Prepositions after "negligent"

negligent in, of, for, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases negligent in is used

Owner are negligent in your duties.

He had not been negligent in his duties.

We would be negligent in our duty not to do this.

We are never negligent in your protection nor are we forgetful of your remembrance.

He claimed the ESB was negligent in allowing electrical cable to be on the pathway.

The plaintiff claimed that the doctor was negligent in not giving him relaxant drugs.

Also bear in mind Directors responsibilities - they face jail if found to be negligent in their responsibilities.

While I feel that my mistakes were innocent, I can accept that I might have been arguably negligent in my duties.

It is up to Allah to punish or forgive the Muslim who is negligent in working for the Khilafah or any other duty.

Many are too overly and negligent in considering the sense of this gospel- phrase -- what it is to be in the flesh.

In 14% of cases negligent of is used

I'd sure she is negligent of informing of my rights.

Should we then be negligent of our emphasis on prayer.

We may become negligent of our duties and responsibilities.

We must beseech Allah and request Him not to make us negligent of Imam's remembrance.

It was; but chiefly because it was not at all negligent of the eastern danger from Islam.

We also feel that it would be really negligent of us to not recommend a Trademark Attorney.

One should not be negligent of discernment, should guard the truth, be devoted to relinquishment, and train only for calm.

I would have been negligent of the reality poverty plays in this world and continued to take everything I had for granted.

It has been remarked, and not untruly, that the Papacy seemed curiously negligent of the northern danger from Protestantism.

In 7% of cases negligent for is used

Either she's negligent for not calling yet or she's being cruel.

It was totally negligent for the instructor to leave this lady alone.

He was also negligent for lighting the fire in what were extreme weather conditions.

We have all been negligent for too long: the laity, the clergy, and the bishops as well.

If a worldly object is our goal we strive for it tirelessly and are not negligent for a moment.

But it would certainly have been negligent for science journalists not to report this publication.

The trial judge, Justice Barr, found that the paramedic had been negligent for two related reasons.

If they have not done those assessments, then frankly it would be negligent for the federal government to ratify the treaty.

The State must act now to end the stress on innocent homeowners and simultaneously pursue those who were negligent for payment.

If I developed a test for cancer that was no better than tossing a coin, it would be medically negligent for me to administer it.

In 4% of cases negligent about is used

I've been negligent about my little diary.

One should not be negligent about giving Kaffarah.

Women across the country are negligent about their health.

If a woman is casual or negligent about using a method effectively (e.

Obeying parents is justice while being negligent about them is injustice.

I can say that you are very much fond of ART that you became recklessly negligent about SCIENCE.

The fact that B was habitually negligent about the carriages which he let to hire is irrelevant.

With each divine thought, the mind rends the thin rinds of the visible and finite and comes out into eternity, but you are so negligent about your mental factory.

The traditional view is WTO membership plays into the hands of exporters, who are the main lobbyists for it (quite often utterly negligent about the domestic market problems).

Although negligent about studying Bengali and therefore sometimes unable to translate the verses Prabhupada had assigned, he was a careful servant, and Prabhupada was pleased with his work.

In 4% of cases negligent to is used

My own opinion is that the government has been negligent to the point of criminality.

It is just suprising that such a big brand has been negligent to such customer complaints.

Parents who don't understand this truth become negligent to the value of spiritual nourishment.

So tell us what you REALLY think -- on a scale from Criminally Negligent to Should Be Ruler of the Universe.

I still think it is border line negligent to not really research a topic thoroughly before writing about it.

Comments (5 of 12) Generation next is totally negligent to the religious issues allover the world; India is no exception.

It completely denied negligence, even though it knew very well that the BTSB had been negligent to the point of recklessness.

Darryl Watts's supervision of the range on the day in question was negligent to the point that criminal charges are justified.

I have found, however, that cyclists tend to be as oblivious and negligent to their legal responsibilities as car drivers (young cyclists are proportionally more so).

All well and good to cut SW but those on it are struggling at the moment and to cut it further is negligent to them when the price of everything remains as high as it is.

In 3% of cases negligent on is used

The government should not be negligent on this.

The current admin at my school is close to negligent on many fundamentals.

I read this last year but I've been negligent on catching up with the other ones.

I find that American fiction writers are sometimes more than negligent on European historical facts and it does bother me.

The Obama administration has been especially negligent on this score, failing even to mention religious freedom in its National Security Strategy.

End of the day your taking someones right to choose the level of risk they take away from them by not disclosing which is grossly negligent on your part.

It is both sad and negligent on the part of the powers-that-be, that at 17 I thought in reading Dostoyevsky that I had stumbled upon an obscure Russian writer that few might have heard of.

In 3% of cases negligent with is used

He was negligent with the fact he failed to secure a natural midfield player this Summer.

May 11, 2012 1:29 PM HKT Been negligent with posting for a while, as work load picked up recently and I was on the road until last night.

We would be fools to think that Lehrer is the only one to have been negligent with the rigours of providing a complete and accurate bibliography.

So if anyone who is in charge of the churches of God is negligent with the result that these things are not read, he will receive judgement both now and in the next world.

In this regard your principal branch seems to be pretty negligent with a staggering amount of USD 23 million still outstanding on account of receivable proceeds from exports.

In 2% of cases negligent as is used

We build a dam, but are negligent as to its foundations.

That is why the legislature in its wisdom has used the words ' manner so rash or negligent as to endanger human life '.

To say that the wrongdoer was negligent as to the husband as well as to the wife is merely an attempt to fit facts to theory.

Thus public and private figures alike could bring actions if they proved that the defendant knew of the falsity or was reckless or negligent as to the falsity.

Another factor influencing the court as to whether the defendant was negligent as to the contents of the material distributed may be his system of checking the material.

Whoever navigates any vessel in a manner so rash or negligent as to endanger human life, or to be six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand taka, or with both.

In 2% of cases negligent by is used

A person who believes in his heart is neither a rebel nor negligent by not pronouncing it.

If the bodhisattva has attained to the direct knowledges, he may inspire a sense of spiritual urgency (samvega) in the negligent by showing them the fate of those in hell, etc.

If the health of the nation suffers and lives are lost as a result of the changes, surely they are being negligent by dismissing the advice of what seems to be the majority of medical professionals.

In 1% of cases negligent at is used

Such conduct may not be negligent at common law.

HESS 10:36:13 Management has been negligent at the table for decades.

As politics, Rove's immigration ploy was negligent at the levels of simple logic and numeracy.

I have to believe that other big companies would not be as negligent and so negligent at so many critical control points.

They were negligent at the very least, they exuded arrogance and selfishness, they wer Ireland's Nero, fiddling while Ireland burned.

If a person achieves the standard satisfied by the hypothetical reasonable man, then he will not be adjudged negligent at common law.

The Fear and Dread of Sins is Still Necessary It should not be so, that a person is hopeful of intercession and is negligent at the same time.

In 1% of cases negligent towards is used

That makes Israel more dangerous than Iran as Israel has already proved to be completely negligent towards civilians.

Not only he who sings but also the one who listens attentively to it becomes negligent towards Allah &; is ready for immoral deeds.

He was never negligent of the Deeni welfare of the people so that they did not grow negligent towards the Deen or turn away from it altogether.

The constant factor in American policy, as well as the positions of each new president, is not to be negligent towards the vital oil-producing areas of the world.

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