothing novel in it to one versed in economic theory.

In 10% of cases novel about is used

There's nothing novel about it.

There is nothing novel about such legislation.

There's certainly nothing novel about the rest of the paper.

I haven't come across this before, so there may be something novel about your environment.

Of course, we need not to be reminded that there is nothing novel about collectivity in art as such.

What is novel about evolutionary game theory is that moves are not chosen by economically rational agents.

Nothing novel about that, except that the River Boyne was coal-fired, a technology that went out with the dinosaurs.

Higgins? 1974 novel about a mob enforcer called in to hunt down the robbers of a high stakes, mob-sponsored poker game.

This is an adaptation of Barbey D'Aurevilly's 1851 novel about an impoverished aristocrat obsessed with his old mistress.

Sinclair's 1905 novel about the grotesqueries of the meat industry inspired outrage and led to the 1906 Federal Meat Inspection Act.

In 8% of cases novel to is used

Neither sensation was novel to her.

That was an experience quite novel to me.

And that experience is novel to many, filling a true void.

It is no longer as novel to have spent time with people from different parts of the globe.

Since you are novel to using this instrument, you need to get the posture right in the beginning.

I don't know what it is about holding a book and flipping through its pages that makes it so novel to me.

The farmyard chooks serve as motif, acting as barometers throughout the novel to punctuate the minutiae of daily life.

A racist joke may seem as novel to them when they tell it as it is commonplace to the person who is the butt of the joke.

If the idea of moral ambiguity is less novel to you, seeing Flight won't exactly feel like rediscovering The Battle of Algiers.

The information given about creative therapies may be novel to many working in psychiatry and could inform service development.

In 6% of cases novel for is used

The IPL is novel for a few reasons.

The gesture struck me as absolutely novel for me.

It's something that would be novel for the United States.

One looks forward to a Covert One novel for its unique combination of bio-hazard threats,.

The six faces which were familiar for one group served as novel for the other group and vice versa.

That Inquiry was novel for its time, in that it heard from Dene, Inuvialuit and Inuit communities throughout the Western Arctic.

It will be the first time NRL teams have played a game in Dunedin and it is something novel for a city better known for rugby union.

A new culture of proactive service improvement based on assessing user opinion is novel for mainstream civil service agencies in Nigeria.

It is only novel predictive success that is surprising, where an observed fact is novel for a theory when it was not used to construct it.

In 2% of cases novel at is used

It seems trivial today, but the idea was novel at the time.

The concept of choosing your own mate was novel at the time.

Sixty-two percent of the OTUs sequenced were novel at a threshold of 3%.

This means that the pivotally mounted knee rests were not novel at the time of registration.

There is nothing novel at hand when the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church takes reactionary positions on contemporary issues.

In 2% of cases novel on is used

As fans of the 1999 novel on which the film is based will attest, Perks could not be farther from your standard happy-go-lucky teen movie fare.

A writer himself, once passingly successful, now not, he nurses an ambition to write a blackguardly novel on the Cline or Miller model if he can find a way to do it.

In 2% of cases novel with is used

A novel with a great deal of heart indeed.

I think this is a love it or hate it novel with very little middle ground.

The film is an adaptation of F Scott Fitzgeralds 1925 novel with the same name.

PAGE, Gertrude The Winding Paths Hurst &; Blackett c 1911 8th ed 12888 A novel with a suffrage theme.

I have trouble believing that an ordinary reader made it through this novel without a dictionary in hand.

Adapting Matthew Lewis ' controversial 1796 novel with a sharp eye for classical detail, director Dominik Moll goes a long way towards dragging the genre back to its roots.

In 1% of cases novel as is used

To be sure, the water frame was not as uniquely novel as that.

Vikki described this debut YA novel as a realistic dystopian society that reads like a survivor novel.

The paradox which I had set forth in this fashion, is not exactly novel as a matter of general principle.

In 1% of cases novel of is used

He describes an episode where he bugged the SEC officials who were trying to investigate his books, this I also find quite novel of him.

The most novel of the jetties was Plimmer's Ark, a ship's hulk that merchant John Plimmer beached in 1849 at the southern end of Lambton Quay.

Surprisingly, it is the most novel of the three books, even though more than twenty-five anthologies of southern literature have been published since the Civil War.

In 1% of cases novel without is used

The idea of controlling animals in this literal dog-eat-dog, post-apocalyptic Tokyo is certainly novel without a doubt.

Covering some of the same physical and thematic terrain as Novel Without a Name (see above ), The Sorrow of War is often as chaotic in construction as the events it describes.

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