Prepositions after "mutter"

"mutter to" or "mutter about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 51% of cases mutter to is used
    muttering to yourself if having a job is really all that worth it.
    They had just got back from Kings cross-station and uncle Vernon was still muttering to himself.
    He's a version of the guy that everyone knows who's wandering around the town, muttering to himself.
    I take no notice at first, but then I hear you muttering to yourself, something about your wife cheating on you with your boss.
    She opened and closed her mouth repeatedly in that goldfish-like way that always seemed to us like she was muttering to herself.
    He rose, muttering to himself, turned from the chamber, then, stopping half-way, gazed wistfully on Ione, and extended his arms.
    Clustering systems has traditionally been a special magic power reserved for those who type arcane things into a command line and mutter to themselves a lot.

    In 19% of cases mutter about is used
    Paul quailed under the look the Head gave him, and started to mutter about it being nothing.
    You've seemingly taken a drink that has caused your amnesia, you mutter about terrible things, your own name and mostly about killing a guy.
    It wasn't their family that was catatonic, their husband who went round with his head up his arse, muttering about fallen angels and the end of days.

    In 12% of cases mutter in is used
    Wild Card Race If you're a New York Yankees fan, then you're muttering in disbelief at their abysmal collapse.

    In 2% of cases mutter among is used
    And Democrats already are muttering among themselves that this is not the time for tax reduction.

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