Prepositions after "nominate"

"nominate for" or "nominate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 49% of cases nominate for is used
    He was initially nominated for 8.
    Recently which is nominated for Oscars.
    Aime) getting nominated for Best Actress.
    It was this fantastic script (later nominated for an Academy Award) that hooked him.
    Club Secretary Peter O Neill has been nominated for Vice Chair of Laois County Board.
    He was also nominated for various other awards such as FIFA World Player of the Year.
    Shimmer was nominated for a project we undertook with The LAB gallery as part of the Innovation Dublin festival.
    Joanne was nominated for the Cork Person of the Month Award by Brian Crowley MEP and her cousin Denise O'Donoghue.
    I think the voters if new england, pennsylvanis, ohio, michigan, and illinois should be nominated for Darwin awards.
    I really hope that Suarez gets nominated for the Ballon D'or next year and that would mean us winning something major.

    In 26% of cases nominate by is used
    Entrants must be nominated by a member of EuroFM.
    Adelle Tracey was nominated by Dame Kelly Holmes.
    Two persons nominated by the Central Government; c.
    Please do not bear ill-will towards others if you are not nominated by a particular member.
    Each of the youngsters was nominated by an Olympic legend and then they in turn, lit the Cauldron.
    At Settlement the TeamTalk Board will appoint a person nominated by the Vendors as a director of TeamTalk.
    Next of Kin The person nominated by a person with mental health difficulties as their contact in case of emergency.
    Runner Katie Kirk was nominated by Dame Mary Peters, who won gold in the womens Pentathlon at the 1972 Munich games.
    Zol was nominated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for the best U-16 cricketer for the year 2010-11.
    The Canterbury Team was recently nominated by Burke and Beyond for a Victorian Disability Sector Award (Team Category).

    In 8% of cases nominate in is used
    Also nominated in the category are CareerGuidance.
    The sealed copy must set out the material nominated in r 40.
    Ann Patchett, nominated in Time's most influential people poll.
    If you didn't see the show, a number of houses were nominated in a selection of categories.
    The site has been nominated in the Listings category for its property price changes feature.
    The Carbon Black wheelchair was nominated in the Product category for this year's Designs of the Year.
    We were nominated in two categories at the annual Web Awards - a big bash at the Mansion House where all things web are celebrated.
    From 1 July 2012 to be eligible to access RSMS, you must be nominated in an occupation that is classified as ANZSCO skill level 1-3.
    Whether or not you are required to do a skills assessment depends on the occupation you are nominated in, and what country you are from.
    With a history and reputation throughout the UK and internationally they have also for the past five years been nominated in the Sunday Times 100 best places to work.

    In 4% of cases nominate as is used
    He was nominated as a deputy governor by providence.
    Romney was nominated as the Republican candidate for president at the party's national convention in Tampa, Fla.
    The summation of his rise came also as one of his most humbling moments, when he was nominated as the best breakthrough DJ at the 26th annual IDMAs during the Winter Music Conference.
    There is a pretty good chance she will be nominated as a candidate to contest an upcoming election under the UPFA ticket, secure victory and be seen seated next to Dumidna Silva chit chatting.

    In 4% of cases nominate to is used
    Michelle has been recently nominated to the Young Presidents Organisation.
    Mr Chvez was nominated to the Board as a representative of youth co-operators.
    Why Saitoti was pinpointed and nominated to Parliament by President Moi remains an enduring mystery to this day.
    Possibilities for male appointees are Paul Watford, on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and Sri Srinivasan, who was nominated to the D.
    You May Also Like: Anu Aga: A Profile 69-year-old Anu Aga, who was nominated to the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, is known as much for her social work.
    It won three Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, four actors were nominated for Oscars, and Sly also got a nom for Best Screenplay, and was nominated to the AFI's 100 best films list.

    In 2% of cases nominate at is used
    Jennifer Lawrence hopes she gets nominated at the Oscars next year for her performance in ' Silver Linings Playbook '.
    He's a Certified Microsoft Certified Professional, and is one of the youngest tech bloggers in the Philippines to be nominated at the prestigious Philippine Blog.
    Having made their return to the Polish charts, Cool Kids of Death have immediately made an impact, with the record becoming nominated at this year's Fryderyk awards.

    In 1% of cases nominate during is used
    I sincerely hope that we have all been listening to Eva Lokko's presentations all over the media landscape since she was nominated during the week to run with Dr Nduom.

    In 1% of cases nominate from is used
    A gift one gives after saying ' this many nuns have been nominated from the nuns ' Community ', this is the seventh offering to a Community.
    A gift one gives after saying ' this many monks have been nominated from the monks ' Community ', this is the sixth offering to a Community.
    A gift one gives after saying ' this many monks and nuns have been nominated from the monks ' and nuns ' Community ', this is the fifth offering to a Community.
    Five (5) Films will be nominated from all the international submissions to go forward in the final lineup to compete for the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film.

    In 1% of cases nominate on is used
    The payment will be paid directly into the bank account you nominated on your application form and will show on your statement as?? DfC?? Seniors Card Rebate?

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