Prepositions after "moan"

moan about, at, in, to or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 80% of cases moan about is used
    And then there's nothing to moan about anymore.
    So all those winging and moaning about Wenger.
    People moaned about grumpy taxi drivers and costly chocolate fountains for weddings.
    You need to cherish the time you have with your children instead of moaning about it.
    You've missed my point entirely and instead circled back to moaning about the boomers.
    Pikachu began to moan about its bandages rather loudly, which made Nurse Joy come out of the back room immediately.
    Note that I'd not moaning about how much it's costing me or about what I'd receiving in prize-money for my placings.
    And the transformation isn't complete over there: He's still moaning about the fact that Obama probably won't bomb Iran.

    In 4% of cases moan at is used
    But chances are your most disengaged employees do spend a lot of time moaning at one another and making life pretty difficult for the engaged employees.
    It was several more attempts and further delay before they actually told us the full address and that was not before they had first moaned at us for not delivering the parcel in time.

    In 4% of cases moan in is used
    I love that we get to run and to chat and to moan in commiseration when we reach THE HILL THAT NEVER ENDS.
    This is where you prove to me that you're not a cowardly lion stuck with a thorn in his paw out moaning in the woods.
    Was his husband going to finally consummate their marriage? The slick finger pressing into him was a strong indicator, the part of his mind not moaning in wanton appreciation told him.

    In 4% of cases moan to is used
    I was actually talking about an adult moaning to the nanny state.

    In 3% of cases moan from is used
    I see plenty of complaining and moaning from the economics community, but very little proactive planning or staking out a direction.

    In 2% of cases moan for is used
    It has moaned for months about how much it would cost to repair the line, but careful to shift blame to the Beehive.

    In 1% of cases moan during is used
    I don't mind grunts and moans during sex from my partner, but if he is louder then me, then I am going to get distracted and not enjoy it.

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