Prepositions after "misinterpret"

misinterpret by, as, for, in or like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 76% of cases misinterpret by is used
    Scott argues that capitalism has been misinterpreted by conflating it with the market mechanism.
    The second category of non-Muslim co-citizens has sometimes been misunderstood by superficial readers, and at times misinterpreted by writers.
    Make sure that any references you include are very positive and don't say anything which is ambiguous and might be misinterpreted by the selection panel.

    In 10% of cases misinterpret as is used
    Looking away or making intermittent eye contact may be misinterpreted as a sign that you are not telling the truth.

    In 5% of cases misinterpret for is used
    But it is unnecessary and perhaps could be misinterpreted for the judge to post the decision to these three people.

    In 5% of cases misinterpret in is used
    So with all due respect to you, I will continue to read with maximum charity, and to stick up for those who I feel are potentially being misinterpreted in ways that impugn their essential character.

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