Prepositions after "natural"

"natural for" or "natural to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases natural for is used

It's natural for my generation.

This is natural for that group.

They are a natural for the role.

So if someone insults him, it is very natural for a Muslim to feel sad and very mad.

I had an emergency Caesar for my first one and am going to try natural for this one.

This is natural for a country that early became a dominant colonial power in Africa.

So, it's natural for people to explore the new medium of FB pages, and see how creatively you can do things on FB.

The kids share sweets, toys, books with no problem at all, because it's just normal and natural for them to do so.

It is natural for people who are coming to terms with a sexuality which is not society's norm to be feel confused.

It isn? t natural for an adolescent human being to spend the bulk of his time sitting at a desk absorbed in study.

In 22% of cases natural to is used

They seem to come natural to me.

It seemed totally natural to me.

But it feels very natural to me.

In the same way, everything will be natural to those who have attained jnana drishti.

Similarly both the Liturgy and popular devotions are natural to a full Catholic life.

Animals should be truly free-range and bred on the foods that are natural to them (i.

He practised the four foundations of mindfulness, a way which came most natural to him according to his tendencies.

But nod/shake do sound more natural to me and I can also see why people feel it is a strange or stilted expression.

If the biblical meaning of the term ' Gospel ' were prominent in our mind this would appear entirely natural to us.

The Milwaukee County medical examiner's office has revised its ruling on Williams ' death from natural to homicide.

In 11% of cases natural in is used

We were so natural in the house.

It is so natural in an alliance.

It seems so natural in my dream.

When we are just ourselves, we are most natural in how we express our points of view.

What Smith calls natural prices have nothing more natural in them, than all the rest.

The squirrel was a natural in climbing, but was constantly frustrated in flying class.

What qualifies you for the position? PDP is passing through a tough time, but crisis is natural in man's existence.

Settlement is natural in artificial islands because the sand was just dumped on top of each other above the seabed.

It used to be medium in size and natural in look, usually made of capiz shells, sea shells, or plain colored paper.

This natural infirmity I may very much regret, and I may endeavour, by all possible means, to free my self from it.

In 4% of cases natural with is used

It is natural with human beings.

She's such a natural with Ethel.

It's all natural with no side effects.

As with all our henna products, Jamila henna is all natural with no added chemicals.

Then someone hands him a gun for the first time in his life and he's a natural with it.

Genesis describes the process of creation by merging the natural with the supernatural.

Sharp and natural with no glare or backlight, reading on Kindle DX is nothing like reading from a computer screen.

The food is fresh, natural with an emphasis on well crafted, Chinese vegetarian dishes rather than meat replacement.

I was worried that the hairline wouldnt look natural with this procedure but i really do nt think i ever needed to be.

His high status as Prophet and leader of the ummah did not prevent him from being spontaneous and natural with others.

In 3% of cases natural at is used

Bruce lee was a natural at karate.

It's just not natural at all to me.

He was a natural at both instruments.

Don't forget to drop by New Zealand Natural at Setia City Mall for these yummy treats.

It is therefore natural at this stage to be partially concerned about physical appearance.

You would think he is not natural at the start but when he has the responsibility he really grows well into the role.

But the point is while it might be natural at a certain age, it's a transitionary period that most people move through.

The aesthetic choices are understandable given Longstreth's aversion to stasis, and they feel natural at the same time.

Running a small business is a lot of work, and yes some people are a natural at this PR and Marketing Communications stuff.

In 2% of cases natural about is used

Nothing too natural about that.

There is nothing natural about it.

There is nothing natural about me.

But there is nothing natural about being held in a cage for 11 years without charge.

There's nothing natural about rights in ideas and once upon a time there weren't any.

Undoubtedly there was nothing natural about her sudden metamorphosis from a goodish athlete into a supersonic one.

It is encouraging because there is nothing natural about the harsh divisions that have arisen in the United States.

This sounds exactly like me, plus I have a best friend that's always in relationships and seems so natural about it.

I went natural about a month ago, but prior to that I always received comments on how beautiful my relaxed hair was.

In 2% of cases natural as is used

It's as simple and natural as that.

We see all things natural as part of us.

We see suburbia as being natural as a forest.

This is natural as the employee is unable to match his preference for that kind of job.

This is quite natural as the Aadhaar numbers are the basis for many government programmes.

We need more land marks in the city to attract tourism with natural as well as constructed.

Fasting is considered one of the safest therapeutic agents known today in natural as well as conventional medicine.

Who would not want to see your garden with beautiful birds? Nothing more natural as the songs of birds is flying freely.

We humans are part of nature, and what we do and produce is as natural as what any other part of nature does and produces.

In the first place, just about every form of discrimination ever practiced has been described as natural as well as traditional.

In 2% of cases natural of is used

Infact its the most natural of things.

Clause 145 of this chapter states: Unnatural offences.

One of the most natural of these tips is drinking water.

Instead, it flowed in the most natural of ways, not stopping for anyone to hear Rihanna.

I am so arrogant to see TANAPA going this way, expose the beautiful natural of Tanzanians.

And such claims for good have often been grounded in the commands, will or eternal natural of a deity.

Tho ' this opinion be false, ' t is the most natural of any, and has alone any primary recommendation to the fancy.

Abaout of the beautiful landscape natural of India, Iwant tell about a beautiful trekking that no more guide propose.

Quite possibly the msot natural of all the achievements on this list, this one will most likely be one of the first you get.

Free trade is about the rule of law for all and freedom for all to engage in the most natural of actions: voluntary exchange.

In 2% of cases natural on is used

Bud was quite natural on stage.

Now they look more natural on me.

Indecision didn't look natural on her.

Some cosmetic products look very natural on face but give a greasy look after a while.

Obama is a natural on social media because he knows how to cultivate a community offline.

It was natural on that golden evening that I should jump at the idea of a social paradise.

Laifu was a natural on the leash and his confidence and curiosity about the world made him such a joy to be around.

This may not sound like a way to sound natural on the phone, but believe me, it's probably the most important of all.

For me, the scrolling behavior feels natural when reading on the iPhone, where turning pages feels natural on the iPad.

I have agonized for years on end over its nuances, while feeling strong, confident and natural on deadlifts and squats.

In 1% of cases natural by is used

If you mean supernatural, it is not natural by definition.

Right now it seems UN natural by delivering dialogues fast.

It proved that an actor can be too natural by not screaming.

Mass killing of Muslims is considered something natural by the Muslim leadership itself.

This has several answers; Radon is a natural by product of decay deep with in the earth.

Permeate is a natural by product of the cheese making process, and the ultra filtration of milk.

Choose a bright shade, but make it look natural by patting on color carefully, transferring the pigment to your lips.

If you do not wish for constantly, use the particular keyword because it will not look natural by the search engines.

Natural by itself means nothing; in most places it is an entirely unregulated term that means nothing manufacturer wants.

Well, we can determine that it's not natural by looking at different isotopes of carbon or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In 1% of cases natural from is used

Hey it's only natural from where I stand.

That's what separates the natural from a pickup artist.

If you compare organic and natural from their definitions, the difference will be clear.

Constantinides, covered with mud as is natural from his repeated falls arrives first at the finish.

That said, one of the coffees that surprised me most in 2009 was the Sidikalang Natural from Indonesia.

Where did the thing (a mothers instincts ), that has been natural from the age of time, go? I lost mine.

To distinguish natural from industrial vanilla you have to look out for other chemicals that naturally occur in Vanilla.

To truly keep it natural from head to toe, I'd also conscious of what I put on my skin; it's our largest organ, after all.

If you can truly possess the mentality of the natural from inside, it is possible to sub-communicate all these important traits.

Pluriform or uniform, the gods of nature could never fit comfortably in a world that had split the natural from the supernatural.

In 1% of cases natural like is used

I went natural like 4 years ago.

Not everybody was a natural like me.

Simmer down, such freaks are natural like day and night.

So natural! But the Enactor finds he can't be natural like De Niro, he isn't fluid.

It would look natural like this: When we entered, we realised he had already been there.

Other causes of EMP can be natural like when a geomagnetic storm is caused by massive solar flares.

This cream gives me a natural radiant glow to my skin and it looks so natural like as though I'd not wearing any makeup.

You want to wear the weave to look natural like its yours? but that mostly no one is natural!?!? i actually know someone.

A few months ago I decided to let my hair grow out, to go natural like so many French women whose understated style I admire.

Trader Joe's has an all-canola which is better, but I'd still rather have something more natural like MCT mayo or high oleic sunflower.

In 1% of cases natural rather is used

It's natural rather than forced.

In fact, all the Fs in the piece are natural rather than sharp.

Then show us why rising CO2 levels are natural rather than human-induced.

The narrow range of globule size attests to a natural rather than artificial sorting process.

I wonder when this will all become easier and more natural rather than forced and very artificial.

We need to be New York rather than Detroit, Athens rather than Sparta, natural rather than man-made.

This type of research aims to report a situation as it actually is in a natural rather than a laboratory setting.

According toEnlightened philosophers: The universe is a fully tangible place governed by natural rather than supernatural forces.

The situations are natural rather than contrived and deal with the world of work, the consumer, technology, family experiences, etc.

Moreover, the gold was not found in aggregates but as solitary particles, thus indicating a natural rather than artificial dispersion.

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