Prepositions after "mull"

mull over, on, for, about or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases mull over is used
    He says he is mulling over a ' 13 bid for Mayor, but US Attorney is a powerful post.
    Anyway, back home now mulling over it all and cursing myself for the accident happening.
    It feels like mainly the two of us are the only one's mulling over this alleged controversy, Jim.
    Take for instance the scene in Sang Woo's bedroom where he's mulling over Insoon's bombshell revelation.
    Then mull over it, let it seep into your brain cells, and then scroll up until you see Cannanite post (sodomy).
    Once I'd back in bed, donuts to hand, I enjoy mulling over the week past and contemplating the weekend ahead.
    He mulls over the doctor's warning about his deteriorating vision and Lee Joon's promise of a comeback before he heads out.
    Mr Caring is thought to be mulling over the idea of selling some of his stake to a new investor to help bankroll the expansion.
    I do nt normally comment on these issues unless I see something that really irks me and I have been mulling over this one for days.

    In 11% of cases mull on is used
    I have been mulling on this question for a week now.
    In the morning, when we first wake up, there is time for us to mull on the decision.

    In 7% of cases mull for is used
    As part of new austerity measures, Athens is mulling for the first time the taboo issue of dismissing full-time civil servants.
    You're not alone in your views and your vision! Thanks Phil; you've managed to put into words what I've been mulling for several weeks.

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