Prepositions after "negotiate"

negotiate with, for, in, on or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases negotiate with is used
    We must not negotiate with terrorists.
    You only have to negotiate with 3,000 people.
    Eden failed to say who Hess was negotiating with.
    If you don't care to go rate shopping, try negotiating with your existing bank.
    I know Mrs Gandhi tried negotiating with the Akali leaders till the last moment.
    And we spent almost a year there, where he tried to negotiate with the government.
    To negotiate with a corrupt regime is a far easier task than negotiating with the much more disciplined Tamils.
    To negotiate with a corrupt regime is a far easier task than negotiating with the much more disciplined Tamils.
    If the party has to sneak into a castle, or negotiate with a hostile baron for the release of a party member, etc.
    Yesterday he and Mrs Avery were negotiating with a tabloid newspaper to sell Zach's story for a five-figure sum.

    In 10% of cases negotiate for is used
    negotiating for a product review takes time.
    Let the big geezers negotiate for their support on other issues.
    Such credits negotiated for import of machinery, capital goods etc.
    Choose the perfect grill for your house from a store and negotiate for the price with 2-3 dealers.
    Unfortunately, I doubt many employees read their contracts or negotiate for adequate compensation.
    You should be very adamant about the things you want, but you should let your lawyer negotiate for you.
    Enbridge has come here and has tried to negotiate for our support and our counsel has sat back and remained neutral.
    They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.
    Additionally, draftees from prior years may negotiate for a signing bonus not to exceed 30% of his maximum annual compensation.
    In addition, these large non-profits will no doubt follow Medicare's lead in negotiating for discounts from drug makers and device-makers.

    In 7% of cases negotiate in is used
    Rizzo said they would negotiate in October.
    There is ALWAYS something to negotiate in EVERY conflict or disagreement -- or it's worth trying, anyway.
    The Kyoto Protocol, negotiated in 1997, required wealthy nations to limit their emission of greenhouse gases by 5.
    LTTE violence continued until October 1994, when the Government once again offered to negotiate in the hope of a peaceful settlement.
    Fiction: ACTA was negotiated in a totally non transparent way, which is unacceptable considering the impact the agreement may/could have on citizens.
    The latest Land Registry covers details for properties sold during the month of October, but most likely at prices negotiated in August and September.
    Why should my company be tied into another company by a multi-employer collective agreement? When unions have multi-employer agreements these are usually negotiated in an industry context.

    In 7% of cases negotiate on is used
    I will take 30%of the 50k a year, but can negotiate on that.
    The group was sitting at a table in a restaurant negotiating on the MP's defection.
    You can never get far negotiating on TV; it is not a very subtle medium, more a megaphone.
    I make my living working freelance, I sell my art and labor and negotiate on almost every job I have.
    Q: You have been negotiating on behalf of Sudan, the LDCs and G-77 and China for several years now.
    In practice, employees will accept terms and conditions which are negotiated on their behalf by trade unions.
    When you ask for help with upfront expenses, the seller is not as willing to negotiate on the price of the home.
    Thankfully, most of the old city is traffic-free, what with its web of lanes and cobbled streets best negotiated on foot.
    I'd saying the principle is exactly the same as with independence -- establish the popular will, and then negotiate on the fine details.
    As Latinos Post reported, Google and Apple failed to negotiate on a new agreement to have YouTube automatically installed in the new OS.

    In 4% of cases negotiate by is used
    The credit is negotiated by drawing of drafts.
    Foreign Currency Loans and Credits negotiated by the Government of Pakistan.
    It is about how ' whiteness ' is negotiated by different racial and ethnic groups.
    EROs deal with particular employment sectors and are negotiated by Joint Labour Committees (JLCs) (see below for more information).
    Agreements already exist or are being negotiated by the EU with various countries and regional groupings in both Africa and Latin America.
    The Rangers already are at the top of the salary cap, and next year's number still has to be negotiated by the NHL and the players ' association.
    In order to succeed, the truce should have been negotiated by Lakdhar Brahimi, the special envoy of the UN and the Arab League, and Sheikh Adnan Al-Arour.
    A Peace treaty is negotiated by George Ekem Ferguson (of mixed British-Ghanaian parentage) between the British and northern peoples (other than the Asante).
    Cambodia, a close China ally, has followed Beijing's stance that the disputes should not be brought to a multinational forum like Asean but instead should be negotiated by rival claimants one on one.

    In 1% of cases negotiate about is used
    For example, parents and children can negotiate about meal times.

    In 1% of cases negotiate as is used
    The user and transport protocol may need to negotiate as to the quality or type of service to be provided.
    Six of the 12 First Nations negotiating as part of the Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council approved the Agreement-in-Principle.
    This was the last step in what has been a long journey towards a final agreement for the five First Nations negotiating as part of the Maa-nulth treaty.

    In 1% of cases negotiate at is used
    Somaliland's freedom and recovery of its sovereignty was neither negotiated at a conference table nor granted by fiat, and it will not be surrendered on any terms.

    In 1% of cases negotiate before is used
    The final stage -- the fourth in all -- was 105kms with four climbs; cat 2, cat 2, cat 1 &; a final cat 2 to be negotiated before the race was won.
    Where it has happened at worker level it's because it's the second part of a two year deal negotiated before the cuts were formulated and announced.

    In 1% of cases negotiate between is used
    In 1983 a unique barter fuel agreement was negotiated between Aer Rianta and the U.
    Israel/Palestine: Shares Obama's view that peace must be negotiated between Israelis and Palestinians.
    The much-awaited Energy Bill has been strongly negotiated between the Conservatives and their coalition partner, the Lib Dems.
    The deal has been secretly negotiated between Antiochus Epiphanes the Greek special envoy for international debt and Professor Dr.

    In 1% of cases negotiate over is used
    There was an important meeting all day long today and sources say that the two companies who had been negotiating over the pricing, management issue have finally reached an agreement.

    In 1% of cases negotiate through is used
    Some of your treatments can be quite taxing, making the added stress of negotiating through traffic inadvisable.
    As noted, even 4 years ago we were able to create systems that engaged stakeholders at the highest political levels, some with no experience of technology or negotiating through new technology.

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