Prepositions after "mutate"

mutate into, in, by, from or out?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 49% of cases mutate into is used
    Cow Cow Blues mutated into Ray Charles ' Mess Around.
    When that isn't paid, it will mutate into a federal charge.
    This eventually mutated into GI slang for Asians of any kind.
    It mutated into BTN at the time when Mahathir Mohamad had just assumed power.
    And, as can happen with anything viral, yesterday's meme-wave mutated into something different than what it was at first.
    A cotton farmer in Burkina Faso may not care whether his GM cotton will mutate into a Franken tee-shirt that eats its wearer.
    It gives an impression of incoherence, which in the mind of the voter can quickly mutate into incompetence -- and then, worst of all, into a sense of indifference.
    Those few who had the right kind of genetic instability mutated into birds who cursed their feet, cursed the ground and vowed that no one should walk on it again.
    Those few who had the right kind of genetic instability mutated into birds - you've seen one of them - who cursed their feet, cursed the ground, and vowed that none should walk on it again.

    In 14% of cases mutate in is used
    As Kaur's death it was mutated in favour of Mst.
    This discovery led to the isolation of many cellular genes that normally control growth and development and are frequently mutated in human cancer.
    They have all pursued projects since then within the underground scene that carried on mutating in the 90's to the free party/squat party technophilia.

    In 6% of cases mutate from is used
    Energy can mutate from one type to another as it passes through the whole of Samsara.
    The Accommodation Supplement, like the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, has mutated from social welfare to corporate welfare.

    In 3% of cases mutate among is used
    The disease could have been born in this place, when an existing fungus mutated among the trees.

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