Prepositions after "mislead"

"mislead by" or "mislead into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 64% of cases mislead by is used
    Some of you are fools who have been misled by your emotions.
    It should be to ensure that people are not misled by his falsehood.
    If Samsung was misled by their social media agency, then they needed to.
    We need 2 believe in wenger and d team and not b misled by lazy and unobjective media.
    Queenstown Don't be misled by the estate name Queenstown, it's nowhere near that popular area.
    Citizens feel cheated when they are misled by men who are claim to be speaking for the Government.
    Do not be misled by a photo the point of which is to get people like you ooohing and aaahing about how compassionate he is.
    But for the sake of readers who may be misled by your post, let me state once again: scientific skeptics have nothing to prove.
    It is unlikely that many USA Today readers will recognize this fact and therefore will be badly misled by this front page article.
    Allen Hamm, creator and Executive Director, created the Alliance after he observed that investors were being misled by some advisors.

    In 16% of cases mislead into is used
    Doctors in training and elsewhere, might be misled into believing that since spinal anesthesia with a 22 gauge cutting needle, utilizing 12.
    All will be praying that Kenyans have learnt their lessons and will never again allow themselves to be misled into mindless violence against their neighbours.
    Do not, however, be misled into thinking this route is easy -- indeed, many people fail to reach the summit on this route because they have failed to acclimatize properly.
    Is there any way adultery can be forgiven by Allah? I am repenting and crying for forgiveness for having been misled into adultery by someone whom I thought I loved and would leave my husband for.

    In 6% of cases mislead about is used
    This week Pfizer, who acquired Wyeth in 2009, agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit by former Wyeth shareholders claiming they were misled about Pristiq's risks, for $67.

    In 3% of cases mislead on is used
    Why do people buy locked phones? There are many reasons why people buy phones locked by phone network operators, but the chief one is that customers are being misled on many different levels.

    In 2% of cases mislead as is used
    In such a case the ability to be misled as to the import of one's insights are infinite.

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