Prepositions after "modify"

"modify at" or "modify by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases modify at is used
    The most you can do is to grant a licence that is subject to being withdrawn or modified at any time.
    Portsmouth Dockyard: Many of the specialist ships and landing craft used on D-Day had been modified at the Dockyard.

    In 22% of cases modify by is used
    System bags can not be modified by the application.
    The terms and conditions of the credit may be modified by amendment.
    This may be further modified by interactions between the various types of formatting objects.
    ComNavFE? s operation order of early July had been modified by the addition of Task Group 96.
    The author ignores the fact that Wranglers are often modified by the owners for increased ground clearance.
    Some of these proteins can be modified by environmental change to make access to the DNA easier or more difficult.
    The English version of the report reproduces the official version of the enactments and was not modified by the Committee.
    Blavatsky explains in the Secret Doctrine (1-3-09 ): Every one knows what the caduceus is, already modified by the Greeks.
    Environmental groups and corporate lobbyists often take polarized stances which eventually are modified by governmental agencies.
    Another challenge is how to deal with simultaneous updates on a batch of objects where one or more may have been modified by other users in the interim.

    In 13% of cases modify in is used
    AcknowledgeURL? modified in JDF 1.
    Jobs can be modified in a variety of ways.
    In these the acid group is modified in some way.
    What this means is that the user experience can be modified in real time.
    Soy, corn, canola and alfalfa and sugarbeet have been modified in this way.
    These Scriptures may not be altered or modified in any form and must remain in their original context.
    Most of the dust that inhabits interstellar space began this way, though since inception it has been highly modified in the freezer of interstellar space.

    In 11% of cases modify for is used
    All those things could be modified for minimal cash.
    It reads almost like it has been modified for a younger audience.
    In the FEP framework, a ten-step process is recommended which can be modified for individual school / district use.
    The 204 streetcars -- which are being built by Bombardier in Thunder Bay -- will be modified for Toronto's specific needs.
    The second list is about reasoners which are possibly still available, yet have not been modified for a longer period of time.
    If you look at some of the AK replicas on sale in the US for the hunting market they are in fact modified for five round magazines.
    Any certified architect can modify for proper fire exits and also you need build with fire retardant doors so that people can escape.
    All participants in the present study received a version of form A of the RBANS modified for Chinese subjects without altering difficulty level.
    This particular camera had been used in the Apollo 10 Command Module and, after that mission, was modified for use on the lunar surface during Apollo 12.
    TRANSITION FROM CURRENT INDUSTRY PRACTICE By far, the largest body of existing code already modified for 64-bit environments runs on LP64 based platforms.

    In 4% of cases modify to is used
    This park's status modified to the national park standing in 1981.

    In 3% of cases modify from is used
    This piece of code has been lightly modified from an example found on **28;3758;TOOLONG.
    To see knitters happy in beautiful sweaters makes me happy -- particularly when they have been produced and modified from my design.

    In 3% of cases modify on is used
    It was last modified on 30 January 2006.
    This article was last modified on January 27, 2012.

    In 2% of cases modify after is used
    The initial recommendation had been higher at S$250,000 before being modified after a review by the Ministry of Finance.
    Distinct ugg boots is usually necessary since your eye modify after a while, something your talent physician offers for you personally.

    In 2% of cases modify with is used
    Even when Austin, texas attempts to modify with all the Twenty-first century, the item honors those that helped to make that fantastic.

    In 1% of cases modify without is used
    Hence applications would be built in modular pieces where they can be modified without disturbing the complete program and would be capable enough of interacting with multiple cloud environments.

    In 1% of cases modify according is used
    Provisions about the confidentiality of heads of agreement are usual but may be modified according to the wishes of the parties.

    In 1% of cases modify via is used
    Even if this is true it does not answer the question of whether versions such as that of 1546 were copied down later after being modified via oral or other tradition.

    In 1% of cases modify towards is used
    European union goose parka similarly to compare to help modifying towards the lama brow incense a great deal of earlier than.

    In 1% of cases modify through is used
    The interface can be extensively modified through Manakin Aspects and XSL based Themes.
    I want to put some checksum when i try to open the file through programming, like if it is previously modified through another application or done manually.

    In 1% of cases modify over is used
    These tastes and preferences have been modified over time as regions have been penetrated by off-season imports or by other distant suppliers.

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