Prepositions after "motionless"

"motionless in" or "motionless on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases motionless in is used

He later lay motionless in a dazed position.

A bloated red sun sits motionless in the sky.

The Earth is by no means motionless in space.

Some queens have a habit of remaining motionless in a comb crevice for quite a while.

On the beach, cows stood motionless in the water and men mended nets on the white sand.

The water chuckled and slapped the sides of the boat, which drowsed motionless in the sun.

But Chris and Wang Zhihong's horses had had enough, and they sat down motionless in the snow and refused to go on.

The recovery forces located the capsule and opened the hatch only to find the cosmonauts motionless in their seats.

Daily life on the streets of Manhattan seems to go by oblivious, while overhead huge words hang motionless in mid air.

His attention was primarily focused on Snape, who was looking uneasy and nervous while sitting motionless in his seat.

In 20% of cases motionless on is used

Trains motionless on the tracks.

I just lay motionless on the bed.

Some lay motionless on the ground.

And so it continues? A bull Sperm whale resting motionless on the surface perhaps.

The side of Ahmad's body collided with a brick ball and he lay motionless on the ground.

He hit his head as he slid into the boards and lay motionless on the ice for 30 seconds.

Initially, all of us felt a sickening feeling in our stomachs as we saw his form lying motionless on the ground.

During the entire first half she sat motionless on the bench, as her team was clearly outplayed by the Brazilians.

For several minutes, Dussault lay motionless on the ice, the action halted while attempts were made to revive him.

Her small frame was wrapped in a blanket except for the thin little arms, which sat motionless on top of the blanket.

In 15% of cases motionless for is used

He remained motionless for an instant.

Jack stayed motionless for a few minutes.

I remained motionless for a while and height.

At one point the flag remains completely motionless for well over thirty minutes.

Han was totally motionless for several long seconds -- he couldn't believe hisears.

Afterwards they sometimes fall onto their sides and lie motionless for a few minutes.

Sally came across a case study in South Africa where a man was motionless for years, his eyes open but unseeing.

The Human Body was Not Designed to be Motionless for Hours All the muscles in our body are designed to be active.

He got up at three and went to the chapel, where he sat facing the north, meditating motionless for more than two hours.

Against Fulham, he stood motionless for two goals and made a belated diving attempt to prevent a headed goal from 15 yards.

In 5% of cases motionless at is used

It stood fixed and motionless at the centre of creation.

He stood alone, completely motionless at the back of the stage.

She went up to the pan, to the great astonishment of the cook, who stood motionless at the sight of her.

A pod may rest motionless at the surface of the water and this allows boats to approach close to the pod.

The Moon is motionless at the center of the scene as the camera and light fly around, according to Wright.

A rock may appear solid and motionless but it is anything but solid and motionless at the atomic and subatomic levels.

She looks down motionless at the pond water where the currents are forming bubbles and ripples on the surface of the water.

Panic-stricken, Kath ran back to where Jim was lying motionless at the base of the steps and she threw her arms around him.

It has the Sun motionless at the center of the Universe while the Earth and other planets rotate around it in circular paths.

Or so it seemed to Jess, who spotted him immediately, standing motionless at the comer of California Avenue and Twenty-fifth Street.

In 4% of cases motionless with is used

Each lay motionless with an arrow though its heart.

He remained for some time motionless with admiration.

When he had been placed on his camp bed he lay for a long time motionless with closed eyes.

Some smoke and red dust were just settling by one of the ruins, and a man lay there motionless with.

She was weeping motionless with flowers to use his grave, concerning the bank in the Bankkhali river.

She stays motionless with a straight back, her relaxed look fixed on the bride and the natural rose bouquet she is holding.

The bride was parked in a separate room and had to sit motionless with her eyes closed for two hours while the guests stared at her.

As we traveled through the streets of Port Au Prince the sheer devastating poverty left me utterly motionless with tears flowing down my cheeks.

Canadian Nicklen had to remain motionless with frozen fingers, his legs locked underneath the ice to capture the image of the birds as they blasted from the icey depths.

It was the first time I saw this species in the wild, and naturally like any other birder I was mesmerized and almost frozen motionless with the endemic lifer encounter.

In 3% of cases motionless as is used

Sitting motionless as a rock, turn next to stillness of mind.

Szita stood motionless as the teacher insulted her in front of the other students.

He was as motionless as a wax-work, and got on the nerves somewhat in the same way.

About a foot from the lamp-post stood a figure almost as rigid and motionless as the lamp-post itself.

Then the merchant remained in continuous thought about the caravan's trouble, motionless as the Ocean undisturbed by wind.

The Borneo horned frog remained motionless as a dry leaf on a windless night as the horde of humans descended upon it with light.

To the south, a sheltered bay creates eddies that trap the plankton rich waters, and here you can hang motionless as the mantas fly by.

Killen sat motionless as the verdict was read and was later comforted by his wife as he sat in his wheelchair, attached to an oxygen tube.

But she was knocked unconscious in the shameful attack and left lying motionless as the military men mindlessly continued to beat her limp and half-naked body.

In 2% of cases motionless during is used

But the government did not stay motionless during these months.

The difference of opinion regarding reciting tasbih and being motionless during sujud is similar to the difference mentioned concerning ruku '.

The remaining schools consider it obligatory to kneel down until the palms of the hands of the performer reach his knees and to stay motionless during bowing.

In 1% of cases motionless behind is used

Dean walked down the stairs half expecting to see the butler standing motionless behind the desk, but no.

Daphne shivered, disliking the hard black eyes and frozen feathers of the robins, blackbirds and cranes motionless behind the glass.

In 1% of cases motionless by is used

This, he said, was motionless by a classification of ministers that done a recommendation in 2001 after a Kargil war.

If you have it correctly, you can carefully release the brake and the car will remain motionless by the power of the clutch alone.

Holmes sat motionless by the fire, his hands buried deep in his trouser pockets, his chin sunk upon his breast, his eyes fixed upon the glowing embers.

In 1% of cases motionless before is used

Meanwhile, in the dark of the house, Pandora stood motionless before the box.

For now a more melancholy and a more lovely object lay motionless before them.

My mouth still open in anticipation of the cake that was held motionless before me gave me the look of a confused fish.

Browning lay motionless before my gaze, I suddenly heard a loud, deep moan and scream and wondered if the nursing home personnel heard it and would respond to the unfortunate resident.

In 1% of cases motionless like is used

They alternated between gaping and screeching, twittering softly, and squatting silent and motionless like little lumps of ugly.

Technique #5 Rope-a-Dope Tease her (and build some necessary tension) by covering her clitoral hood with your tongue and letting it lie there motionless like a wet blanket.

In 1% of cases motionless around is used

Frozen in time, the same group of men huddled motionless around the chessboard.

Three City players stood motionless around the penalty spot the first time around, quite incredibly allowing the ball to land at Niklas Moisander's feet.

In 1% of cases motionless over is used

Great white clouds hang motionless over the city.

The radar signals of the two objects then merged into one, hovering motionless over the sea, before one sped away at over 20,000mph.

The air was dark above Gravesend, and farther back still seemed condensed into a mournful gloom, brooding motionless over the biggest, and the greatest, town on earth.

In 1% of cases motionless relative is used

In a Force Balance Accelerometer, an inertial mass is held nearly motionless relative to a frame by an electronic negative feedback loop.

In 1% of cases motionless to is used

I motionless to cranky a overpass when we get to it.

When he was released a second time the Doctor collapsed motionless to the floor.

She suddenly draws away, silent and motionless to the corner of the carriage ARCHER Don't be afraid.

By six even the largish dog that had stood absolutely motionless to attention in front of the master bedroom door began to stir restlessly.

In 1% of cases motionless under is used

The toddlers were motionless under the blankets.

He led an ascetic life, sitting motionless under a neem tree and meditating while sitting in an asana.

The light of the engine flashed for a second upon Tess Durbeyfield'sfigure, motionless under the great holly tree.

Ericsson eked out a 42-mile lead at one point, while Blue, having been stuck motionless under a cloud for two hours, fell to third.

The young (kids) are born in February or March and are unable to run with their mothers for several days after their birth and are often found lying motionless under cover.

In 1% of cases motionless upon is used

Gymnasts must land in a way that the rotation is all accounted for to remain motionless upon landing.

Turning the corner made by some flats, they came upon the white crackling glow of a stage with two people motionless upon it.

Just before him Tom lay motionless upon the sward; but the murderer minded him not a whit, cleansing his blood-stained knife the while upon a wisp of grass.

At last, some time before I stopped, the sun, red and very large, halted motionless upon the horizon, a vast dome glowing with a dull heat, and now and then suffering a momentary extinction.

In 1% of cases motionless among is used

Sometimes rays, squids, and sea snakes lay motionless among the flip-flopping fish.

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