Prepositions after "naive"

naive in, about, to, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases naive in is used

Tella is very naive in this matter.

May be v are too naive in thinking so.

Recommend very naive in his assessment.

I have to agree with the sceptics here, that the BBC's coverage is naive in the extreme.

Perhaps this article is less staggeringly naive in Swedish; less flawed by non-sequitur.

Naive in the sense that we project our hopes outside the box of the reality on the ground.

This is nothing more then a free way for predators and pedophiles to search out the naive in society to prey on them.

The government and its civil servants are naive in thinking contractual provisions alone are an effective protection.

Disembarkation is always an interesting study into the line that divides that the cynics from the naive in our species.

Evans seems naive in citing the Ofsted report as evidence that children ' regarded history as fun ' (Letters, 14 April).

In 24% of cases naive about is used

I'd not naive about restaurants.

There is nothing naive about her.

So let's not be naive about this.

Plus I beleive you're being overly naive about the how un-frequent certain crime is.

He is also naive about diplomacy; foreign relations and identifying friendly nations.

You're being too naive about the commercial interests of people in and out of the FGC.

I'd not sure what your beef with me is but you are still in the ' angry ' stage and a bit naive about some things.

I'd not young or naive about the world, but I understand that this is art and it is what it is take it or leave it.

They are relying on the idea that we will continue to be forthright, honest, upstanding and totally naive about it.

I worry about him facing the coming cold, dealing with the racoons and being naive about the busy street we live on.

In 14% of cases naive to is used

I'd not naive to these matters.

This sounds pretty naive to me.

That seems incredibly naive to me.

Other ' clever ' ideas in Scala, like the way constructors work, just seem naive to me.

Don't be so naive to Arum's game, nothing about this fight makes sense and you know it.

But deep down the MP for Gatanga is not naive to Kenyans penchant to go tribal at the ballot.

Complaining that VCs were jerks used to seem as naive to me as complaining that users didn't read the reference manual.

Now when you tell a kid about sex, u are giving him or her the right to make a choice which he/she is too naive to make.

PETER FOX: I don't think anyone's naive to what's going on and, you know, people are smarter than that in this day and age.

From naive to the perverse subtlety, feed the power and the domination of some ver others and contribute to social inequality.

In 11% of cases naive of is used

Of course, it was pretty naive of me.

I guess that was a little naive of me.

Ah Phil I'd afraid it is naive of you.

But it is very naive of that artist to tell me I should ad his/her work to the wrap up.

With the LTTE now no more, it is naive of us to think that our nightmare with LTTE terror is over.

It is very naive of you to even suggest that what she is enduring is questionable by putting the word abuse in quotes.

It's incredibly naive of you to throw out names of sites/social media tools/and online media to educate as a solution.

Tony's comment is exactly why the bad decision of making Kenny full time boss was utterly naive of FSG in the first place.

It is utterly naive of the Philippines to even think that all that money coming from Beijing does not have strings attached.

In 7% of cases naive for is used

He was too romantic, too naive for me at times.

Why should it? Curiously naive for you, Bluecloud.

I think it is naive for us to be supporting Dotcom.

It will be naive for the Jonathan or anybody to negotiate with them on behalf of Govt.

Naive for supporters to think she can be prepared for EVERYTHING, that can not happen.

That's a lot of places to explore and have fun; it's naive for people to state otherwise.

It was helter-skelter, and tactically naive for most part, but technically actually rather pleasing from both sides.

I find it naive for individuals to express their joy over talks regarding a human rights text in the planned charter.

Onuha is still young, and maybe naive for getting within 3 yards of Droghba when he's in the box and Chelsea are behind.

I don't think it is horrible that they didn't have a translator, I think she's naive for expecting one would be provided.

In 4% of cases naive at is used

I was young and naive at the time.

First, I really was very naive at 18.

I am naive at playing the Michelin god.

It would be too naive at this juncture to predict the future of the Taliban government in Kabul.

I'd sure this all sounds naive at the moment, but we must stop this adventurism in those we elect.

Amanda Todd did something stupid and naive at thirteen that lead to her death at fifteen by her own hands.

We certainly were not but got beat by some excellent counter play by the gunners and we were incredibly naive at the back.

How can you be a self-proclaimed Zionist and be so naive at the same time? What has to go is Hamastan, Salafism and Islamofascism.

Maybe it was because I was young and naive at the time, but I don't remember any of Tom Baker's companions as attractive as, say, Amy Pond.

Koscielny looked more comfortable at centre-back than he has for most of the season, and Vermaelen was steady if a little positionally naive at full-back.

In 3% of cases naive on is used

Let's not be naive on this matter.

This is extremely naive on your part.

That may be somewhat naive on his part.

She was giving a word to the wise; a little tip to the socially naive on unwelcome behaviour.

Obviously by basing those brief criterias given by him, he is shallow and naive on gay issues.

Perhaps I'd too naive on such things but it doesn't sound like the sport has gone out of its way.

Is it a coincidence these two ethnic groups learned from the Spaniards? Think about it! Boy, color me naive on this one.

Obvious for most, I was a bit naive on this part of the world and got my camcorder and camera stolen in my checked luggage.

I mean it is very naive on your part to imply that just because all that spying stuff came out of his car, therefore he must be spying against pakistan.

It is so naive on our part to expect that people won't make use of our weaknesses (assuming that weakness here refers to our subversion or surrender to our nafs).

In 2% of cases naive as is used

We were naive as to how long that journey would take.

Such chantehs are tiny and as naive as a child's drawing.

Nobody is naive as to believe that that is going to happen under the new presidency -- including Mitt Romney.

A woman can be remarkably naive as to exactly what arouses a man and yet seem highly skilled in dressing provocatively.

Your argument is so breathtakingly shortsighted and truly naive as to how politics works that I don't even know where to begin.

Even Dennis Lillee, the scourge of all batsmen, was said to be endearingly naive as a young man and is now a pillar of the Perth bourgeoisie.

So I'd like to distance myself from this claim, which sounds to me as naive as xtragrumpymike2's idea that AGW is somehow better than mere belief.

But I find that you are really naive as a Jatt, and furthermore puzzling is how your wild conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated assumptions take shape.

Naomi, if you think now is the time for Obama to speak out against anti-Muslim racism, you are truly naive as to the ways a political campaign is run here.

In 2% of cases naive with is used

It turns out I'd been somewhat naive with what Google thinks a road is.

The truth is that you're childish, immature &; naive with doubts on your sanity.

Don't you think you are being a little narrow minded and naive with your comments.

I very well could be extremely naive with this opinion but I'd giving the president the benefit of the doubt.

Either Ms Toynbee is being hopelessly naive with her Panglossian view of the world or she is being deliberately tendentious.

But he did get Tas very good on the Knicks-Heat part, media is sometimes too naive with all the hype some teams get during the season.

At first I really rally liked her and how she stood up for herself (toilet scene) but it's like she's getting weaker and more naive with each episode.

I'll be really embarrassed if he saw me like that plus what's he gon na lick? I haven't done stuff like ths b4 so, i am kind of naive with this topic.

Until writers such as this author can not include this in their thinking we will continue to be well meaning yet naive with the resulting social dislocation.

In 1% of cases naive beyond is used

They are naive beyond comprehension.

Those that believe in these targets are naive beyond belief.

Anyone who seriously believes we're just going to ' get ' that money back is naive beyond belief.

In 1% of cases naive by is used

Tactically naive by United I thought.

I'd not naive by any means but I was truly shocked by his behavior.

Maybe he was a bit naive by not encouraging his players to set up shop and hold on to the one goal lead but he will learn.

Was it therefore very naive by the DH Committee to agree with ACDP not to vaccinate swine workers with seasonal flu vaccine.

Perhaps I'd being a bit naive by suggesting that people be a bit less judgemental and a bit more intelligent before they start venting.

No doubt, this suggestion might be consider naive by some, particularly when university research is considered important in terms of funding (e.

You next ask why Moss is being naive by not destroying and getting rid of the pieces of (just in case signals are still leaking out) the broken transponder.

Doctor hits the nail, when being very very very naive by asking almighty MR to look into solving Tamil issues that are purposely created by almighty's regime.

She certainly wasn't young and naive by then, as she was appointed as Chief of Staff or whatever to the ALP Premier within six months of being asked to leave Slater &; Gordon.

In 1% of cases naive like is used

Not everyone is naive like myself; most people follow Jerry Maguire (instead of Phoenix Wright).

We have great potential, but we dare not be naive like Eli and bring God's destruction on the family of Kenya.

Naive like others, of course, who believed that the government of a country is responsible for protecting its citizens.

Would certainly you enable her? Why/why not? Baguio Guide ideal answer: Answer by SignificativoDUH you cant keep her culturally naive like all other americans are.

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