Prepositions after "nod"

nod in, to, at, with or along?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases nod in is used
    Several parents nodded in agreement.
    A lot of participants nodded in agreement.
    Both Slayers nodded in agreement with his assessment.
    The guys nodded in agreement, although they were all exhausted.
    Hi George, So many of your points have me nodding in agreement.
    When one says they're not rivals but sisters, the others nod in agreement.
    Everyone likes choice, don't they? And we all nodded in innocent agreement.
    The cattails nearby still nodded in the breeze or swung to and fro under the weight of a red-winged blackbird.
    A predictable choice perhaps, but we must nod in the direction of Munich, with its truly world-famous Ocktoberfest.
    I ask Wainwright whether recording ' Proserpina ' was the starting point for the new record and she nods in confirmation.

    In 22% of cases nod to is used
    Then Richard raises his chin and nods to me.
    He finishes and nods to Christy who was quietly soaking it all up.
    nodding to the past while simultaneously laying the ground for the future.
    Just keep smiling and nodding to these politicos, while going above their heads.
    They were always im- maculate and had a ready smile for anyone who nodded to them on the way by.
    When it comes to Champagne the list nods to those that are growers -- an increasingly prevalent sight on new and interesting bar lists.
    The Sedan looked quite different -- with a curvier, lower roofline, a new corporate grille, and cues that nodded to other models in the Nissan and Infiniti lineups.

    In 18% of cases nod at is used
    They nod at us but do not speak.
    The mechanic nodded at me like I had said something rude.
    The left wing nutjobs nodded at his mention of those capT things.
    Still not acceptable, mind you, but every once in a while when I do, I'll notice someone nodding at me, giving me a sad smile, a quiet signal of comprehension and appreciation.

    In 10% of cases nod with is used
    She nodded with some kind of **27;2162;TOOLONG look.
    Instead, nod with smile, no issue how motivated you may feel.
    Jos looked at both of us, nodded with childish enthusiasm and said nothing.
    After long consideration, each of the members chose they like to drink and nodded with a smile of satisfaction.
    This is not statesmanlike, its more of a ' nodding dog ' (like the ones you used to get for the back window of the car, which nod with any movement) type of response.

    In 3% of cases nod as is used
    He takes it well, nodding as to accept.

    In 3% of cases nod toward is used
    Releasing his grip on William, he nodded toward the outermost row of huts.

    In 1% of cases nod like is used
    The whole 15 pounds, the gym, your crackerjack ex, and ultimately recognising that he's not the one for you, had me nodding like crazy.

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