Prepositions after "moral"

"moral to", "moral for" or "moral in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases moral to is used

There's no moral to this story.

There was no moral to the story.

There is no moral to this story.

Maybe there is a moral to all that has been happening in my life since the day I was born.

For instance when you are gravelled for matter there is always the moral to fall back upon.

There is a moral to this story, but I will let the reader discover it for himself (/herself.

The moral to the story is that life is constantly changing, nothing is forever so don't waste time, get out there and.

Both, Indian civil and military set ups have long rich history of corruptions starting from moral to finical treachery.

Is there a moral to this story Darkness? Perhaps Eva, the only way to escape your fate is just surrender yourself to it.

If we're honest, the Old Testament is filled with hard things like this that just don't seem loving or moral to our eyes.

In 18% of cases moral in is used

There is a moral in that story.

There is a moral in these myths.

There must be a moral in all this.

What is moral in one country or society might be immoral in another country or society.

Whether he was moral in himself, his public persona and his actions often gave scandal.

Mitchell Sanders cut it off and gave it to him, saying he could see a moral in all this.

Such leaders are more likely to exercise power that is humane in its spirit, moral in its purpose and wise in its uses.

What was moral in the medieval world is not moral today, what was moral in Usilampatti is not moral in Bangalore's IT hubs.

Someone may not understand a moral in literature but they may understand the same moral in a game (or the other way around).

In 12% of cases moral for is used

It's moral for them to be married.

That is the meaning of moral for me.

And not just the moral for the 2 guys.

Is winning an argument to protect newborns too immoral for you? Beat your chest, then.

Del Moral for Seville came very close to scoring on 65 minutes from a Jess Navas cross.

Any colonisation and suppression of the natives perfectly moral for the colonising group.

The tale has a moral for the covetous Dayindi, who learns the consequences of jealousy through the story told to him.

We can totally say that some things are immoral for corporations to do: Corporations should not be allowed to murder people.

Friend: I appreciate the perspective, but don't believe it's moral for anyone to judge what other citizens can and can not afford.

On all sides I hear of the praises of the amiable child and her excellent father, and this is not without a moral for the landlords.

In 9% of cases moral of is used

So, moral of the story: be like Goku.


In turn it has hugely affected moral of the forces.

One could argue that The Lord of the Rings is one of the most moral of all moral tales.

We need to get back to the basics of establised principles and moral of the Word of God.

So, moral of the story, I'd quite friendly, to the people I know (and know aren't crazy).

One can easily express the emotions and convey the message or moral of the story by just adding a few characters in it.

It was not the recapture of territory that we sought, but the weakening of the numbers, materiel and moral of the enemy.

SUCCESS! So, moral of the story -- GTA4 needed Games For Windows Live, but somehow it's not loading up during the game startup.

It is a very spurious argument that moral of soldiers will be affected if corrupt retired generals are tried in civilian courts.

In 7% of cases moral as is used

These are moral as well as criminal.

Ben has a moral as well as a financial dilemma.

We are becoming increasingly amoral as time goes by.

Define what's moral as whatever your God mandates and suddenly most people become immoral.

This reflects the moral as well as jurisprudential deficit of the judiciary in the country.

But there are legal, moral as well as practical reasons for awarding the death penalty to Kasab.

The method of Daoguanggong takes the moral integrity as the foundation, looking upon the moral as the most important thing.

Let us, however, in our plans, direct our attention not so much to what is good and moral as to what is necessary and useful.

If Khams resulted in ruination, Jiziyah brought in both economic loss and moral as well as mental degradation to the victims.

If, however, we consider the commandment itself, it will be evident that it has its moral aspect and forms part of the natural law.

In 4% of cases moral about is used

There is nothing moral about letting someone suffer.

Incredibly obvious moral about everyone needing to be open-minded? Yep.

Natsume is weirdly nice, the story does have a bland moral about being kind to others.

Or maybe the thing is to stop kidding yourself that there's anything moral about any of it.

What's moral about that? Your placing even more of the tax burden on the working population.

While it was running the audience got a big moral about the pride of TeamRCMweb as well as of Rahula College.

This is exemplified in The Line, a fan favorite which illustrates a chilling, much-needed moral about conformity.

Think some kind of Sex and the City storyline from which we are all supposed to draw a moral about What Not To Do In Relationships.

A golden char-acter would have been a doctor who is actu-ally quite moral about his pre-scrip-tion, and fighting against the pres-sures.

There is nothing magically moral about nature, evolution simply sculpted species the way it did to maximize their reproductive prospects.

In 4% of cases moral at is used

If it's moral abroad it's moral at home.

The moral at the end fitted in perfectly.

One can not be rich and moral at the same time.

There was no moral at all within the crew and people were constantly fearful for their jobs.

They remind me of those Aesop's fables we all did at school where there's a moral at the end of each one.

There is no explanation for their magic, and no tidy moral at the end either, because the magic is the very point.

When he talked about democratic socialism, he made it sound like common sense - rational, practical and moral at the same time.

Woods talks like a police officer -- in the best sense of the word: punctilious, exact, with a roguish humour, but moral at the core.

If so, then slavery, rape, genocide, are all immoral but were considered moral at the time of the bible, a couple of generations after Jesus.

For God could (and indeed did ), on this view, change what is or isn't moral at His discretion; consequently, moral standards wouldn't be absolute at all.

In 4% of cases moral from is used

You can draw your own moral from this story.

If you wish to extract a moral from it, read it as a warning.

Let us begin by distinguishing the moral from the physical in the feeling of love.

We must reclaim our Moral from those businessmen who have brought it shame and disrepute.

As I say, hard to draw a moral from this, other than managers who hire consultants are probably no good.

This murkiness, however, does not interfere with our drawing an important moral from an examination of the example.

Prioritize Morals Daily Kids don't learn how to be moral from reading about it in textbooks but from doing good deeds.

The moral from the story is good things come to these who deserve it, understanding that is truly another key to real estate.

The moral from the coach was to use his team mates in a better position because the ball always traveled faster than the player.

In 3% of cases moral without is used

It says we can't be moral without big brother.

I believe humans can be ethical and moral without god(s).

It tells us we can not be moral without religion and it prescribes for us how we must live our lives.

There is no way to find out what is meaningful and what is moral without using our own critical reflection.

Once someone recognizes you can be moral without God there doesn't really seem to be much point in going further.

One can be moral without believing in gods, ghosts and goblins and believing in any of them does not make one moral.

However, it appears atheists are able to be as moral or more moral without sky fairies and invisible zombie saviors.

I then looked at reasoning and science and I discovered that man can be moral without any divine laws, divine worship of any kind.

I know most theists have been indoctrinated to believe that their magical beliefs are necessary for morality, but the actual evidence shows that atheists are moral without it.

In 3% of cases moral rather is used

But that was a moral rather than a strictly legal argument.

He saw refacing billboards as a moral rather than an illegal act.

Moral rather than professional judgments have dominated the debate.

In many cases the reaction of these draft resisters is moral rather than political.

The loss of morality is the responsibility of the moral rather than that of the vile.

It is a metaphor for the tragedy of the commons applied to moral rather than physical goods.

What little has been written, moreover, has tended to focus on the moral rather than the epistemological aspects of Hume's position.

Finally, we come to ' moralism ' -the notion that the fundamental defects from which the Irish suffered were moral rather than financial.

Ah so it's an inside job; he gave his medical expertise for guidelines but obviously this means they didn't consult anyone else and listened to his moral rather than medical facts.

But since the moral rather than the factual issues are the real point of interest here, it's not worth wrangling about the best take-home message from the wording of the news story.

In 2% of cases moral behind is used

There is no moral behind the lyrics.

This is the moral behind the parable of the gem.

The moral behind this story teaches us to be satisfied of what we have now.

Instead, the moral behind these lessons is that pragmatism is the order of the day.

One day at a time is the moral behind this story, since all you can do is stay in control and help those you love.

While a lot of people may not agree with the moral behind the story, they may even hate it, but this is the real picture.

For those baby boomers brought up on Enid Blyton they will be aware of the moral behind the story of Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch.

Their call for slavery abolishment gained momentum in the eighteenth century with evangelical revivals questioning the moral behind slavery.

It is the classification that we talking about, not the moral behind it, hope you now understand me, the man that has lots of understand and able to know those that lacks it.

The puppet shows helps in demonstrating the true stories of Rajasthan mainly which talks about the beauty and royalty of rich heritage on Rajasthan and alongside mainly carrying any moral behind it.

In 2% of cases moral by is used

I am making a truth claim about what is moral by advancing the position I am advancing.

What was accepted as moral by Christians in the past is not accepted by them now, like slavery.

This is a call from inside the framework that holds that government as it is currently structured is legitimised and made moral by voting.

He thinks that as rational beings we are able to judge whether any action is moral by asking if the action is consistent with the categorical imperative.

He improved moral by not allowing them to become totally introspective and organising complicated games - huge sums of imaginary money were gambled in card games.

Haidt then explained that a person is right (and righteous) to feel moral by being wealthy, because having enough to care for one's family is due to approval (by God).

Thus, it is not the business of law? properly the rules and instrumentalities by which person and property are violently defended? to make people moral by use of legal violence.

For example, if we think low infant death rates are a sign of morality in a society than those places with the lowest infant death rates would be the most moral by such a measurement.

In 2% of cases moral on is used

He always has moral on his side.

You shouldn't expect something moral on his part.

But Barnaby and his friends live the moral on these.

And I think it's my duty to hand the moral on to you.

It is the job of the president to instill moral on the country.

Hell I'd an atheist and probably the most moral on this entire blog.

Thackeray makes Becky Sharp say that it is easy to be moral on? 1,000 a year, and so difficult on? 100.

A hot website system needs to be a proper compounding of moral on parcel and offsite improvement techniques.

Not to be all gooey and moral on you guys, but there was something not right about using civilians ' bodies like this in the game.

In 1% of cases moral worth is used

Other determinants of moral worth evidently come into play.

The body is wrongly assumed to be an accurate indicator of a person's moral worth -- or lack of.

Many utilitarians argue (Peter Singer among them) that there is a moral responsibility to help those in need unless one has to sacrifice something of equivalent moral worth to do so.

In 1% of cases moral within is used

If we ever feel comfortable, if we ever feel easy, then something deeply and profoundly moral within our own humanity has been shattered and lost.

In 1% of cases moral with is used

It's under manned and turnover kills moral with non-stop replacement and retraining.

Write your senators, don't let these men be railroaded for being moral with an immoral administration.

The moral with the story is good things find ourselves at these who deserve it, understanding that will be another key to real estate.

Here, then, is the union of the moral with the subjective will, or the kingdom of beautiful freedom, for the idea is united with a plastic form.

It was in the stories that he really shined, always avoiding the easy resolution, always being more moral with other people than he would be with himself.

Coleridge may (he felt) have carried his premises too far for safety in a world of Mrs Barbaulds who yearn for a moral with their poetry, as they hanker after bread and butter with their tea.

In 1% of cases moral over is used

The percentage who disagreed, who upheld the moral over national allegiance, is shown here: Again, Americans were least likely to stand up against the group, in this case, the nation.

In 1% of cases moral against is used

Nick Clegg over both his questions played a similar line to Cameron -- going for the simple moral against Brown's technocratic pontification.

Through these types of programmes, societies could begin addressing the weakening social moral against drug and substance abuse and related conditions.

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