Prepositions after "normal"

"normal for" or "normal in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases normal for is used

Normal for any north Indian boy.

Normal for a modern chest freezer.

This is normal for the DMK family.

Refusing one feed but settling back to normal for the next is nothing to worry about.

It was normal for better off criminals to wear their best clothes for their execution.

It sounds like this is normal for the tires, that they all get that flat spot on them.

It is normal for the seats you selected to be unavailable the next round, because the system takes time to refresh.

If you think it's normal for the minimum qualification of teachers at the elementary level to be plus two, read on.

While it is normal for the disease to most effect the face and upper chest, some suffers also get it on their backs.

These situations are normal for the doctors, but, as a parent, you just pick up the phrases you've heard on Casualty.

In 19% of cases normal in is used

That is normal in the IT world.

Normal in Haiti is far from fine.

This is normal in the early stages.

It has long been normal in the church to have one person, usually a pastor, as leader.

That will be normal in the future: computer memory will be mostly for other computers.

All returned to normal in the peaceful hamlet, except for one minor irritating detail.

Units that have deepstriked can operate as normal in the moving phase and can shoot, run or even opt to turbo boost.

I'll be happy to have everything looking a little more normal in a few years -- when I'd not so hobbled by this debt.

Rainfall is likely to be near or below normal in the north of both Islands, but near normal overall in other regions.

Soil moisture levels are likely to be below normal in the eastern South Island, and near normal in all other regions.

In 9% of cases normal to is used

She sounds pretty normal to me.

She looked pretty normal to me.


It's funny because most people think it's pretty weird but it just seems normal to me.

I have no experience and unsure whats normal to the developmental patterns of kittens.

Normal to high alkalinity implies adequate bicarbonate, while low alkalinity implies that it may be in short supply.

But being Aboriginal and fair and blonde was normal to me and I grew up in a world where I was treated ' normally '.

The game ramps up really well I found from Normal to Hell difficulties and offers a well-balanced experience, mostly.

Rihanna is from Barbados and just like in Jamaica or in Africa, her way dressing + dancing is totally normal to some.

In 4% of cases normal after is used

Are bruises normal after hooping? Yes.

It will look normal after clicking on it.

This is normal after this type of surgery.

My stomach tightens up during the practise but it becomes normal after 3-4 mintues.

His team-mates insist everything is back to normal after Pietersen's reintegration.

For instance, some are able to stop medication when their blood pressure returns to normal after Paida and Lajin.

My kidney hurts after eating although kidney function test has returned to normal after a gall bladder operation.

Your first couple of stools will be white but they will go back to normal after the barium is out of your system.

Well you're right, the aching body parts are normal after a gym session, especially if you've been doing weights.

In 4% of cases normal with is used

IM as normal with your buddies.

I can read anything normal with ease.

I know things are not normal with them.

Operations at the airport remained normal with all flights on schedule, Fianko said.

The games look normal with some minor smoothing if you have it turned on on your PS3.

I love them!!! Preserve a few more times Sue and I fully believe you will be able to sleep as normal with them in.

What To Expect Light leaks, blank shots and happy accidents -- these are all but normal with your first few rolls.

In the first game you could bang through it on normal with no hassle by simply abusing Igni and your sword skills.

It is reported that Hadhrat Khalid (RA) used to grow his moustache longer than normal with the same object in mind.

In 3% of cases normal at is used

We trained as normal at Everton.

I don't want this new normal at all.

After all, you can be normal at home.

I am finding it tough going working through the symptoms and appearing normal at work.

For instance, there are some intonation problems, but that's just normal at this stage.

A company spokesman said work continued as normal at the plant 10 miles south in Vernon.

Uttar Pradesh too sizzled with temperatures shooting up to five degrees above normal at several places in the state.

At the same time, Antarctic sea ice extent rose to a high of about 5% above normal at the end of the southern winter.

We have seen something similar during our weight loss, when we have stayed for longer than normal at a certain weight.

But you also have to remember that all the disagreements that are happening in the ANC are normal at a time like this.

In 3% of cases normal on is used

It was normal on my Orc before.

Yes, eat like normal on Days 1 to 5.

Hyperlinks back to normal on Firefox.

Ungar, you will find straight and worn down teeth were very normal on an ancestral diet.

Reiterate also that now it's no longer strange (write normal on the timeline under NOW).

Objects on this sheet can all be minimised as they will still appear normal on the page.

Things might seem normal on the surface but it feels as though the other person is merely going through the motions.

The switch at the bottom of the stairs is a dimmer and the one at the top of the stairs is a normal on / off switch.

I would recommend quoting 50% to 100% higher than normal on the basis of overtime being time and half or double time.

Ask if his heart and lungs sounded normal, if his abdomen felt normal on examination and if he overall appears healthy.

In 2% of cases normal by is used

Alvin wants to look normal by evenings.

Railway traffic was back to normal by 8am.

Oh and my blood pressure's normal by the way.

Everything will be back to normal by the super strong, totally resolved, **40;1004;TOOLONG.

Lying openly and frequently is seen as normal by all sides of these attempts at governance.

The main difference is that these changes are less likely to return to normal by themselves.

Situation in Kashmir is getting normal by each day and this summer a record number of tourists will visit the valley.

In this case the cognitive system will try to get back to normal by creating a new model of the world from imagination.

Future therapies will rely on our ability to manipulate stem cells in a way that will be accepted as normal by the body.

The nonsensical tragedy of duality is considered to be normal by all modern societies, which are themselves mad as a hatter.

In 1% of cases normal during is used

THURSDAY: normal during the day.

This is normal during infancy and childhood.

The pressure of the tyre must keep normal during use.

Temperatures in this region are usually lower than normal during a La Nia episode.

This can be a painful time and your baby may cry more than normal during this time.

We used it a lot! Unfortunately we had more cloud cover than normal during our stay.

They blink less than normal during the lie, and then have a flurry up to eight times faster than usual afterwards.

The curfew that was imposed on Monday was generally holding and life seemed to be back to normal during the daytime.

The above image shows the sea surface height and temperature difference from normal during January 1999, a period of La Nia.

Wadood, however, recalled that for Ranchi, located 2,140 feet above sea level, fog of this magnitude was normal during November.

In 1% of cases normal before is used

Is this something that can be normal before a.

They were completely normal before vaccination.

Quite high but was told it's normal before a surgery.

If this occurs, allow your skin to return to normal before using your device again.

Making sure that the machine and the transmission parts are normal before starting.

He sat on a piece of rubble, trying to slow his breathing down to normal before Japan came.

After which, he spent the next two hours getting his body temperature back to normal before reflecting on his achievement.

Deaths of the weak by starvation are normal before the whole society finally moves away for better lands and more abundant resources.

Photo: Getty Images Pearson said she was more nervous than normal before the race and more relaxed than she had ever been afterwards.

When You're Planning a Pregnancy Keeping your blood glucose near normal before and during pregnancy helps protect both you and your baby.

In 1% of cases normal from is used

It was back up to normal from then.

But that?? s normal from week to week.

Time will be as normal from 10am -- 12.

The airline will continue to operate as normal from Waterford up to 6 January, 2013.

Jellybean releases USB charging, which allows you to charge normal from your computer.

Your periods may return to normal from six months to a year after treatment has finished.

It took around half a mile of this before I could begin to relax concentration and return to normal from the shock.

The Drummer says: 09:46am 29/06/12 I've seen one kid turn out normal from home schooling, from the 10 or so I've known.

He could verify the habitual from the conventional, the common from special, and the normal from subnormal or abnormal.

The human face is just the foyer of such bewilderments, lurking at the borderlines which separate the normal from the anomalous.

In 1% of cases normal like is used

I can just be normal like everyone else.

Will he turn normal like other children? A.

It makes me feel normal like everyone else.

We dream our bodies will return to normal like those Hollywood stars displayed in the media.

What is important is that climate is not or has ever been normal like so many other have said before.

Corruption can be so deep seated that it is considered normal like money used to influence politicians.

In True Blood, Sookie says she is a freak for being able to read minds, and wishes she was normal like everyone else.

He stopped and talked to us, and I told him how grateful we were to see something normal like the rubbish being picked up.

One site will be normal like this while the other will be like this And with that you will have spend around 20-40 minutes.

Papa, with all these experiences how come you still behave normal like the other fathers I know? First, not all of my people are normal.

In 1% of cases normal of is used

This is 21 % below the normal of 737.

It just has a higher quotient than is normal of preening muppets.

This year, the production is 20 per cent less than the normal of 2.

It had it's ups and downs as I read through it, although this is normal of every story.

At that time the normal of the shell cloth as well as the processing stage is not higher.

Today, thanks to the New Normal of our Empire, it is mere handholding in an exiotic locale.

Up to 6 per cent of smears show this type of change and in many cases the cells revert to normal of their own accord.

The Gordon scenario is even worse than the so-called New Normal of around 1% per-capita growth (or 2% overall growth).

The revelations that things were not what they seemed in what might have looked like the most normal of lives made one wonder.

Today the 30-year-old is trying to live as normal of a life as possible, with the help of a team of therapists and her family.

In 1% of cases normal over is used

Normal over the rest of the region.

The rains are expected to be above normal over most areas.

The rains are likely to be normal to above normal over most areas.

It is strange how we have come to accept some of these extremes as normal over time.

The risk peaked in the weeks after surgery before returning to normal over the course of a year.

A SIRS response comprises of leukocytosis which rapidly returns to normal over the initial 3 days.

Much of that increase was in southern Kansas, where rainfall has been 25 percent of normal over the past half year.

Next progression is to do 2 x Biondi drill followed by 4 dolphin kicks and a normal over the water butterfly arm stroke.

In the Eastern Pacific, sea-surface temperatures are about two degrees colder than normal over an area the size of the United States.

In 1% of cases normal as is used

Things are back to normal as of iTunes 9.

It's normal as the baby gets older to seem to have less.

The life was normal as of others common boys in Pakistan.

Bottom Line: I'd still going with The New Normal as NBCs strongest option for success.

That is normal as the experienced newspersons who have witnessed history will always say.

According to the IMD, the factors affecting southwest monsoon seem to be normal as of now.

For a fairly basic website however, say 5 pages, the $1500-2000 range seems to be fairly normal as a STARTING price.

The acne is normal as the hormones in your body are changing and adjusting and everyone handles pregnancy differently.

Rolling blackouts are the new normal as the grid can not maintain the regular level of service with so little manpower.

This is normal as the procedure involves a series of updates prior to getting the handset ready for the final ICS update.

In 1% of cases normal about is used

But nothing else is normal about them.

There's nothing remotely normal about it.

But there's nothing normal about those numbers.

Then again there's nothing normal about El Caminito Del Rey or the Huashan Cliffside Trail.

Normal may be just a cycle in the washing machine; there is nothing normal about this election cycle.

When you write to your list, first be aware of what you can say and then just be relaxed and normal about it.

I worked for forty years and there was nothing typical or normal about any of the places and departments I worked.

However scratches are normal about additional cell phones, they aren't acceptable by using an apple iphone monitor.

However, only individuals born with congenital colour blindness feel normal about not being able to discriminate certain colours.

There was something very normal about it, something everyday, but, at the same time warped, a strange thread woven into its fabric.

In 1% of cases normal within is used

He was back to normal within days.

The situation returned to normal within a few days.

Such confusion is normal within our everyday language.

Stevens said he plans to hunt as normal within the disease management area Monday.

A company can make the new norm more -- normal within the confines of the environment.

It is easily controlled by proper diet and your body can return to normal within weeks.

To your average, common entry level, journalist all their thoughts and output are normal within their own paradigm.

The good news for women already taking HRT is that your risk seems to go back to normal within 5 years of stopping taking it.

Now, I've never tried to actually let them heal, but I am pretty sure they would return to looking normal within a few weeks.

In 1% of cases normal without is used

Just normal without any incidences at that time.

Most of these changes go back to normal without any treatment.

The patient's blood pressure remains normal without continuing to take the remedy.

When u have a family it's even harder to get back to so called normal without power.

I would never tell someone that pain was normal without going through troubleshooting first.

I just don't develop a ton of plaque if I go a bit longer than normal without brushing, nor do I get bad breath.

But the government was happy to let things return to normal without a demonstration of its potential for ferocity.

Pain and sensitivity continues for some minutes or hours, after which the affected skin returns to normal without further incident.

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