Prepositions after "minimal"

minimal in, to, of, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases minimal in is used

Should be minimal in primary grades.

The love parts are minimal in the book.

Political tolerance is minimal in his view.

Limitless speeds could become very much minimal in peak hours and can not be monitored.

I've been lucky enough to do well enough with ' minimal investment and mediocre work '.

Although mean cortical thinning across the cerebrum was minimal in healthy individuals (? 0.

Can it be the same here also given that the level of operating risk is minimal in the growing market for mobile techs.

Since then, ties with the Soviet Union had increased, although they remained minimal in comparison with ties to the West.

Had they left voluntarily 6 months earlier the fall out would have been minimal in comparison with what actually happened.

In 16% of cases minimal to is used

Just a os with minimal to 0 features.

PureSystems upgrade with minimal to no downtime.

It's impact on street traffic is minimal to non-existent.

This job can be ideal fro someone with minimal to no dairy farming experience at all.

At this point, the mood changed from minimal to maximum dancing right across the venue.

All you neediness are your own web pages, which are very minimal to structure now being.

He's talking about a technical college, which is basically a business that sells degrees with minimal to no oversight.

It can present as anything from mild to profound in degree and can impact a life on a scale from minimal to catastrophic.

Whatever physical, emotional or mental obstacles we face, it is so minimal to ALL the greatness we have to offer the world.

Noise is minimal to ISO 800, and I feel the camera is useable up to ISO 3200, or ISO 5000 under certain lighting conditions.

In 12% of cases minimal of is used

I have therefore set the launch price at a minimal of $5.

You have RIGHTS, but they are the most MINIMAL of rights.

I have therefore set the launch price at a minimal of $2.

This preserves the specimen in a snapshot of its solution state with the minimal of artefacts.

Ideally, your fitness routine must contain a minimal of a half-hour of cardio exercises everyday.

The production itself was utterly compelling, using as mentioned here, the most minimal of means.

Your carpets must be shampooed a minimal of two instances a year, based on what sort of abuse your carpet has seen.

With a minimal of effort on my part, I was able to identify my particular thief and track an email address down for him.

For starters, Iceland does the most minimal of farming, so the release of carbon gases through this source is minimal too.

Second even if he did win, there's very minimal of the issues that need serious addressing that he'd have the guts to touch.

In 10% of cases minimal for is used

I keep things minimal for a reason.

My guess is it will be minimal for either camp.

The level of investment has been minimal for years.

These minimal spots, or some slight pitting on the nails may remain minimal for years.

Property taxes are very high in many US states and minimal for owner occupiers in Australia.

I just think in these cases the Adam is a bit too minimal for people confident gallery goers.

Health care professionals say that 8 ounces of water a day is minimal for staying healthy so use this as your goal.

For example, a pushy boss could tip the balance if the salary differential between A and B is minimal for this worker.

Answer: Hi Shyleen, it is the skin whitening soaps that induce more skin peeling, and minimal for the lotion or cream.

The virtual office is clearly a trend that is useful for a number of companies, but the benefits may be minimal for some.

In 6% of cases minimal with is used

The acting is minimal with a few familiar faces.

Less difficult iii Minimal with runty description.

To do this though you must only take the minimal with you.

The risk of rejection is minimal with cartilage; matches are based on size instead.

Local dental effects associated with the acidity of MA would be minimal with IV use.

I think we really wanted to keep it simple and minimal with a focus on the performance.

The dress alone is eye-catching and I'd glad she kept her entire look minimal with a pair of nude peep-toe heels.

A critical set is a partial latin square that has a unique completion to a latin square, and is minimal with respect to this property.

Their level of accountability became minimal with the drastic increase of their individual/selfish demands to support their private lives.

In 5% of cases minimal on is used

Harmful side effects are minimal on all products.

The difference seems minimal on paper, but that 3.

Private vehicles and cars too minimal on the roads.

Make sure that you are paying more than just the minimal on your credit card balance.

The pain was so minimal on my arm that I went ahead and put it on all of the spots on my head.

NOTE: Advantages of auto-tuning are often minimal on Windows 32-bit due to memory limit issues.

Further, in many of the cases noting that invention was not required, the experimentation required was minimal on the facts.

The best way to deal with this is to pay the minimal on all of your debts in order to steer clear of paying extraneous late fees.

He has had his problems with injury this year, and because of that his opportunities have been minimal on the international scene.

This no doubt ably will come at a price, it's going to be minimal on the other hand as the product is already there in the 1st spot.

In 4% of cases minimal at is used

AVB's probalem at Chelski are minimal at WHL.

Or even earn C's but their understanding is minimal at best.

However, participation of poor people is minimal at the present time.

Mitt is out, dinguses! His future role in the party was minimal at this point at best.

What about the South? I concede that our activities in the South are minimal at the moment.

Changes were minimal at the Gaeltacht AGM held at the Abbey Hotel, Ballavourney, on Tuesday 14.

He erroneously tells us to don't panic, believing One Plan's effect on farms will be minimal at less than one percent.

While the recent ethnic skirmish is worrying, Anne is confident that the humanitarian impact is only minimal at this time.

Expression of VE-cadherin was minimal at the earlier time points, but significantly increased at the end of 36 hours (Fig.

This injection of steroid will lose its effectiveness in the secondary level and almost minimal at A level and tertiary education.

In 3% of cases minimal as is used

The results are minimal as regards things visible to the human eye.

Tension in the work place was minimal as the family worked as a unit.

Scarring is minimal as the incision is usually made inside your mouth.

Modest committing could possibly be minimal as well as modest challenges.

Missing Goodes and Mumford proved minimal as the Swans set up a match winning lead at qtr time.

IT awareness in general is very minimal as a result of variety of reasons, some of which are cultural.

The benefits are minimal as the intrinsic value are limited to O2 production or generally serves as carbon sink in the area.

Incentives and education would be minimal as the conservative division can not trust an individual to act on their own accord.

The amount of risk is minimal as the wind is predictable and the go green mission is being undertaken with great importance today.

Best of all, their models said that their risk was minimal as the chances of multiple markets failing at the same time was close to zero.

In 2% of cases minimal by is used

Fraud is minimal by the Government's own figures - 0.

The cost of early active physical therapy is minimal by comparison.

Now I keep everything to minimal by taking only the sample kits to minimise luggage overload.

Luckily, the damage was only minimal by the time the travellers had been given legal notice to vacate the site.

The crowd will be less than a quarter of the size, and the stakes will be minimal by comparison to the two clubs ' last meeting.

So who actually benefits from this? -- Only people who pitch up and pay full fare which, lets face it must be minimal by number at best.

The general principle of bonsai is to restrict development of the????????? bonsai tree to a minimal by root pruning and top and tip pruning.

We do our best to ensure that these costs are minimal by partnering with professional asset management and environmental disposal companies.

I'd so glad she's started school and childcare is minimal by comparison, if she was just starting nursery now there would be no possible way of affording it.

In 2% of cases minimal due is used

Travel costs were ususally minimal due to renting very close to place of employment.

Cost of constructing houses and roads is relatively minimal due to the nature of the topography.

Irrigation facilities are minimal due to which our agriculture remains dependent on the monsoons.

There were no restrictions against interactions between boys and girls, but it was minimal due to timings.

Stock growth is flat and the returns made available for many of these investments at the moment is rather minimal due to this.

When I started the program I was very uncomfortable with myself and my physical strength was minimal due to a year of inactivity, and having a shoulder injury.

This also applies to the many commercial yoghurts that advertise live bacteria because again the numbers of these bacteria are likely to be minimal due to the pasteurisation process.

In 2% of cases minimal during is used

Food was minimal during the week.

For pregnant ladies, the use of Dalchini should be minimal during pregnancy.

Growth of pubic hair is usually minimal during the first two weeks and more noticeable in the third and fourth weeks.

Ironically, illegal poaching is minimal during the time oil exploration is going on, when industry personnel monitor activities.

Although the loss of pilots and assets had been minimal during Eelam War IV, the SLAF had lost 62 aircraft during the entire war.

Intermittency: Wind energy usually is minimal during summer (almost nonexistent in New England ), moderate during spring and fall, and maximal during winter.

Solar energy is minimal in the morning, maximal at noon about 3-5 hours before the daily peak demand, minimal in the afternoon, minimal during foggy, overcast, snowy days, and zero at night.

In 1% of cases minimal considering is used

The CGI is entirely seamless, and, indeed, minimal considering the subject matter.

Yes, this does consume a little extra gas, but the increase is minimal considering the inherent stability these systems add to any vehicle.

In 1% of cases minimal because is used

Security checks are minimal because of the frequent power outages.

During that time my involvement in community activities was minimal because of the extreme pressures on my time.

Although we can not exclude publication bias, we expect this to be minimal because of the exploratory nature of the question.

The costs of shared facilities are minimal because of their relative low usage of existing facilities within Tilburg University.

Metrics can be gathered, but learning may be minimal because of the assumption that the correct solution can be known in advance.

In 1% of cases minimal from is used

Growth is too minimal from year to year.

The pushback seemed minimal from the Romney camp.

Not an acceptable trade in my view, considering the fact that the actual protein differences between a micro filtered type isolate is minimal from that of an ion exchange.

In fifth and sixth gear the acceleration flattens out a lot at around seven to eight thousand RPM 's, because of this throttle response is very minimal from half rotation onwards.

In 1% of cases minimal over is used

Rainfall over the next five days is expected to be minimal over the Lower Mississippi watershed.

The ELS's for (The Seventy Descendants of Noah) and for (the nations) are minimal over the whole text of G.

For this, we chose ELS's e = (n, d, k) with d 2 that spell out w for which d is minimal over all of G, or at least over large portions of it.

In 1% of cases minimal relative is used

The cost of the training would have been minimal relative to the total time I spent working there.

In 1% of cases minimal after is used

Pain usually subsides in about two days and is minimal after one week.

Majority of patients do not feel pain or feel it to the minimal after this procedure.

You can of course buy a so-called government subsidized HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) flat after becoming a new citizen but the subsidy is minimal after factoring in land and building cost.

In 1% of cases minimal about is used

But when it comes to supercomputers, the computing reaches astronomical figures leaving us think minimal about our PCs.

This might indicate that going minimal about semantics pushes one to abandon canonical (or even neo-?) Gricean pragmatics.

I was actually quite proud of myself when I was able to talk to her about her pregnancy, I asked her what she was having (a boy) and we talked minimal about it.

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