Prepositions after "national"

"national of" or "national in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases national of is used

Something you accuse National of.

Reain, a national of your country who.

Wilbers is a national of The Netherlands.

Griffiths, a national of Australia, has worked with the ADBT Secretariat since 2003.

Applications are invited from national of bangladesh for admission in twenty one Govt.

Any person who is not a citizen or national of the United States, as described in 8 U.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Applicant must: Be resident national of Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, or The Gambia.

Note that in order to be a British citizen a kid needs to have a parent either a national of or settled in the UK.

If the applicant is a national of the United Kingdom they can travel to New Zealand visa-free for up to six months.

In 21% of cases national in is used

The program is national in scope.

He isn't standing for National in Epsom.

Limbaugh took his show national in 1988.

They were also to be national in outlook and help towards forging national cohesion.

The Left by definition reject these concepts as they are anti national in their ethos.

Not being able to get finance as a foreign national in the USA is not correct however.

The policy development work was done under National in the mid-nineties but Simon Upton was rolled by his cabinet.

The Interstate Highway System was one of the most important national investments in US history, public or private.

When I went to The National in August, one of the cards I wanted to track down was a 1959 Sadaharu Oh rookie card.

The privatization of Canadian National in 1995 was followed by increased foreign ownership and a name change to CN.

In 8% of cases national to is used

This should be done from national to county levels.

From both the national to regional levels, responding to.

Fans en route from Monument National to the iF3 Hip-Hop Party.

These networks would rise through the local and national to the international levels.

News stories are ordered via lurching shifts from local to national to global scales.

Note: Each country has its own 4-H club structure from the national to the club level.

Earlier this month, a South African court sentenced a Thai national to 40 years in prison for selling rhino horns.

Hytner continues to dare to dream the impossible, in terms of bringing the National to the nation (and the world).

Working from national to local levels the WANI project results showcase IWRM across Asia, Africa and the Americas.

I read a listener review on Amazon that compared The National to Antony and the Johnsons, and I can sort of see that.

In 7% of cases national as is used

May even be a dual national as well as a green card holder.

This holds true at a national as well as an individual level.

It defaulted both on its national as well as international debt.

Many nations require their foreign accounting firms to have a national as a partner.

We have to be fair to our children in both national as well as national-type schools.

Sustained political leadership is needed at the national as well as the regional level.

Since then the issue has got prominence at the national as well as international level, with conflicting versions.

Even if your school is not listed, you'll still be matched with national as well as local and regional scholarships.

It will ensure the money is used to deliver the very best outcomes both for individuals and the national as a whole.

National as well as international entertainment and recreation can be found in most of hotels in the capital cities.

In 5% of cases national for is used

I banked with National for many years.

Dear Sir, I palyed 1 time National for Madhya pradesh team.

Because Norman is blaming National for the current situation.

I don't care about the tax cuts being scrapped, I congratulate National for doing so.

Nothing short of a win at Disney would get him to Augusta National for the first time.

I am a US citizen living in Italy and I have been married to an Italian national for over two.

I noticed that another blogger took out the ' s after national for fear that his readers would misunderstand him.

Peter Moore, the EA Sports president, said he has been in contact with Augusta National for the last three years.

Among the revelations: Tiger Woods played before a gallery Monday at Augusta National for the first time since Nov.

In the mean time please take a listen to a recent interview I did on ABC Radio National for their Breakfast program.

In 5% of cases national on is used

Those remarks went national on Aug.

The National On-Scene Commander; or 2.

It will also air on The National on CBC-TV at 10 p.

Shyam Benegal visited Beaconhouse National on October 09, 2012 at BNU's City Campus.

I have not spoken to anyone at National on this - I merely repeat what Business NZ said.

I am posting on Facebook and calling the mediais he needs to be exposed national on this.

National on the other hand depends on who's doing the making, buying or receiving, not necessarily in our model company.

Harig field a piece on Woods ' closing 62 just minutes after the former No 1 posted his score at PGA National on Sunday.

Labour's was the longest at 14 pages followed by the Greens on 4, ACT on 3, the M? ori Party on 2 and National on 1 page.

My flight arrived at National on time at six-twenty, and thirty minutes later I met Mordecai at the east entrance of the U.

In 5% of cases national with is used

GSM/EDGE is practically national with many options.

Many people will be hating National with a passion.

Bayo, 33, is a French national with Gambian parents.

He is a New Zealand national with university degrees in economics and engineering.

When I first got into Anti-Trust law my practice was national with a lot of travel.

But i also want to suggest the name Pakistan Muslim League National with same abbr.

It was troubled from the startThis is a poverty that strikes at the root of national with a problem about voting.

The Final question is whether he is interested in being a National with national interests or another self-seeker.

A friend of mine is a New Zealand national with a NZ passport who has been living and working in the UK since 1982.

Schubert said was a Cuban national with a commercial driver's license, was taken to police headquarters for questioning.

In 4% of cases national at is used

Tonight on The National at 9 p.

In this case TV3 had National at 50.

My son competes in the National at Disney Sports Complex.

He also has Boomshakalaka who was the favourite for the Grand National at one stage.

Labour will not get anywhere near National at the next election if Shearer is in charge.

Ettandip, a Cameroonian national at the Elizabeth Warren victory party told AjabuAfrica.

If we don't gain the ability to be as articulate we will never have the numbers to oust National at the elections.

When did you ever hear Kibaki speak in a local tongue? RAO must aspire to be national at all times! pple are so stupid.

He leads National at a time when the Nats are continuing to thump Labour in the polls, by even wider margins every week.

In today's economic climate the purchase of foreign property is akin to backing a horse in the Grand National at Aintree.

In 3% of cases national from is used

Applicants are a national from a non-EU/EEA country.

Robert Eno is a national from the Republic of Cameroon.

Sites We Like Justhipper's view of the National from the front row.

A residence permit issued by the UK to you as a national from an EEA country or Switzerland.

Additionally, it has become more difficult to separate national from European climate action.

If you are a national from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you do not need an entry visa or residence permit.

However, National from Europe, North America and most OECD countries can apply for a Visa upon arrival in Kenya.

Comments I am a German national who planning on getting married to a woman who is a Jamaican national from Lucea.

To be specific, it is more probable that a national from the Dominican Republic would be of African or Asian descent.

As concerns his background history ' Okello ' was a Ugandan national from Lira district occupied by Lango ethnic group.

In 2% of cases national by is used

So yes lets self **** our economy out of sight National by doing nothing.

He is only director of Foreign Nationals and South Korea national by birth.

Help National by aping their policies in a dumb way? In a way, I don't care.

Further conditions will be set out in a letter issued to the non-EEA national by INIS.

Afternoon visit minneriya National Park to a do a safri at Minneriya National by 4x4 jeep.

National by any other name is perceived as tired, unimmaginative and appendage of Warner Brothers.

But despite the opposition and legal challenges, the ban was fully national by 2008, and retailers have had to learn to adapt.

Yet assumption of debts by a central treasury or replacement of national by federal fiscal mechanisms support is out of the question.

So the Opposition parties are seeking to turn the tables on National by proclaiming the economic orthodoxy of the past 30 years has run its course.

In 2% of cases national rather is used

List MPs should be firmly focussed on national rather than local issues.

Most economists seem to still think in national rather than global terms.

Such disputes can be averted if viewed as national rather than regional issues.

We needed to eat, but what we ate was very much a national rather than international cuisine.

While the crowd was overwhelmingly Malay-Muslims, the call was one national rather than communal.

Only this time MMP is going to end it for National rather than the phoney cossacks that rolled Labour at the time.

It was designed to be a national rather than a regional movement and soon had a large membership throughout Italy.

House of Representatives, represents the citizens of the Union and is thus of national rather than international body.

It will work closely with the health boards and other relevant agencies and will have a national rather than local focus.

In 1% of cases national Down is used

The National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register felt obliged to issue a thorough clarification.

Soper writes of co-hosting a new parents ' workshop at the National Down Syndrome Congress convention.

There are also groups such as ASP, the National Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, or Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc.

Over the last few years life expectancy for people with DS has increased from 25 in 1983 to 60 today (National Down Syndrome Society USA).

Labour-Green coalition Sunday's TVOne poll showed Labour up 3 points to 35%, National down 1 point to 44%, and the Green Party up 1 point to 13%.

Messages about Down syndrome should be accurate and supported by respected associations like the National Down Syndrome Congress or the National Down Syndrome Society.

In 1% of cases national during is used

Nonetheless it does look that Labour has taken votes from National during the year.

My grandmother was married to a Japanese national during the war and they begot 3 children.

Shui-fang's diary is the only know daily account by a Chinese national during this terrible time.

Those who have dealt with him in the past have mentioned the presence of a Rwandan national during commercial negotiations.

Immigration officials at the Chennai Aiport recovered 24 fake visas to Europe and the UAE from under the vest of a Sri Lankan national during a search on Monday.

In 1% of cases national into is used

That puts National into a tricky position.

He's not the man to lead National into the future, Key is.

But NZ voted National into government on the strength of John Key's leadership.

A highly successful advertising campaign put National into power with a massive majority.

Additional east and national into France could be the Alpine escape associated with Paradiski.

Outflanked on the right by Labour He took National into battle against a Lange Government in full flight.

They then proceeded to stuff up the 1996 New Zealand election, forcing National into a toxic coalition with mad populist New Zealand First.

However, the final decision to admit a foreign national into the Philippines is a function of the immigration authorities at the port of entry.

Labour was practiced allergic salmon by the cases of new zealand plants suddenly, who tried an short cause bridge for national into one for labour.

National Handicap He was responsible for turning the National into a handicap in 1843 after it had been a weight-for-age race for the first four years.

In 1% of cases national over is used

People forget the Maori Party has never ever chosen National over Labour.

The Georgia campaign is part of the national Over the Limit, Under Arrest program.

Nevertheless, Labour has snookered National over this one and both parties know it.

He's embarrassed the Prime Minister over Dotcom; battered National over youth pay and education.

National overstepped the mark in declaring a total donation of $86,005 from Gallagher Industries outside the limit.

Meanwhile, the stable may now send West End Rocker to Chepstow for the Welsh National over Christmas, instead of the Becher Chase at Aintree.

But if farmers switch off National over this, where would their votes go? Not to Labour, because they would have suffered more under the previous government's ETS.

One sign of this emerging strategy was the Greens decision to establish a memorandum of understanding with National over the government's home insulation programme.

As Duncan Garner reports (Maori Party hold asset sale balance of power, the Greens are also taking shots at National over the policy -- a sure sign there are votes to be won over in the centre.

In 1% of cases national Post is used

I found this site from a link in the National Post.

Did the National Post plagiarize!? Just want to make sure you knew.

It's now published in the National Post, under the writer Brett Hodnett.

I don't have any relationship with the National Post, or any other media for that matter.

I have contacted the National Post, and I am hoping that they will make the attribution clearer.

With this in mind, the National Post's Richard Johnson takes a look at the scale of America's forces.

Canada's National Post has published a macabre, yet engrossing illustration of the practice of punitive stoning in Iran.

John McKay, Special to National Post Oct 15, 2012 John McKay is the Liberal member of Parliament for Scarborough-Guildwood.

I will be spreading this post far and wide in an effort to combat some of the misinformation being spread by news outlets like the National Post.

People like this, though? Ontario breeder selling lion and tiger cubs as house pets News National Post *just shakes her head* I also saw an ad in a.

In 1% of cases national Pro is used

National Pro Bono Resource Centre The Centre opened its doors at UNSW in August 2002.

ASUP National PRO Adesoji Adetola Senbanjo holds the government responsible for the development.

First up is Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, which has been honoured with the 2012 Canadian National Pro Bono Law Firm Award.

Its establishment was recommended by the National Pro Bono Task Force to the Commonwealth Attorney-General in its report dated 14 June 2001.

Director Nikki Gershbain was invited to present the award to Barbara Grossman, the FMC Partner who leads the firm's National Pro Bono Program.

It is National Pro Bono week -- for a brief time lawyers put aside their usual reserve and bang the drum for all the good work they do for charity.

The National Pro Tour? I am still waiting to get paid for the events they cancelled not to mention money they owed me from events I played earlier in the season.

In 1% of cases national through is used

It is still what drove National through its 1990s government.

This year we have gone national through our partnership with CRRF.

Referring to his contacts with Haji, a Sri Lankan national through whom he is said to have worked for the Pakistani intelligence agency, Mr.

This person is able to establish an interpersonal relationship with a foreign national through an effective exchange of both verbal and non-verbal levels of behavior (Dinges, 1983).

Must I sign a Spanish will if I buy through a company? When a Spanish property is bought by a foreign national through a Spanish company, the investor is nonetheless owner of Spanish shares.

In 1% of cases national after is used

The country is $18 billion in debt - all borrowed by National after two tax cuts we could ill afford.

Recommend Our family shares the same history as my mom became a Pakistani national after marrying to my father.

Attempts to reach Dau and Liu - who was replaced by another Chinese national after the expulsion - were unsuccessful.

I was interviewed on Radio New Zealand National after the city council refused to allow us to hang our rainbow knitting on Victoria Bridge, although we were in the end.

I was interviewing him about the migration of people back into Fort National after years living in the Champs de Mars park, which had become a crowded and dangerous refugee camp.

But because the party had been so adamant about their refusal to work with National after the election, the decision to then go with National damaged both the party and the electoral system.

Their failure to turn draws into wins is starting to prove costly and will rue missed chances if they do seep through the cracks to the Championnat National after gaining promotion last year.

In 1% of cases national under is used

National under Brash is in the latter category.

National under Key is much closer to Labour on race relations than it was under Brash.

National under the leadership of Bill English suffered a devastating electoral defeat.

Technically all universities are national under the central University Grants Commission (UGC).

Before the 2008 election he said National under him would not be pursuing more social engineering.

When I was Under 16 I won the 1500 at the National Under Age Championships and got second in the 800.

The incident occurred last April, when Jassar raped the then 27-year-old Thai national under the Story Bridge at Kangaroo Park.

He was a winner of the Midlands Grand National under a great ride from Tom Scudamore, in the manner of a very progressive animal.

Nevertheless, my recollection is that the received wisdom was that National under Don Brash couldn't get enough women to vote for them.

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