Prepositions after "necessitate"

necessitate by, at, after, because or due?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases necessitate by is used
    Its emphasis on this aspect was, however, necessitated by the arrogance of the Arabs of those days who.
    His surgery's a memory, his back's still intact and he's getting stuck into all the evil bodily contortions necessitated by fast bowling.
    There are a few other parents that I've fostered along the way but I've only firmly adopted four to add to the two necessitated by biology.
    This was necessitated by the use of large number of high power lasers for industrial applications like cutting, drilling and welding, with high cost of investment.

    In 8% of cases necessitate at is used
    The second I would judge as not requiring a fearful response but is a risk necessitating at the least caution, at the most protective attire.

    In 4% of cases necessitate because is used
    From my experience, its harder to get an organization to adapt to change when it is necessitated because of market place failure.

    In 4% of cases necessitate following is used
    The bypoll to the Nellore Lok Sabha seat was necessitated following the resignation of Congress Lok Sabha MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, who also switched loyalties to the YSR Congress President.

    In 4% of cases necessitate in is used
    Health Certificates are necessitated in those states requiring one.

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