Prepositions after "noteworthy"

"noteworthy for" or "noteworthy in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases noteworthy for is used

It is noteworthy for its friezes.

But it is noteworthy for a couple of reasons.

The initiative is noteworthy for two reasons.

That's noteworthy for starting a streak of eating it every night for over a year.

It was noteworthy for its brutal repression of both Muslims and Jews in Palestine.

Malaya Command are also noteworthy for winning the Philippines championship in 1935.

It's especially noteworthy for the coral offshore; a good place for snorkelling, or for heading off in scuba gear.

The decision is also noteworthy for the approach taken to contributory negligence for failing to wear a cycle helmet.

Aside from (probably) marking the beginning of World War II in Asia, the 9-18 incident is noteworthy for three reasons.

Burroughs ' stories, whether Barsoom or Tarzan, weren't exactly noteworthy for their racial sensitivity in the first place.

In 23% of cases noteworthy in is used

There is nothing noteworthy in that.

Featured in New and Noteworthy in App Store.

Three elements are noteworthy in the Kasab case.

What is noteworthy in this network is the dominance of young technically inclined women.

The first paying public presentations of the Cinmatogaphe were noteworthy in this regard.

Quite noteworthy in the manner of sacrifices always requested of the people, is patience.

Macro Notes Noteworthy in the Oct FOMC minutes was the discussion on the effects of the Sept announcement of QE3.

The name has not been very noteworthy in the political and cultural history of Ireland, but in this connection Rev.

What I found on this trip is that the Cabernets in the $15-$25 range were particularly noteworthy in terms of value.

It's all the more noteworthy in the fact that this universe wasn't fully mapped out when the first film was conceived.

In 9% of cases noteworthy about is used

Nothing terribly noteworthy about that.

Two things are noteworthy about the Times story.

Three things are noteworthy about sex-selection in Asia.

What is noteworthy about the comment is how absolute it is.

Looking over the press release, I find nothing else noteworthy about the Nokia 6080.

What is noteworthy about our trips to Ireland is that Mary and I have learned to go without an agenda.

What was noteworthy about today's outage was the coincidental failure of two parallel systems at nearly the same time.

Something else that's noteworthy about this latest rash of attacks is that it's note clear where to assign responsibility.

What is noteworthy about the family is that it hasn't shown the slightest interest in breaking out of its parochial mould.

A number of things are noteworthy about this interaction: - The driver was not stopped for any offence or suspected offence.

In 8% of cases noteworthy of is used

One of the more noteworthy of these involved St Munchin.

The most noteworthy of these faces were those of the women.

The most noteworthy of the Tullys was Father Fiacre Tully, O.

The most noteworthy of all Irish-American labor leaders was Terence Vincent Powderly.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of these is the introduction of the all-new Classic mode.

Among the most noteworthy of these new ministers is Lubna al-Qasimi, who founded Tejari.

Most noteworthy of Moresco I's awards for its 2011 performance include the Grand Diamond Electric Cooperative for the Emmanuel N.

These people are always down, always needy and they probably have no real prospects of making something noteworthy of their life.

In 1598, the most noteworthy of their chiefs, Hugh Maguire, commanded the Irish cavalry to victory at the Battle of the Yellow Ford.

A reconstructed native village which also has an art gallery and attracts many indigenous artists, most noteworthy of whom is BenCab.

In 5% of cases noteworthy to is used

Its graphics however, are not noteworthy to the say the least.

Perhaps it wasn't the most earth shattering lesson ever, but it was noteworthy to me.

On top of the many accolades that The Predator Course receives each year, the most noteworthy to date is our 4.

From new &; noteworthy to best all-inclusive, we've selected our picks-- the best of the best in each category.

What is noteworthy to possessing a thriving the trading affair consists of acquiring information and being open.

Your exchange with Russell, and your sharing of it, is indeed noteworthy to me, perhaps as inspiring as your moment with Mr.

To date, various forms of banking have taken place in modern financial system wherein conventional and Islamic banking are rather noteworthy to our people.

It's noteworthy to me how we went into the crisis with inflation (and maybe expected inflation) a bit above target, and yet still hit the lower bound on nominal interest rates.

In 3% of cases noteworthy among is used

The noteworthy among them are Vasunanda, Candaka, Matrgupta and Vakpatiraja (Roy, 2005).

Most noteworthy among these were a Korean priest, Andrew Kim Taegon, and a lay catechist, Paul Chong Hasang.

Where do you think the Turtle system evolved from? He is noteworthy among traders in general, as he was the originator of the managed money industry.

The further back we go, the more satisfactory is found to be the position of women in more spheres than one; and the field of education is most noteworthy among them.

In 3% of cases noteworthy as is used

It can be noteworthy as well as being very simple.

The Dutch Welsummer is noteworthy as a producer of deep brown eggs.

These points are noteworthy as the total process of car accident claim is not always that smooth.

The cancelation was particularly noteworthy as the Chinese economy slips into a period of slower growth.

Yet Fitzgibbon's assault is still noteworthy as a high-profile contribution to the long-running Defence argument about the problems of the diarchy.

Georgetown Overview Noteworthy as the only state in Malaysia to have a Chinese majority population, Penang's sub-culture is a mixture of Asia itself.

I'd sure there will be more in the future that don't have him taking an active role in proceedings but this is noteworthy as the first story in which it happens.

The story is particularly noteworthy as a prediction of massively networked personal computers and their drawbacks, written at a time when computing was in its infancy.

The extension of this pattern to a less acute, less catastrophic hazard is noteworthy as relates to issues such as the planning of post-disaster intervention efforts (see also LaGreca et al.

In 3% of cases noteworthy on is used

This track is noteworthy on several counts.

And then it was a bunch of guys, from the tall to the small, none of them particularly noteworthy on this night.

Although noteworthy on its own, the point that really interests me is that this will likely be achieved by growth in the enterprise and not consumer market.

In 2% of cases noteworthy from is used

This variation in the use of HIT across stakeholders is noteworthy from several standpoints.

In 1% of cases noteworthy at is used

Also noteworthy at practice was that Brandon Prust is no longer wearing the jaw guard.

It's been nearly two years since Intel did anything noteworthy at the top of its desktop product portfolio, so expectations were high.

In 1% of cases noteworthy because is used

I've always considered the teapots of China and Japan to be unique and noteworthy because of the craftsmanship that goes into making it.

It was particularly noteworthy because of the partnership between a Catholic Priest (Riley) and the local welfare organisation which was Muslim.

The results are particularly noteworthy because of the revolution in marketing brought on by social media and other new digital marketing channels, which.

This study had several limitations, although given that these limitations reduced the likelihood of obtaining significant results, our findings are all the more noteworthy because of them.

In 1% of cases noteworthy by is used

Therefore, she makes it more noteworthy by applying makeup to them.

In many instances, these are noteworthy by marking new technologies (eg wire-fencer ), or oddity from a modern view (bonesetter).

Yes indeed I believe Neville Samarakoon's appointment as CJ is noteworthy by JRJ as what came out was the stature of both NS and JRJ.

Made more noteworthy by the many times they were threatened to be blown away within the match only for them to show a real propensity to fight until they prevailed.

In 1% of cases noteworthy considering is used

This is especially noteworthy considering the inconsistent and bumpy trajectory of past Uruguayan film production.

In 1% of cases noteworthy during is used

Noteworthy during the break was the upsurge on locals who occupied 10% of the rooms, she added.

Guantanamo or the war on terrorism figures in four of the so-called apologies -- and it is noteworthy during the 2000 campaign that Obama's GOP opponent, Sen.

This is especially noteworthy during the current Administration, as they are conveying their sentiments to a President who shares many of their religious and social perspectives.

In 1% of cases noteworthy with is used

Make it even more noteworthy with photos, images, and attachments.

The security improvements are noteworthy with an application reputation system, protection from boot time root kits and an integrated antivirus.

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